Now available: Montsegur 1244

Thoughtful Games proudly presents:

Montsegur 1244 - A story game about burning for your belief.
Do you renounce your heretic beliefs and do you wish to receive the forgiveness of the merciful Father?

In March 1244 this question was posed to several hundred Cathars. They had surrendered to the army that had besieged the castle of Montsegur for more than nine months. More than two hundred answered no, and thereby chose death by fire. Who were these people that chose to die for their belief?

In Montsegur 1244 the players collaborate to create a story about who these people were. Each player takes on the role of one of the besieged Cathars who will face the choice between life and faith.

Read more about the game here.

I am so looking forward to presenting it at Dreamation 2009 in less than two weeks. Hope to see many of you there. I'll be happy to answer any questions to the game there or in this thread.

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