GOD at Conpulsion 09

Hi guys,

We'll be running a Games On Demand offer through this year's Conpulsion as well, offering all those strange weirdo hippie games that laugh in the face of what we think RPGs should be. We would like to be staffed in all slots, so if you're interested in helping it would be much appreciated. Email me at per.fischer@gmail.com

Conpulsion website

Games on offer so far this year are: Poison'd, Classroom Deathmatch, Storming The Wizard's Tower, Sign In Stranger, Mouse Guard, Serial Homicide Unit, Dirty Secrets, Executive Decision, Primetime Adventures, InSpectres, Hot War, Dead of Night, Contenders, Piledrivers & Powerbombs, Labyrinths & Lycanthropes, and perhaps 3:16 and Baron Munchausen. What a buffet!

Games On Demand
seek, and you shall find
ask, and you shall receive

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