[Grey Ranks] at GenCon 2009

I have submitted a session of Grey Ranks for Gen Con.
It is event RPG0900394, on Thursday, August 13 at 9 pm.
Has not been accepted yet.



  • Oh, superb. Thank you. I'll see if I can sign up for that.

  • That's fantastic! Let me know how I can support your session. If you want to chat about the peculiarities of running it as a one-shot, I'd be glad to.
  • Thanks. I should mention that I don't have any experience running Grey Ranks; I use Gen Con to play games that I wouldn't run otherwise, and I feel that I have a handle on the mechanics of the game, that it is complete and I won't have to answer "What stat do I roll against to do X?"

  • Grant, if Games On Demand is running, consider coming to run some games there, too. It's a good place to run games you haven't run before. Less pressure to know the game fully; more understanding when the game doesn't go as planned.

  • OK, the event has been accepted.

  • edited February 2009

    Hi Grant,

    I'll second Graham's appraisal of the Games on Demand room. I had a great time running (3?) games there last year. Furthermore, I especially liked picking up unlikely players. The folks who came for (say...) Dresden Files, but couldn't get in on a game, but chose to stay. The room really does have an addictive vibe.


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