Jason Morningstar completes cancer ride


  • Although this guy deserves plenty of congratulations, I don't think he is who you think he is.
  • Wait...

    Are you saying that not one but two men going by the awesome name of "Jason Morningstar" could be simultaneously alive in this very world? Bullshit...
  • Everyone has an Internet doppleganger. Everyone. Somewhere out there is a dude named Teddy Roosevelt who is pissed that that other guy steals all the Google ranking.
  • For several years, I was a lecturer at the Yale School of Art. At the same time, there was a student there named Joshua Newman. I used to get his emails all the time. On occasion, I'd get actual mail or phone calls for him.

    That guy and I have been seriously fighting for Google ranking for eight years. And I mean seriously. As in, we're both self-employed and trade on our names. We're both in media, if different kinds. We're even both in marketing, though different aspects.

    More than once, I have been challenged to find and kill him so that I might eat his liver to gain his power. But he lives in New York and I'm always too busy when I'm there to hunt a man.

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    Posted By: Joshua A.C. NewmanThat guy and I have been seriously fighting for Google ranking foreight years.And I mean seriously. As in, we're both self-employed and trade on our names. We're both in media, if different kinds. We're even both inmarketing, though different aspects.
    And don't even start with A.C. Newman.
  • Man, how the **** did you beat all the other Clintons and Nixons like this?! °__°
  • Because google gives much credence to words that appear close to one another, and for the other presidents, or anywhere that compares them, there's more distance between the names.
  • Speaking of google wars, till people probably voted me down because I had nothing to do with the TV show, I had a top 2-6 position on google for "CSI Games". Got about 60-80 hits a day from people looking for the video games.
  • There's a young actor named Brennan Reece whom I've befriended on facebook. He even looks like me when I was younger. Poor kid doesn't have much to look forward to.
  • I tried writing to mine too!
    Fucker didn't reply back!
    A.C. Newman, if you wanna track this guy down, I'm in.
    But we do it my way.
  • I got one of the dumbest emails I've ever gotten from someone asking if I was A. C. Newman. It was what we call "marginally literate".

  • I was so relieved when Tony Dowler changed the name of his up and coming band from "The Tony Dowler Band" to "Tony Dowler and his Hellhounds." I hear his guitar riffing is something excellent.
  • Once your "Twenty Dollar" nickname finally sticks, you won't have to worry about them anymore.
  • There are about a dozen Michael Erb's that pop up online all the time. One is a physicist in Germany who wins awards for his work with soundwaves. Another is a police chief somewhere in New York state. Then there is a retired guy down in Florida who writes online about how much he loves his wife. None of them are me.
  • Posted By: Steve SegedyEveryone has an Internet doppleganger. Everyone.
    Apparently, I used to be the top scoring soccer player at a high school in Illinois. Otherwise, every google search for my real name seems to really be me. ("Mr. Teapot" seems duplicated all over the place, unsurprisingly.)
  • Okay, so now I want to know: Why does the story-games.com version of Jason Morningstar hate cancer victims so much? Why wasn't it him who was out there grinding out miles on a bike to raise some money?

    Jason Morningstar, how could you?

  • I don't have an internet doppleganger.


    bwa ha hahahaha!

    Uh, no ok, I just have an unusual name and a *very* unusual surname. Apparently there's a guy in Brazil that's called just like me, but he does not show up on a which google search :)
  • I am almost all of the top ten hits, but there's a PhD in Florida and a JD somewhere that get in the (web) news enough to get high hits.

    I am the only David Carle Artman in the WORLD! But I don't use my full name on every single thing I ever post or publish (unfortunately). Y'see, Carle is a last name--Welsh.
  • My Internet doppelganger is a newspaper.
  • I have hundreds and hundreds of Internet doppelgangers, and many of them are my friends on Facebook.
  • Posted By: David ArtmanI am the only David Carle Artman in the WORLD!
    You need a middle name to disambiguate your internet presence?

    Man, how do people even live like that?

    ps. While my name is unique so far as I know, I do look like lots of people. I have been mistaken for pre-accident Stephen King and for a popular bowling columnist in my hometown. This columnist's sudden and very public firing from his column made me the befuddled target of many indignant well-wishers around the town. Got free beer out of it once tho, so I guess it comes out even.
  • I was surprised when I signed up here to find that there was already a ColinC. Damn you, Cummins!
  • Even on Page 12 of Google, all the Mike Reeves-McMillans are still me.

    I'm unusually Googleable.
  • This is the oddest - there are 'copies' of both my wife AND I in our city. Same names, same spellings. And the city isn't that large. I have a very unusual last name for this area too.
  • Ha, my vanity search turns up only one Paul Beakley -- me -- on the first several pages. I really am a unique snowflake!

    There are some very interesting and weird sites out there where my name has propagated. Most interesting is unjobs.org: it features a fairly comprehensive list of all my kinds of published work in one place -- RPG work, business work, magazine articles, press releases, wow. I'm usually very careful to quarantine my various professional personae online, but it looks like the web outsmarted me!

  • I used to own my name on google. Then sites like LinkedIn and YouTube began to have entries for "Guy Shalev", and they seem to have this system where they rank higher on google...
  • In spite of the name Thor, Which I loose to a comic book every time, my full name Thor Hansen looses to a paleontology professor from Yale and a professional Poker player
  • Oh please. Don't even get me started.

    "Well, Mister Wilson, looks like there's a warrant for your arrest in Colfax."

    "Colfax? I don't even know where that is."

    "Can you step out of the car please?"
  • I share my name with a Chicago alderman and an Albuquerque poet-artist, but I'm totally dominating the google rankings between the three of us. It helps to be the youngest of the trio and the first to jump on the Facebook /username land run. There's a dude named Brian Solis who also works in social media though. He and Hilda Solis beat me easily for Solis searches.
  • I have friends named Pete and Maggie Solis. Their child is Alex, but they might have another one. I'm gonna pay them to name him Daniel just to fuck with you.

    ... wait, I know Daniels. I could pay them to change their last names. All of their last names.

  • I thought this thread was about my Ribbon Drive mix tape.

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