Hey, Finns of Gaming, my friend Myles has just moved to Helsinki. We've been friends since we were teenagers and he wants to get his game on. He thinks he's gonna teach you guys something!

I'd love to whisper you his email address if you're there or know someone who is!


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    Man when it said fin force I was thinking about some sort of elite fish commando squad.

    But yeah, good luck finding players.
  • I know some fine gamers in Helsinki, would be happy to put Myles in touch with a selection. What sort of games does he like?

    Also, there's Ropecon at the end of July, the definitive convention for meeting Finnish roleplayers. I'll be there, for starters.
  • Excellent! I'll point him thereat!

    I don't know when the last time was that he played — we've been separated by a continent for several years now — but he's excited to play Shock: It's all about the big ideas for him. He's insanely creative.

    Whisper follows.

  • Well shucks, I was hoping for a thread brainstorming Finnish superheroes.

  • Finnish superheroes can listen to heavy metal and look cool in the eye of the majority. Man! Talk about a real superpower!
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