Montsegur 1244

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Here's my review for Montsegur 1244.

I played in it at the last Minicon at Endgame Oakland and Paul Tevis was the facilitator.




  • Just wanted to say "thanks" for this nice writeup.

    Really sorry I missed that game. I need to play Montsegur again SOON.
  • Arsende (the harlot) is my favorite. There are 12 people who want to play it at Camp Nerdly 3!
  • Thanks for sharing. Was this the campfire version?

    Knowing that I have made grown up men cry on the other side of the world is kind of... fascinating.
  • I believe the campfire version was at the Nerdly Beach Party.

    This was from the recent EndGame Oakland minicon.

    Jason, why am I not surprised the harlot is your fav?
  • Caesar_X has the right of it. I was present for both games (I facilitated the EndGame Oakland game and also played in the Nerdly Beach Party one).

    It really surprises me how well this very tight scenario stands up to repeated play. I've played three times now and facilitated/observed once, and I've got one more play scheduled.
  • I'd agree with that. It hasn't gotten old yet, and it is the most focused thing in the world.
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