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Hey Everyone,

Just watched Push, and I thought it was really decent, kinda like a jumper done right. What do you all think of it, and have any of you either A> Run across the Push freeform's that are cropping up in a few places or B> had ideas for a push hack/game.


  • This is probably not the Push I'm thinking of. Is it a movie or what?
  • Movie, superheroes, conspiracy, action, Dakota Fenning.

    I also thought it'd be about the magazine.
  • Thunder_god more or less hit it on the head.
  • I just ran a game based on Push at DexCon 12 using my system, Pareidolix, and it worked out.
  • nice, care to link to Ap?

    Is pareidolix actually public domain? The Wikipedia article says it is, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Would you provide sauce as they say?
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    Huh. It is public domain, but that doesn't help anyone if it's not out there. I wasn't really using the website I had for it, so I let the registration lapse.

    Anyway, here's the deal. It's currently in its second version, but I haven't gotten around to making a document yet. So even if the original pdf does exist somewhere out there on the internet, it's most certainly not up to date. If you whisper me your email, I can shoot you a copy of the original, with an explanation of the changes, or just describe the procedures, since they're not that complicated.

    As to AP for that session, I haven't written one up. I'm actually not sure where to post general AP these days.
  • I'm really charged up about Clint Krause's Epiphany Engine games, Bizenghast and Empire of Dust. I haven't seen anything but the trailers for PUSH, but I'm betting either one of those games could cover it.
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