[GenCon 2009] GoD needs a hero!

Kat and I will be unable to attend GenCon again this year, and are looking for someone to head up the Indie Games Explosion / Games on Demand area. We can help a great deal with the pre-convention organizing, event registration, and the like, but there needs to be someone(s) in charge on the ground in Indianapolis to see that things get done, smooth over miscommunications, and the like.

Contrary to popular belief, this does not require chaining yourself to the GoD tables around the clock. It's more like checking in once or twice a day, doing the cat-herding-like activities of making sure that the table custodians do their shifts, collect generic tickets, and turn them in. You get lots of time to PLAY, and afterwards, you get kudos for making GoD happen, which everybody loves!

If you're interested in being a hero of GoD, post to this thread or e-mail: indiegamesexplosion [aatt] gmail [ddoott] com
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