I need a photo from your game library

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Hey, i'm working on an article for Adverting Disaster my blog about advertising and media criticism and i need your help.

I need a scan (or just a photo) of the back cover of the old V:tM clanbook Lasombre. The one where there's a close up of a vampire lady licking blood from her lips. I'm 90% sure its on the original print of that book, but if i'm wrong i need that image, not something else. Does anyone have that floating around on their bookshelves?

Help me story games, you're my only hope!

...because google didn't help at all.


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    Was there more than one printing of Clanbook Lasombra? Incidentally, that's how it's spelled: "Lasombra" with an 'a' so that might have thrown off your googling. I found it on Amazon and they have a picture of the back and front cover with the "look inside the book!" feature thing, but the back cover was just the usual descriptive blurby text.
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    wait, clearly there were two editions. i found the other one on amazon too, but it only has a front cover pic... hmmm...
  • Yeah, there's an older Out of Print version. I'm thinking of that one.
  • You want the one from '96?
    This one?
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    I found the older version, but the back cover didn't have a picture on it at all.

    edited because I'm a doofus and got my editions mixed up.

  • Posted By: fnord3125You want the one from '96?
    This one?
    Posted By: Keith SenkowskiThis?
    These definitely appear to be the same book. Finding a back cover image is, however, proving to be very tricksey.

    Oooh! Possible solution if you can't find anyone with a copy to take a picture for you (which seems like it would be strange. Have you tried asking after the book on rpg.net or other, bigger, gaming forums?):
    Get a copy from a library!
    There appear to be at least 3 whole libraries (One Two Three) in the USA that have copies. Interlibrary loan?
  • The pdf I linked to, the first page is the back cover.
  • Posted By: Keith SenkowskiThe pdf I linked to, the first page is the back cover.
    Oh, sorry! I thought it looked like a back cover...
    Huh. That picture doesn't really look (to me) like what Kevin was describing, but he obviously knows best. :)
  • I have both versions of OWoD Lasombra. One back is text and the other is the picture already linked to above. Kevin, can you describe anything else about the picture you remember--dimensions, colors, details and whether or not the artist was featured across other WoD books?
  • Kevin, I think you mean this image. Published by White Wolf, but not Vampire.

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