Go Play Portland, anyone??

Caesar_X 15 hours ago
Actually I'm thinking of flying to Portland for the vintage car races in two weeks.

Go Play Portland, anyone??


  • GoPlayPDX does a monthly (-ish) event that we call Go Play Southeast (meaning SE Portland). The next one isn't scheduled; if you want to work something out you might hop over to the forum over there.
  • Oh cool, thanks!

    I've been trying to get into the GPPDX forum and am seeing connection problems. But I'll keep trying.
  • Yeah, it looks broke today. I've been trying too. But yes, like Mike says! We've yet to schedule an event for July; what's the date of the car races?
  • The 10th-12th, during which I think I'll be in New Orleans. Boo! I demand that the rest of you have an extremely excellent time and make me gnaw my hand with jealousy.
  • The car races are during the day Sat-Sun the 11th-12th.

    So saturday night and especially Friday night would be great for me for gaming.

    Again, still trying to figure out my schedule and if I can make it up there.

    But I've never been to Portland before!
  • OK, the GPPDX forum's back up, and I started a discussion over there. I see the choice as being between: having one of our big monthly gamedays to coincide with your crossing our Rubicon (couldn't resist), or just inviting you into a pickup game that weekend if you make it down. Honestly, since we like to start our shindigs in the afternoon (i.e. during the races), the latter would be best for an evening game.

    Either way you're welcome! Come down, and one way or another we'll hook you up!

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