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I was browsing around TV Tropes and discovered that there are entries for several story games! Bliss Stage, Spirit of the Century, and Maid RPG are all on the list of Notable Tabletop Games. Dogs I found by searching for titles. Primetime Adventures and My Life With Master both get mentions, but don't have entries.


  • How the HELL does Primetime Adventures NOT get an entry on *TV* Tropes?
  • Posted By: WolfeHow the HELL does Primetime Adventures NOT get an entry on *TV* Tropes?
    I would imagine it's because you can include (almost) any tropes you want in a PTA game, but it doesn't really come with any on its own. Maybe something about spotlight episodes, but for the most part, it's like a photography book telling you how to take pictures of cameras.
  • I wonder if there are instances of professional writers using RPGs to make the juice flowing while writing an episode.
  • The anime series Record of Lodoss Wars is pretty famously a D&D campaign brought to the screen.
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    OK Daniel but was it an after thought or was it planned ?

    [Edit]other example of fantasy campaign turned into fiction : Chroniques de la Lune Noire.
  • yeah, i noticed these awhile ago, especially the Bliss Stage ones, but didn't point it out. :) sorry. i get the feeling at lease one contributor to TV Tropes is a BIG Bliss Stage fan. :)
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