Scheduling a Story Game night

Just had an insight and posted it to my blog:

So what's your group dynamic like for scheduling a Story Game? I know that some lend themselves to one-shots, others to campaigns. Are you in a regular weekly game? Is it the same game or do you pick different ones, and if so how?



  • Here's the text, so that you don't have to jump out of Story Games:
    PHONE: Last RPG night, I mentioned to the group about how I may have made them feel interchangeable during my last campaign. Now I think I have identified the problem: I am both an RPG player and a boardgamer.

    When you are planning a boardgame night, and you don't have a regular weekly thing and a vast library like my friends Paul Sauberer or Marvin Knighton, you call the people who are interested in that type of game and/or know how to play it. All you need is enough people with enough interest.

    Populating a roleplaying game night is a different thing. You need to start with the group rather than the game. When you're young, you usually have a regular weekly thing and the game is usually the same each week. As we get older with children and wives, we can't play every week but an RPG still needs that group cohesion. A boardgame is finished at the end of the night (usually) whereas an RPG continues the same campaign from session to session. People develop an attachment to the flow of the game and shouldn't be cut off from it as long as they are making an effort to show up.

    There is a new kind of RPG called 'Story Games' which seem to lend themselves more to one-shot games; I don't know what their group dynamic is like, but wanted to mention them.

    It's a difficult balance, but one worth striking. We have a guy in our RPG who will be out of commission until March for surgery. I have decided to hold off on the game until he is ready to play again. Since I'm sure most of them don't read this journal, I have some text messages to send.
  • Most of the story games I run are oneshots, not because the games don't terribly lend themselves to other things, but because while i can definitely get people to show up at my house and play more or less any game, because they trust my taste, and are willing to play games, its not so often i can get more than a weekly commitment to these kinds of games without a lot of familurity and expectiations on the players part.

    Case in point, I'm running a Sci Fi Twofer one shots this weekend. One game of my own homebrew (go better firefly rpgs )and secondly a version of Dogs inthe Vineyard (set in the startrek universe).

    I'm pretty sure both of these games would lend themselves to campeign play, but here we are oneshotting it up.

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