Story Gamers in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania

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I don't know of much going on in this part of the world, but I want to see stuff happening here. So, I'm raising the banner. Do you live in or near Pittsburgh, or somewhere else in western Pennsylvania? Do you enjoy anything that someone might call a "story game"? Please respond below so we can know about each others' existence!


  • I know there are several story gamers in the D.C. area, and I'm down in WV, but not sure how many you will find on this board from PA. I've been wanting to check out some of the conventions in Pittsburgh, though. Im not sure what kind of gaming conventions, but I've heard there are some good comic and anime cons in that area.
  • Hey Jason -- What's going on with GAPScon this year? I'm 2-1/2 hours from Pittsburgh, which is too far for anything except the most irregular of get-togethers. But it's closer than anywhere else! -- Bill
  • Jason, I'm in the same boat as Bill, but I've asked a friend of mine who used to game quite a bit in Pittsburgh if she knows anyone who might fit the bill. I'll let you know if anything comes of it. I already know a amateur game designer there, but he's not exactly a story gamer.

    - Mendel
  • Well, I think GASPcon X will be pretty exciting on the story games front this year, but that's a little pre-mature. Let's just say that it did get me wondering how many folks in the area I could find, and to what degree we'd be building a brand new scene here.
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