Fastaval 2009, Århus, Denmark, April 8-12

FASTAVAL - Denmark's Largest and the World's Best RPG Convention For Grownup Gamers


All-new tabletop, freeform and larp scenarios by Denmark's best game designers! Casual and competitive boardgaming! A fully stocked bar and a cocktail café at reasonable prices! A Saturday night banquet dinner including the Otto awards for excellence in scenario writing! Seminars, socialising, lectures, and a live gig by folktronica sensation Valravn – the smartest, cosiest and most relaxed role-playing convention invites the world to Århus this Easter, April 8th - April 12th.

During its 23 years, Fastaval in Århus, Denmark, has grown from a local game convention to the high-light of the gaming year for role-players of all stripes. With its around 600 participants, Fastaval is still an intimate convention by international standards, and special care is taken every year to ensure a relaxed atmosphere and tons of fun. Although teenagers are very welcome – this year a special youth lounge will offer special programmes – and members the first generation of Danish role-players still attend, a significant part of the participants are in their twenties and thirties. This fact and the convention's special focus on role-playing game authors create a unique atmosphere that fosters great game design, great playing experiences, and great parties. On a practical level, this is reflected in insights like the fact that man cannot live on Jolt Cola alone: at Fastaval you can always complement your toast and crisps with a good sandwich or pre-order a real meal – with luxury options available for those willing to pay grown-up prices for grown-up food.

The prestigious Otto Awards for Excellence in Role-Playing Game Writing and the meticulous feedback provided by the judges to all contributing scenario authors has fostered a culture of strong game design that today affects role-playing communities far beyond Denmark's borders. It is at Fastaval that Denmark's best writers choose to premiere their scenarios, whether serious or frivolous, childish in spirit or mature in content. With the 2009 scenarios delivered, we can promise an exceptionally strong line-up. Many scenarios will be available to play in English during the convention. And if your pleasures veer toward board or strategy gaming, those are naturally also available. How about going for the Danish Agricola championship, with straw boaters and all?

For the first time this year, Fastaval offers a special organisation to care for, welcome and integrate international visitors. Gaming sessions in English can be found on the programme, and additional international gaming groups will be organised continuously by the international hosts Frederik Berg Østergaard and Luisa Carbonelli. Faraway guests have the option of upgrading the traditional sleeping bag-on-floor accommodation to a bed in the international trailer park just outside the school. (For convention goers interesting in participating in the Knutepunkt conference the following week, please note that the trip to Oslo is a piece of cake with ferry over Frederikshavn*).

Read more about Fastaval, download scenarios or sign up for the convention at – please note that the last day for sales of partout tickets is March 13th. After this date you can no longer reserve accommodation, sign up for specific games or the banquet, or pre-order hot meals. Please use the English sign-up even if you can read Danish, as the Danish version does not offer the international perks.

If you have missed this deadline, but are reporting for the role-playing game media in your country or would like to contribute a programme, please email

*The Fastaval-Knutepunkt Travel Fund has received additional funding and accepts further applications until 13.3. Please search "Fastaval-Knutepunkt Travel Fund" on Facebook or follow this link.

(This is the official sales talk - hope it is within forum rules to post this :-) /Frederik)
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