[Dream Palace] The Need for Genre

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I need your help. For those of you that aren't aware of Dream Palace yet, it is a story-making game that allows the players to create stories using the plot point structire that is used by screenwriters. The basic Dream Palace game uses a structure that can be applied to just about any movie. However, different genres of movies tend to have their own special flavors that help make them fun.

One of the plans I have for Dream Palace is to publish a number of Genre Books. They would cover the history and tropes of the various Movie Genres, and would also have helpful tweaks to the base Dream Palace rules to help simulate the feel of these movies.

The help I need is your opinion. What genre should I start with? I want to know your favorite. I've put of a poll on my web site at http://heraldicgame.com. You'd need to register with the site in order to vote, but this would be of great help to me. And your comments are also welcome on this thread, of course!
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