Players of Games are Rock Stars, an online event

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So, here's how this works.

You whisper below that you are interested in taking part and you are both an interviewer and a player. You wear both hats, just in different parts of the event.

As a player, you will provide a written account of some play that you took part in. It can be something you wrote just for this event or an old AP thread from a forum, your blog, wherever.

As a reporter, you just have to look over the AP report and ask meaningful questions as if the player is a fucking rock star and you are the Rolling Stone of gaming because they are, dammit.

So, let's get this party started. Here's what I need whispered to me below:
Your Name:

Your E-mail:

Link to your AP Report of any RPG:
Once I have enough people, I will set them up with each other through e-mail and they can conduct the interview over e-mail or IM, as long as it is published in a blog, forum, whatever, where other people can see, interact and ask the rock-star-player questions about their play once the interview is published.

Does this make sense?

Whisper me.


Judd, will I get to interview the person who interviews me?

No, I am going to cross-pollinate this shit right up.

Judd, should it be a positive game or a negative?

Either one is great!

Judd, man, Judd, I don't have any AP to link to, man. You are setting up an exclusive event that only allows for one mode of thinking that I don't agree with.

You can either go and write up an AP right now (wherever you want) or not participate.

Once things get rolling, I will post links to the various AP interview threads right here so people can go around the internets and ask questions of their favorite game playing rock stars.


  • Hey Judd, I really love this idea. Do you think convention AP or ongoing game AP would be a better submission for this project?
  • Posted By: RemiHey Judd, I really love this idea. Do you think convention AP or ongoing game AP would be a better submission for this project?
    I think whichever one you are more excited to talk about is the one to pick.
  • More than enough people have whispered to me; this event is a go.

    I will get started on this tomorrow.
  • The first round of interviews has been sent out.

    Thanks for the whispers folks.

    If there are more people interested, I will start another round next week.

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    I interviewed Andy about his With Great Power Night Watch game.

    Edit: If you tried to read it and got a headache, I worked in some paragraph breaks. AOL's HTML export is horrible though. Nothing I can do about that.
  • I'm still in! I'll be doing Jason G's interview this week, as I have the time. I wasn't able to do it last week because I was being a reclusive dork.
  • Hay guyz how is this comin along
  • I've interviewed JD and just need to organize the text a bit. I also need to respond to Arturo's email.
  • I'm being slow as shit, but I've got some great stuff from the Other Jason. Working this week on Round Two of questions.

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    Speaking of this, I've got my interview all wrapped up and ready to post.

    I was going to post it this weekend, but I accidentally slipped on a bar of soap and found myself watching about 10 hours of Japanese TV dramas instead. Now I want to design the Hissatsu Shigotonin RPG. Actually, I don't want to design it per se, I just want to play it. BEHOLD.

    I'll have it up this week, though. It's good stuff, a very fun activity which celebrates play over design.

  • And.... done!

    Uploaded into a thread of its own, over here:

  • Awesome!!
  • Did you forget about this? You did. Therefore you are dumb. Because this is great.
  • I didn't forget and I'm not dumb, just busy. Life happened.

    Glad you like it, take it and run with it, man.
  • I should have said "I" instead of "you", sorry for the typo.
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