Design Contest; The Long Stair

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Hey Everyone,

Hey Everyone, another Design Contest Here.

The Judge will be me, the reward will be fame, and the content well, I got that in spades.

That's over 118 pages and a slim wiki of a setting rift for the long stairs, most of it in the form of imaginary communication in the American 'Long Stairs' program. The World as we know it is a fragile place. And worse, when it breaks there's somewhere else beyond it, some where just too weird for people to know about or deal with. Those who know about it variously call it the Basement, Downstairs, or even the "Subterrestial Operational Theater".

So time give it a go, The only reward I have to give is myself (and vicariously my group) , as a playtester for one game of your choice that your working on. Post links to your submissions (In PDF/Word/Blog form) by the end of July, and questions in this thread please.

How i'm going to rate the material I get if any.

/20 Marks for awesomeness
/20 Marks for fidelity to source material

So Do it for glory, playtesting, and honour . GO GO GO!


  • Is there a compelling reason, uh, not to use D&D?

  • Woah... no offense dude, but if I have to read 118 pages to take part in a contest... that puts me off instantly, even before I look at the links!

  • If your not movivated to use the content, that's fine don't participate.

    and the compelling reason not to use dnd, is that Dnd doesn't seem to do it well. While certain aspects owe alot to dnd, theirs alot of sci-fi themes (aliens, body invasion/horror, etc) and modern themes (subjective reality, guns) that Dnd doesn't do well.
  • Can you point to some AP that shows D&D not working? Just curious as to how and why.

  • I can point to my own trying to use Dnd that Frustrated me with its non fidelity and its poor use of many things.

    So yeah no AP,
  • Not really relevant, but "The Long Stair" reminds me of some sf story I read in the distant past about a completed Tower of Babel, and the various people living on, in, and around it.
  • I can see the simularity, babel was surposed to have basically everything mankind had to offer up til that point (and only a little bit stretching to say beyond that point) which is kinda some of the vibe you can get from Long Stair
  • Posted By: Logos7I can point to my own trying to use Dnd that Frustrated me with its non fidelity and its poor use of many things.

    So yeah no AP,
    Okay, if you do want to give specifics of your play, and what went wrong, I'm pretty interested in the contest. But if you don't, I think it's a mug's game, and will bow out.

  • You misread me, I tried to hack this to dnd for a couple of hours and after being extremely frustrated, I stopped.

    There is no P to AP with.

    If its a mug's game then thank you for your interest, the door is that way.
  • I suspect the extreme presence of guns & other real-world tech wouldn't combine so well with D&D, at least the current incarnation thereof.

    I don't see any compelling reason why d20 Modern/Urban Arcana, Savage Worlds, or Awesome Adventures wouldn't be good fits. Maybe a reskinning of Donjon.
  • so, wouldn't it make more sense to post this at rpgnet? perhaps in the threads in question?

  • If I wanted a Hack for Savage Worlds, Modern/Urban Arcana, or Awesome Adventures

    But yeah I dont.

    Common Guys where the hell is your system matters spirit, no more post telling me how much more productive this thread would be if it was Not In Your Back Yard. If no one else wants to play that's fine. But I thought I might have some takers who for nothing else may be interested in the easy to wrangle playtest promise for a prize.
  • Uh, I don't know what you want. How's this: I had forgotten about the setting, and this thread inspired me to write a hack for basic D&D?

  • Okay guys you fucking win

    I give up,

    Sink this thread

    ~By the way what I wanted was to hold a design contest/show and tell arround this really nifty thing I found, you know what i wrote in the first fucking post. Thanks for the threadcrapping. Really I appreciate it.
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