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[ Hey All, Just been reading the recent threads about gamepoems [Already being familure with a few more from before} and how to build a rooftop necropolis, and thought rather than trying to make a game poem rather why not try to make a game that produces stories, in the same fashion that story games are for the most part not trapped in the genre and prose of a story but rather a game that produces stories. I want to make a game that produces poems, using the same kind of get on the bandwagon mentality that is keeping the How to build a rooftop necropolis thread awesome and awesomer]

PoemGame 1. Rulz; Keep your replies to quatrains. Try to keep a single cantos on theme and multible cantos in genre. Keep it short and sassy and try to respect the basic rhyme scheme that is established by the begining of each cantos.

Cantos 1

I'm the assassin of Manhattan
I keep my back to the wall [a]
I will kill the king of England
I am lean dark and tall. [a]

So now you continue the poem for the next quatrain [4 lines] having the second line and the forth line rhyme (not necessarily the same rhyme) This Cantos is probably going to end with either the assassin or the king of england dead.

I dont know if i am making sense, please do your best.


  • I have studied for a decade
    to still the fire in my heart
    But in the end, a vengeful regicide's
    not a science, but an art
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    So thinking how I must (not why)
    While leaping through the lurid dark,
    I seek the beauty in the end
    now drawing close upon my mark.

    [EDIT: What *is* the meter/count? Logos' original is 9/7/8/7, Simon's is 8/8/10/7, Steve's is 9/10/9/10 and Magnus' is 8/7/8/7. Which is right?]
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    I don't do this for kicks
    I'm not callous, me
    I've thought this through
    Wait and you'll see

    [Edit: I felt pedantically obliged to point out that a canto is part of a longer poem, not the long poem itself. There's no such thing as "a cantos". The above is part of the general thingy, not any kind of meta-comment.]
  • That alluring golden goblet,
    how it shimmered in the gloom
    in the depths of fathers workshop.
    first his pride, but then his doom.
  • Will I reach my destination?
    Will I perish 'long the way?
    Will my father's spirit guide my steps...
    or lead me far astray?
  • I am the King of England and
    My guardians round me heel--
    To subjugate the populace
    And make the barons kneel.
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    With a golden crown upon my head
    And a golden cup in hand
    Recalling how an alchemist cried
    On the cruel rack, unmanned
  • [ I wasn't stressing the meter terribly because its not like I can throw someone out if they do it wrong, somewhere between 7-10 syllables in a line, maybe more depending how it sounds. If your really fancy get an iambic pentameter going, that said if GBStever wanted to whisper his comment to make it disappear it would be appreciated.]

    Impervious in my castle
    I have no remorse
    With my guard and my serfs
    I grimly hold the course.
  • In the cup there was completion
    For my foe and father both.
    In the poisoned wine, redemption,
    And the ending of my oath.

    [Don't assume this is the end -- the wine's there, but not yet drunk. ;)]
  • [hey GBsteve, would you piss off, thanks]

    Drank and Drunk, Stink and Stunk
    Down the King Swallowed his wine
    Drank and Drunk Stink and Stunk
    Do you see vengence is mine.

    [now it is drunk, still not sure if it is the end. either way a new canto can begin if someone wants or we can continue this, also if people want to rate the gameness, awesomeness, and fun of this feel free. Please use a scale of 1 - 10 where 1 is sucky and 10 is awesome. Please answer is whole numbers between 1 and 10 inclusive. wow, pedantics is fun,,,, not)
  • There's a game here, I feel it. A good one, too.
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