Podcasters, I propose a trade

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So, I'm interested in gaming podcasts. But my internet connection is such that downloading them is not practical.

So I propose a trade. See, I compose and record music. The trade is, if you burn some of your podcasts to CD and mail them to me, I will burn some of my music to CD and mail it to you in exchange. Sound like fun? It does to me!

If you'd like to take me up on this, just drop me an email: marksman45 [at] gmail

("What if I don't like your music?"
Well, what if I don't like your podcast? P'shaw. Where's your sense of adventure?)


  • Marshall, I do a game design podcast called Master Plan, which is a, uh, podcast about game design. (Whee! Look mom, I'm articulate!)

    Could we podcasters burn the mp3s to CD, or do you need them as audio tracks? Because I could fit probably all of my 45 episodes on one 800M disc, I'm sure, but that's otherwise over 15 hours of content (and I would personally rather burn one disc than several).

    Also, where, vaguely, would we be mailing them?

    I will also email you shortly, but these questions might help other podcasters here.
  • Ryan,
    Yeah, that's exactly what I intended: burn them to data CD. Otherwise that's, what, two podcasts to a CD?
    My music, on the other hand, will be burned as ordinary CD audio, so that you can play it in your stereos.

    As for location, I live in Oklahoma. Which is in the U.S.
  • Posted By: Marshall BurnsOtherwise that's, what, two podcasts to a CD?
    Depends on the show. With mine, sometimes three. With others, half of one ;)
  • By the way, I'd be willing to do this for other folks as well, for a cool trade or maybe donate a couple bucks for shipping if you decide you like the content. Drop me a line at ryan@masterplanpodcast.net
  • Couldn't you burn a data CD instead of an audio one if your podcast is long as heck?
  • @Remi: but they are already talking about data CDs :)
  • Hey you guys, I've got CDs to send to people but no mailing addresses. WTF, yo?
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