[FreeMarket, Project Donut] Site down ?

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I've been really really keeping an eye on the website and Facebook group... I wanted more than cute art, vague interviews and source of inspirations. I want a game to play the Schismatrix dammit! I'm anxious and feverish like a soldier wife waiting for mail. And now the site is down ? You want me to cry ?


  • Jared said he might run it at Origins. Anyone know if he did?
  • Something went wrong on the back back end. We're working on getting it cleared up.

  • I can't wait for an AP report from Origins then !
  • I'd really like to play FreeMarket. It's the other first science fiction RPG!

    If you're all antsy, you can pre-order Shock:1.2 and get a PDF to hold you off until FreeMarket is on the free market. It's also Schismatrix-compatible!

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    We're back.

    Joshua, you are SHAMELESS. Next time you do a promotion, I'm going to spam you with links to FreeMarket.
  • Joshua, do you have any information on Burning Rubber? I'd like to play a hack of it with my awesome, upcoming game, Misspent Youth.
  • Ha! This sounds like a set up to a conflict in FreeMarket. Luke, you could always give Joshua a frownie.
  • I did run FreeMarket at Origins for a fun little crew of madmen and madwomen from the Ninth Level crew. They made a MRCZ of video gamers whose mission was to get high scores in all the retro video games on the space station. There was a tense stand-off with a rival over a coin-op Mr. Do's Castle.

    Holy shit I posted!
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