[Lady Blackbird] New Player Character!

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My younger daughter (just 12) asked me to run Lady Blackbird for her friends at her birthday party tonight. Crisis! we need six PCs!

Fortunately, John Harper provided all we needed in the version 06.19.09 of LB, to create new PCs. So with judicious cut-and-paste I present the bold explorer and newest crew member of the Owl, Seraphina Wright:

Seraphina Wright


Curious, Aware, Nimble, Hardy, Ancient Lore, Languages, Ruins,
Monsters, Myths, Maps

Brave, Daring, Heroic, Rescue, Falling, Fire, Reckless, Explosions,
Escapes, Outnumbered, [Underdog]

Gunnery, Aim, Cargo, Supplies, First Aid, The Owl, [Boarding Action], [Maintenance], [Damage Control], [Observation],


The Key of the Traveler
You love exploring new places and meeting new people. Hit your
key when you share an interesting detail about a person, place, or
thing or when you go somewhere exciting and new.
Buyoff: Pass up the opportunity to see something new.

The Key of the Broker
You like to make deals and trade favors. Hit your key when you
bargain, make a new contact, or exchange a favor. Buyoff: Cut
yourself off from your network of contacts.

The Key of the Vow
You have a vow of personal behavior that you have sworn not to
break. Hit your key when your vow significantly impacts your
decisions. Buyoff: Break your vow.


The Secret of the Explorer
You’ve been all over the Blue, seen a lot of strange things. Once
per session, you can re-roll a failure when you’re dealing with local
customs or strange places. Requires: You’ve traveled from one
side of the Blue to the other.

The Secret of the Sky Song
You know how to call sky squid. Requires: You’ve trained with a
master of the Sky Song or have been dream-linked to a sky squid.

I'll let the player of this character come up with the nature of her Vow, and whether she learned the Sky Song from a master, or dream-bonded with a sky squid.

I'll post an AP after the game tonight.


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    12 year-old daughter + friends already more awesome than my university's student body.

    Just sayin'.
  • Somehow I missed this thread!

    That's great stuff, John. Your daughter is my hero.
  • Did you ever post an AP about this game, John P?
  • Wow, amazing.

    Your daughter knows about Lady Blackbird and asks you to run it at her birthday party?

    I can't get over how awesome that is.
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    Caesar_X (Chris) - No I'm lame and never got around to posting an AP. Remind me to tell you about it at GPNW this year!

    Paul T. - Thanks, both my girls are pretty awesome. I'm hoping this year this one will run a game herself at her party. We'll see!
  • Posted By: Nathan Wilson12 year-old daughter + friends already more awesome than my university's student body.

    Just sayin'.
    I went to UVic, too. Even without Lady Blackbird, I'd say a 12 year old is still more awesome than the student body there.
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