A ride to Camp Nerdly

I would like to attend Camp Nerdly this year, but I do not currently have transportation that would make that possible. I live outside of Newark, DE which is on 95 South. Does anyone from further north have room in their vehicle for one more? Picking me up and dropping me off also means that you can avoid the DE/MD border toll.


  • Dave, I'm not sure how I'll be getting down there this year.
    If I end up renting a car, I'll defintely let you know.
  • Thanks Nathan, I just registered. I figure I have some time to work out the logistics.
  • We haven't hammered out plans, yet, but we go that direction. We carpooled with the Waltons last year, but we have a baby taking up space this year, so we will only really have room for one extra person in the car, instead of two (unless we end up borrowing my in-laws' minivan).

    So yeah, we can most likely give you a ride. PM me as the time gets closer if you still need a ride.
  • can u get to DC easily?

    Email me: chadu AT yahoo DOT com
  • Have ya gotten anything nailed down yet Dave?
  • If he could get to DC, he could more easily get to my house or BWI, and I'd give him a ride. He's about two hours north of DC. He could probably take Amtrak down from... somewhere. There should be plenty of southbound folks who will cut through his neck of the woods driving down I-95 through Maryland though.
  • I actually don't think I'll be coming to Nerdly, but thanks for all the ride offers. I start my new job on Monday, and it looks like I may have to make the 2 hour (without traffic) commute to Rockville, MD until we can sell our house here. Given that and the fact that I know I will be dead tired post-Nerdly, I don't think it's a good idea for me to attend.
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