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I see that Camp Nerdly's dates have finally been announced, but you may be wondering what Camp Nerdly is and why you should plan on attending.

What It Is
Camp Nerdly is a gaming convention-like get-together that's cozier than any you've attended. It's out in the woods, but not without amenities such as cabins, food, and bathrooms. You'll live and play like a human being, not a caveman. Getting away for a few minutes to clear your head and think about something other than gaming is the easiest thing in the world. Walk away from the Mess Hall and gaming cabin and you're in the woods. Peaceful, beautiful woods. Also, this year is late May, so cold should be MUCH less of a problem than previous Camps.

Here's two reasons why you should come:
You will play awesome games at Camp Nerdly
For whatever reason I've played in many, many amazing games at Camp Nerdly. Three of my top 5 con games have happened at Nerdly (PTA: End/Sexitricity, PTA: Zombie Punks, Agon: Valley Forge Style) and I've never had a less-than-above-average game there. I don't know if it's the water, the great big tables and open playing areas, or just people being relaxed and away from it all, but it opens folks up as game-playing demons. Come join in and be ready to play hard for a solid weekend.

You will make friends.
I'm an asocial jerk, and I've managed to meet and feel connected to new people as a result of attending Nerdly. I'm not going to list them all for fear of leaving someone out. Seriously, the people are great and welcoming. Just say, "Hello, want to play a game?"

Come on Nerdly Campers! Join in and tell folks why they should come to Camp Nerdly 3.


  • You won't go deaf or loose your voice.
    If you've ever been to GenCon, or Origins, or any other convention where fifteen tables and a hundred gamers are all crammed into one room trying to talk at once, then you know what I'm talking about. That crazy-noise thing doesn't happen at Nerdly. We have oodles of gaming space. OODLES

    It's the cheapest con you'll ever love.
    I'll wait for Clinton to announce the official price for Nerdly 3, but I can guarantee you that you can't get a better convention deal anywhere. It's two nights, five meals, and enough gaming to make you wish for a backup robot version of yourself to keep up with it all.

    Damn Hippies
    Camp Nerdly is like a temporary hippie commune of gamers. Everyone has a chore or two to do. I know it sounds really weird to be like 'Yes! Chores!', but there's something really cool about how everyone gets together to get things done at Nerdly. Like how, last year, I was organizing the thing, and I was totally afraid that there wouldn't be enough folks to cook breakfast Saturday morning. So I jump out of bed early and hurry over to the mess hall to try to get things going. But by the time I get there, so many folks had volunteered to cover the breakfast shift that the chore leaders were kicking folks out of the kitchen because it was too crowded!

    That thing that Remi said
    I too am an asocial jerk. But I feel like I'm friends with everyone I've ever spent even five minutes with at Camp Nerdly.

    I can't freakin' wait for Camp Nerdly 3!

  • Am I right that there's a limited sign-up for Nerdly? Do you usually end up turning people away?
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    Adam! Yes, there is a limit to the number of people the camp site can support. No, Camp Nerdly hasn't run out of space in the past. Please note that I'm operating purely as a Nerdly fan here. I'm not on the planning committee this year and so I can't speak to anything related to current planning for possible overflow.

    Also, you should know that I will rock your face off if you come.
  • The campsite we use has a set limit of overnight guests (78 I think) and the main lodge has a set limit of occupants as a fire safety measure (well over 100). In the past we've excluded "day pass" gamers in an effort to build that nice sleepover campy feeling. I'm not sure if that'll change this year, or if there would even be a need to accommodate more than the bunk maximum.

    We have this huge, open space all to ourselves. The only person you will see other than a critical mass of friends and interesting friends-to-be is the park ranger, who swings by once or twice. It is like your secret gaming fantasy come true.
  • My secret gaming fantasy DOES involve a sultry, brunette park ranger.
  • Posted By: Adam DrayMy secret gaming fantasy DOES involve a sultry, brunette park ranger.
    I don't know if I can find a ranger outfit in time but I'll try.

    (Note: when I allow it to grow, my hair is dark brown to black.)
  • I'm excited. I'm fairly certain I can go. My least favorite part is the drive from NY. But it's worth it! Camp Nerdly is even more fun in terms of making friends than Dreamation. And way laid back.
  • Nerdly satisfies a very different need than gaming conventions for me. Nerdly is all about playing a METRIC SHITTON OF GAMES with people who can bring the awesome. Awesome people + awesome games + 48 hours of gaming = Awesome games/dollar ratio.
  • Adam,

    Dark, mysterious ranger. Infirmary.

  • Wow! How'd you know that part of my fantasy?
  • I can honestly say the best night of sleep I've had in as long as I can remember was at the last camp nerdly. The air is soooo... untoxic. Let me restate that in a way that's even more applicable (with a double entendre!) The ATMOSPHERE is so untoxic.
  • Quick query:
    Is there conventional 110/120V AC in the sleeping quarters?

    Inquiring minds with sleep apnea want to know...


  • Yes. We've had people who needed to plug in medical equipment before.
  • Posted By: Jason MorningstarYes. We've had people who needed to plug in medical equipment before.
    But please bring extension cords, as they are sometimes inconveniently located.

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    Remi, I look forward to my semi-annual face-rocking.

  • The Wiki seems to be all about last year. Unless Jule Ann is pregnant again.

  • If only it weren't so goddamn far away.
  • The wiki is not yet set for this year. Registration isn't open yet.


    Crap, I didn't even realize that page was still up.

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    Where is it?

    The camp itself, I mean.
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    Here is more info.
  • Ah, Virginia. Have a good time!
  • Virgina is for lovers Morningstar.
  • I am not, to the best of my knowledge, pregnant again. I will, however, have a nine-month-old baby during Camp Nerdly this year. She's not quite as quiet on the outside. I hope I can figure something out, though. I'm thinking about maybe bringing along a middle-school-aged cousin to watch her during games.

    I do, however, still work at Starbucks. So there will be coffee.
  • I'm planning to be there, along with my wife Sandy, and possibly our son Max this year. I'm going to be running a playtest of ... and cast no shadow, and am hoping to have an "ashcan" version with me. I'll see if I can talk Sandy into trying to run Dead of Night again -- she tried last year, but was pretty annoyed when she couldn't get enough players for it.
  • I'm planning on being there. It'll be my first time, but it's one of the easiest-for-me-to-get-to indie RPG events of the year, and I love camping & gaming anyway. I'm planning on bringing a playtest of my game, the Fifth World. "Able to play around campfire" was one of my design requirements, though I'm not sure it's all there on that score yet. I'll see if I can have the local setting ready in time, but no guarantees on that.
  • I'm so excited, I just peed in my mouth a little.

  • Posted By: Joshua A.C. NewmanI'm so excited, I just peed in my mouth a little.
    How does that happen? No, wait, never mind.
  • Joshua, aren't you vegan? Isn't that a bio-product that shouldn't be eaten?
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