+[ENnies] What would you have liked to get a Nomination?

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Hey, let's have a positive thread about what didn't get nominated at the ENnies and you think should have.

There's only so many slots in the categories, and they have to cover a wide array of tastes. Anyway, here's three from me.

Under My Skin by Emily Care Boss. It's too ahead of its time to get nominated I think, but if one day a JEEP game gets nominated it's because Em blazed a trail in the US.

Lovecraftian Tales from the Table by the people at Yog-Sothoth.com -- a DVD of some classic Call of Cthulhu adventures recorded in play. The quality of this fan product is excellent, but it doesn't fit easily into categories. It feels like there should almost be an audio/visual category to capture podcasts and things like this.

Sweet Agatha by Kevin Allen Jr, was the freshest gaming-related thing I saw all year. It's slick and sexy, and breaks out of the standard way we expect rules and text to be done.

So, what have you got on your lists?


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    And don't limit yourself to just the games. Game-related products and podcasts should be fair game too. A lot of time lists like these are a great way to learn about things that have slipped under the radar.


    Edit: Lovecraftian Tales from the Table is an excellent example of this.
  • Master Plan.
  • Mutant City Blues would be on my list. It's a new direction for supers and it's got the Quade diagram.
  • Ditto Master Plan, for sure.
  • I have no idea if it was submitted, but I'd have thought How to Host a Dungeon would be a shoe-in for the cartography category.
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    Yeah, How to Host would also have been an awesome item in the "Regalia" category, or maybe aid or accessory.

    Have I pimped my latest "HtHaD" map recently?

    (hmmm... this might be a bit big...)

    Death of the Liche Lord
  • Posted By: Clyde L. RhoerMaster Plan.
    Posted By: ElizabethDitto Master Plan, for sure.
    Wow. I really appreciate that, and am honored by you both. I was kinda bummed when it wasn't, but even so, I think of a vote for The Voice as partly a vote for Master Plan, since I produce both.

    But, plug aside, wow. Thank you. :)

    I wonder if How to Host a Dungeon got submitted last year. Remember, not everything is up for an ENnie -- just what publishers submit (and also in whatever categories they select for their submissions).
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