Music for Gaming

I put up a page with all the game-related music I've composed recently. Visit and enjoy, or possibly don't enjoy. You know how musical taste goes. But probably something bad will happen in your life if you don't like it.

Click here! Do it now!


  • Sounds very much like music out of computer games from the 90's, what sort of program did you use to make these?
  • nothing but the highest end free-with-mac software.
  • I am getting many 404s! I want to hear Mattmusic!
  • NOES!

    Some beta tester that Harper is. Should be fixinated now!
  • The ones that are working are awesome. For the D&D ones, "Heroes" works for me, but "Introduction" does not, for instance.
  • You can download the zip files at the bottom of each list to get all the songs.
  • Sweet! I'll be listening to these at work. Cursory skimming suggests great awesomeness. Thank you for sharing this stuff with us.

    BTW, the id3 tags are a bit off -- the Dungeons & Dragons stuff all has its album tag set to "AGON", some of the Agon stuff is set to "Matt Wilson's Album," and none of the files have track numbers in their tags.

    I've added the missing track numbers and corrected the albums in the ID3 tags in my itunes, so I can listen to them in order easily; if you'd like those files let me know.
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