[Mutant City Blues] is good, in my opinion

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Pre-ordered Mutant City Blues over at IPR. Had a bit to say about it on my blog. More than I could say on Twitter, but less than I could say with a full keyboard.



  • 2d6? I thought Gumshoe used only 1d6.
  • Thanks for the feedback. I look forward to hearing any actual play.

    John - it does use a single d6 for general skills. In MCB, the mutant powers are divided as they are other GUMSHOE abilities, between Investgative and General powers. So Concussion Beam uses a d6 + points, and Environmental Awareness, gets you clues with no roll.
  • I have been anxiously awaiting the release of MCB, despite the fact that I still need to sell my friend on the concept of running it (he's big into comic books, but is still getting used to anything in super-heroes RPGs outside of M&M)... MCB seems to fit exactly in to the type of super-heroes game I want to play nowadays so maybe with the book coming out I can finally sell him on the idea of running it so I can get a chance to actually play it. :o)
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