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I want a game centered on this:

Fucking Awesome

Not just about it, but uses it mechanically.


  • I was JUST reading about it (I have APOD feeding on my main page of my web site).

    But... you know the answer... wait for it....

    YOU make it, Tom Sawyer.
  • If only I had the time.... stupid MBA...
  • I've been working on this game, Fingers on the Firmament, off and on since Oct 2002 (sometimes with Justin Jacobson). Thanks to Mouse Guard, I think I finally know how to make it work. For a while it was its own thing, then I was hacking OGL stuff, then I thought about hacking 4E, and now it's back to being some weird fusion of OGL / SOTC / Mouse Guard. And it's set in the Pleiades. I'm hoping to have something playtestable by this coming fall.
  • Posted By: Jonathan WaltonAnd it's set in the Pleiades.
    Anything to do with the 400 Boys of Mayan myth? They were associated with the Pleiades.

  • Chris Chinn's Emperor's Heart was supposed to meld wuxia with space opera. This seems like it would work pretty well in that setting. :)
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