Danger Patrol: Terror of the Stygians

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I will post a longer report later today, when they stop asking me to do the work they pay me to do. Come on!

But for the moment, I thought I'd share a little snippet of last night's game:

This Summer, Brennan Taylor is Raygun Annie

Crazy dice results. These guys rarely rolled anything less than a 4 for the first 45 minutes. Then their luck flip-flopped.

More soon!


  • All that work and no danger, Brennan.
  • He got his danger later on, basically all at once. Brennan created two total disasters in the space of about 5 minutes.

    And nobody wanted the busload of kids to crash into the new museum in a big and terrible fireball, so he sucked it up.
  • Okay, so here's how it went down, as well as I can remember.

    My prep was very similar to Jason's. I printed stuff out and cut things with scissors and dug out poker chips and found some kind of danger-looking d6s (they were actually orange which is more like safety, I guess).

    My story prep was this: hmm, it'd be cool if a giant robot was attacking the city. Maybe it damages the power plant and there's a race against time. And for smaller obstacles, stygian adepts on little hoverboard things. DONE.

    They started out at the dedication of a new museum and saw the robot, then "previously on!" Brennan narrated an arch enemy, some mysterious bounty hunter. Rich narrated Rocket City's own govt interfering with his research on some weird alien glyphs below the city. Gil narrated the recovery of some artifacts from Planet X.

    The video I shot of Brennan is an example of how everyone rolled for the first 45 minutes or so. They cleared out all the threats in maybe four rolls. The reactor? Major threat. Gil rolls six dice and gets 6 hits. Huh.

    In hindsight I probably should have wrapped up that scene and just called it good luck. put in an interlude so they could explore their characters a little. But they were game to keep going, so they ended up chasing after the retreating zeppelin.

    Then their luck changed.

    In the end, everyone was KO'ed, and Brennan's character, Raygun Annie, was trapped inside the rocket-schoolbus that she had managed to land without hurting the school kids and their puppies (Bring Your Puppy to School Day). Her threat, having mitigated the fiery explosion, was that she was trapped in the wreckage of the bus which was now on fire. Except everyone was unconscious. So she burns up into vapor. OR DOES SHE?

    Kind of a cool ending, Rocket City safe, but at such sacrifice from the heroes.

    My favorite moment as GM was probably when the Stygian pilot, at the opportunity to create a new threat, smashes a vial from his belt onto the control room floor, creating a mysterious inky cloud, out of which reaches some scary demon hand, clawing at Dr. Neutron.
  • We never had to deal with unconsciousness or death - how did you handle this? It was a little unclear to me.
  • I think all three KOs were a result of the character mitigating a total disaster. Which is kind of funny. Maybe Dr. Neutron's wasnt.

    So first Gil's character, Tennyson, tries a cool stunt to put out a raging fire on the zeppelin, which gets him a total disaster. I tell him that he miscalculates his attempt to turn the hydrogen into water and the hydrogen (Plutonian hydrogen, the most volatile element in the solar system) explodes, tearing up the zeppelin in a raging fireball. He mitigates and explains some science, but it's enough to push him into KO. Plus I tell him his new threat is that the blast knocks him out the window and he's plummeting to his death, unconscious.

    Dr. Neutron saves him, luckily. But Doc N has to attend to looming threats rather than try to revive poor Tennyson, who remains KO'd. I think an explorer roll to get someone conscious would be cool. Maybe professor to get a robot conscious. Just like first aid.

    Brennan's character, Raygun Annie, is trying to safely land the rocket bus and gets a total disaster as well. He mitigates the result I describe (mwahahaha) by saying that he smashes the bus into the ground head-on. The kids are all safe because of their very modern lap belts, but Annie takes the brunt of it.

    Neutron manages to keep the zeppelin from crashing into city hall, but it costs him enough danger to take the KO hit, so he can't save Annie.

    Right about then we had to wrap up and leave. We sort of decided that the other not-present members of DP would show up to help revive them. Maybe Annie, too, but maybe not! I might have opted for the write-in alternative to vaporized and had her mystically transported to Pluto or something. Then Brennan can create a new character who's part of the adventure to rescue her.
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    Maybe what you need is for Mick Jagg --- I mean, the Hive Mind Overlord of the Ultimate Void to freejack, er, I mean, use the Biodynamic Particulator to woosh Annie away at the last second. Thus the Hive Mind will have procured another physical body to infest with their sinister intelligence in order to further their plans.

    Anyway, you get the idea. What I'm getting from reading the various play threads for Danger Patrol is that, when characters actually are reaching the maximum mechanical penalty possible, vaporization, that the tendancy is to not consider it a permanent situation. Which of course totally fits in with the pulpiness. I wonder if a game of Danger Patrol where that was the hard limit to a character's life would have a considerably different feel?

    *edited to add: It's not just a mechanical penalty of course, it seems to be the harshest fictional penalty as well. The only alternative probably being letting something completely horrendous happen to the people you're trying to protect. Which, yeah, is probably something most of us consider a worse fictional alternative to our own character's demise.
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    Awesome. Brennan's enthusiasm shines through on that video. Thanks for doing that, Matt.
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