Fastaval-Knutepunkt Travel Fund

The danish free-form convention Fastaval is this year inviting all interested, international roleplayers to come and have fun with us in Aarhus during the easter of 2009 - and then travel straight to Oslo to attend Knutepunkt the following week!

Along with Knutepunkt and LR (The Danish Association for Roleplayers) Fastaval has opened a small Travel Fund to give those of you with limited funds the opportunity to come and play with us anyways.

LR is funding the initial sum, Fastaval is organizing the handing out of this free money and Knutepunkt is trying to apply for some additional funding to enable more of you to go.

We are handing out:
- 250 euros in travel reimbursements, payed via bank transfer when you show us your receipt.
- A free Fastaval (entrance, meals, a place to put your sleeping gear)

To be eligible for this you must:

- Promise that you actually need the money and wouldn't be able to go without it.

- Contribute something to the two conventions. Either a programmed event, such as a game or a talk, or a service ('I'm super good at taking photos, mixing drinks, organizing a 1-hour party etc') or something else.

You apply by sending a short email to where you say who you are, why you are awesome and what you want to contribute.

Any and all questions can be directed to or directly to Ulrik Lehrskov-Schmidt at: or by calling +4530895030.

Deadline for application is the 1st of March.
Notice will be given on March 3rd.

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  • That is fantastically super-awesome.
  • That' pretty amazing offer!
  • Are Fastaval and Knutepunkt always this close together in time, or it this year just a happy accident? If I had known, I might have tried to make it over this year. As I stands, I might still consider it...
  • Sometimes they are in the same weekend. I haven't been to Knutepunkt myself, so I don't know the scheduling considerations behind Knutepunkt. Fastaval always moves with the Easter.
  • Bump. Deadline is approaching soon.

    Most of the homepage is now available in English.
  • Awesome initiative!
  • This is phenomenal. I'm desperately wanting to go, and I'm going to look again and see if this doesn't make it possible.
  • Further Grants
    Three grants have been handed out to Nathan Hook (UK), Andrea Castellani (Italy), and Anna Westerling (Sweden).

    Due to unexpected good fortune, we have received some extra financing for our travel grant, so we are able to give out two more grants to international guests. The deadline for this final round of applications is this Friday and all applications should be sent to The same rules apply as per the original grant.
  • This kinda interests me, since I live in Sweden and all...But you still need some cash for sleeping arrangements right?
  • For our international guests we have arranged sleeping quarters in camping trailers free of charge. Bring a warm sleeping bag and you should be ok.

    Regular visitors can sleep on the floor of a gym for a small fee (DKK 130 for five nights). Bring a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat.

    Bed and breakfast is available nearby from DKK 275 pr. night.

    Take a look at the English website.
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