[Wiki] Please fix this woefully inadequate wiki page of RPGs

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Could someone with much RPGfu please fix this Timeline of role-playing games?

Wikipedia needs a little story-gamifying


  • I was just posting about this in another forum, looking for a comprehensive list of RPGs published in 2008. That list is horribly sucky.

    Oh, you're from there too, noclue! Don't I feel dumb.
  • Okay, you talked me into it. I added Braunstein to the top.
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    I noticed an easy way to find a damn comprehensive list. Click on the fucking sources link! Man, I'm dumb. It takes you to John H. Kim's RPG encyclopedia page. I don't know as it's completely comprehensive or not, but the 2008 list is longer than the whole 2000's list on the wikipedia page. I may begin importing the list to wikipedia, just to have a the comprehensive info in the place most people will look.

    John Kim lacks Braunstein, though.
  • To be fair John Kim's list is published games, and Braunstein was never published. The wikipedia list doesn't specify.
  • At least get Sorcerer, DitV and TSoY up there. Oh, and SotC too.
  • Added a few games from my youth.
  • @noclue Hey man, anybody can get involved on wikipedia. In my office, complaining = volunteering to fix the bug.

    Just sayin :)
  • Heh...Me complain? Never...not me...

    I don't really speak wiki all that well. I know there's some way to edit things on it, but I'm pretty clueless. Now, it does strike me that some of the folks that publish these games might have an interest in seeing them included...
  • It's sort of bad form to edit stuff pointed at yourself. I just added a few staples, like Bunnies & Burrows (1976).
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    Posted By: Jason MorningstarIt's sort of bad form to edit stuff pointed at yourself.
    It is?
  • edited February 2009
  • Posted By: Jason MorningstarYes.
    Hmm...see what I mean about my being clueless.
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