[Storming the Wizard's Tower] Edgar's Deep

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Here's a town I made for a game of Storming the Wizard's Tower. It's based on Helm's Deep from the Lord of the Rings; I always thought that was a cool setting, and it works even better as a full-time city.

Edgar's Deep

The game is supposed to have a slightly dark and sinister feel. It's heavy on demons and hazardous magic. The character types were inspired by one friend of mine who always MUST play the thief/wizard/spy/assassin guy. Generations of D&D games have let him and his character concept down, so I"m hoping this will do the trick.

The tower that will eventually be stormed is actually IN the town, and two of the character types are tied directly to it. I have no idea if that will be cool or a mess.

No actual game has taken place in this setting yet. But I enjoy seeing other people's towns for StWT, so I thought I'd share mine. Plus, creating this stuff is fun.


  • The Tower is in the Town? Awesome. Am i the only one that thinks this is an awesome twist? I never would have thought of that. Totally awesome.
  • Also, i'm totally ripping off some of your Arms and Gear. Good lists.
  • I love it. It's perfect inspiration for the game.

    Once Storming is finalized, it would be great to collect a bunch of sample towns like this somewhere online.
  • Since the rules at present only have two examples (and there are no other rules presented for creating lists), I find other people's towns useful.

    Andrew, I should acknowledge that "Magnificent Hat" on my list is lifted directly from Luke Crane's Magic Burner, which features the "Impressive Hat" trait.
  • That is genius. I once had a friend award me a bonus to my stat Beautiful in a playtest for "such a fine collection of hats." I think it's a legitimate role-playing trope.
  • The Impressive Hat trait in Burning Wheel is a required trait for hedge wizards, if I recall correctly. For my town, I was sort of thinking along the same lines, like how Gandalf was always wearing a cross between a pointy wizard's hat and a wide-brimmed explorer's hat in some of those old (pre-movie) LotR illustrations.

    Although now that you say it, perhaps I ought to amend the gear in question to "Magnificent Hat(s)".
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