The Mix-and-Match Anti-Contest!

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What's an Anti-Contest?
In a regular RPG contest, the participants write their own games based on a single set of rules devised by the organiser, who then picks a winner. In an Anti-Contest (OK I made it up) the participants provide a number of alternative rules and the organiser (me) picks his favourites and writes a game based on them.

How do We Enter?
Just WHISPER me a message here in this thread with the following things:
1) Three different things (creatures, items, concepts, genres or any mix of the four) that are common in fiction.
2) A 'special rule' that one might find in an RPG competition.
3) Optionally, an email address contact so that I don't have to rely on Story Games' forum to contact winners.
Please only one entry per person. Leave some of the good suggestions for other people! In the event that two people pick the same things or rules, whoever got there first will get the credit.

OK Then What?
In one week (June 27th) I will read through this thread and see if there are enough entries to go ahead. If not, I'll give it another week, then another, until either I get sick of checking or there are enough to make a start. I will then pick two or three 'things' and one special rule, possibly all from different entrants, and make a game that combines them all. I may even roll some dice to see which ones I use.

Given my predilection for the bizarre, the things I end up with will probably be very conflicting ideals so don't feel that you've got to be astonishingly original. Cliches are just as good in this instance. The resulting game might be serious, funny, surreal, or just batshit crazy, who can tell? One thing you can be sure of is that it will be... different.

What do We Win?
You win a new game to play, written by yours truly. The finished result will probably be offered as a free PDF anyway, but if the decision is made to sell it then all participants, whether their submissions are used or not, will be entitled to a free copy of the PDF and a discount on the price of a printed copy if it's large enough to be worth printing. The 'winners' will also be credited in the front of the book.

Are You Really Going to Do This?
Possibly, if I get a good selection of stuff that sparks my imagination. If I don't see anything that appeals, or don't get enough entries, or I'm suddenly distracted by something shiny, then I might not.

Can I Play Too?
I'm deliberately not running this as a contest because of the current glut of them, but if anyone else does want to take part then let me know. So long as I get a broad enough selection of regular entries to make plenty of different combinations, I'll then provide some random mix-and-matches for anyone who wants one. That's why I want people to whisper their entries - so that nobody who decides to join in knows for sure what they'll be getting. A word of warning though: there will be no judging and no winners except what the participants arrange amongst themselves. If you want to join in then think of it as an exercise or a very weird workshop, not a contest.

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