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So, with my illnesses and the like, I've been distracted when it comes to Fastlane 2nd edition and getting it to layout, then printed and out the door. However, a long time ago, I whipped up a small single page that described the changes that were coming in the 2nd edition (and attempted to give a rationale for each change) - that way, people who owned the first edition could have access to the rule changes.

The original plan was to release it when the 2nd edition of Fastlane was "ready." But that doesn't look like it's happening any time soon. And time marches on.

So here it is. Please use these changes when you play.


  • Yay!

    It seems pretty condensed, though. Those examples came in pretty handy when reading the book. well, if I have any questions, I'll know how to reach you.
  • Yeah, the condensation was necessary to get to the goal of "make it fit on a single page!" Which makes it much more useful for printing out and just sandwiching in your current copy of Fastlane. Luckily, none of the changes are drastic (at least, I don't think they are). But, yes, in the 2nd edition text, the examples all display the new rules. When I have space to play with, I love giving examples. I'd just... given myself a goal ("one page!") that made examples difficult, at least my kinds of examples.

    I'm happy to explain anything that's confusing, though. Hopefully, none of it is.
  • (Oh, I'm not all that active on here, and I haven't figured out how to make s-g give me notifications when posts get replies. Questions are best put in my forum on the Forge, which should send me an email for new topics.)
  • An updated copy has been uploaded, hopefully clarifying some confusion in Premeditation #6.
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