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This is really a longshot. So much so that I almost decided not to write here, but then I saw this thread of a Dane looking for gamers in Barcelona. If the Danes dare to ask, so do I.

Thing is, I'm a Swede, normally spending my time in Istanbul, Turkey. For a short while now I will stay in Lausanne, Switzerland. So I thought, if I could find someone here to roleplay with a couple of time that would be cool. I don't get the opportunity to play very often these days and it's always especially interesting to observe some different gaming culture.

Of course, the huge caveat is that I don't speak any of the local languages. So the game would have to be in English (or Swedish, but...yeah). But it doesn't hurt asking, right? (I also speak a quite horrible Turkish)

It wouldn't be possible for me to do any extended plays, it would have to be one shots (or me joining as an 'extra' for one meet-up). I could travel, though. Mainly I would be interested in just joining a group for a one shot of whatever you like, but given a little time to prepare I could also GM some Nordic freeform, if anyone would be interested in such stuff.


  • Shit, sorry, you missed me by two years. I used to live in Basel and went a year without gaming.

    There's a gaming store in Basel which might be able to hook you up. I've forgotten the name of it so I'll try and get back to you.
  • It would be nice to get the name of the shop, I always like to scout such places out, even if I never buy game store books these days. (I'm more inte writing mini larps, I guess). And I have yet to make my Basel trip.
  • If you're going to be there in late May, I'll be in Switzerland for a few weeks.

  • I'm in Germany (Nordrhein region) but that's still a 14 hour drive from you. :o(
  • MJ: Yeah, 14 hours of travelling is a bit far :-(. I could almost as well fly to my roleplaying peers in Stockholm...

    Andy: I will leave already in April. But I might get back here, like in May or so. Depends on how things go here and what my boss says. If I do so I will remember the famous Andy.
  • Hi Sven – jeepen's Frederik Berg Østergaard is living in Zürich. Try frederik@jeepen.org. He might able to hook you up!
  • Hi Sven,
    I live in Zürich. I don't know about gamers in Lausanne, but I'm happy to find players for a get-together in Zürich with english speaking folks.

    Andy: Feel free to contact me. When will you come? Where will you stay?
  • @Tobias

    Thanks for the tip! I will probably try that.
  • @Oliof

    Sounds cool! I will message you in whispers.
  • Hi

    Seth told me to come have a look.

    I'm finishing my studies in Lausanne as we are speaking, and I'm always interested in meeting indie gamers. I'll probably be moving to Geneva in a few months, but it's only about a 40 min trip by train.

    Send me a mail so we can discuss all the details about your stay, Sven: christoph_boeckle@yahoo.com

    There'll be a fun convention at my school on the weekend of the 21-22 March btw. Essentially french speaking though, though there are some efforts made to get english-speaking games going.

    Harald, depending on what you mean by a get-together in Zürich, I'd be game too.
  • Posted By: ChristophSeth told me to come have a look.
    And isn't the Internet funny that way? Two people in the same city, connected by someone halfway around the world.

    Seth Ben-Ezra
    Great Wolf
  • Christoph, I'll add you to the email. But not tonight, and not before sunday. I'm going to Pizol for a couple of days to enjoy the last snow.
  • Yes Seth, funny indeed! I drank beer and told Sven about your games tonight. I think he would like A Flower for Mara, like any good Nordic larper who has any respect for his hobby. We will probably meet again and play some game! Yay!

    Harald do enjoy the snow!
  • This thread seems to pay off. As Christoph said we met and we talked about games (and religious diversity in Europe). And I do think like I would like A Flower for Mara.

    It is also definitely beyond hilarious to me that Christoph could tell me that one of my close Swedish friends, Jonas Ferry, didn't use to have that last name, but got it from his wife. He had read it at some blog. The world dissected into subcultures is something very strange.
  • I have been bad at reading forums for the last year or so... I took to look at some videos of Mara.Someone has been playing We go by Jeep games for sure! This looks exactly like friform as I know it. I thrive on this stuff! Looks really fun.

    It does also remind me of an old game I GM:ed twice. The form is quite different, but the theme with dealing with the death of a person is very much the same. Actual play of the second time I played happens to be During the summer. ( I did a whole lot of grammar mistakes in that text, I see now.)
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