EndGame MiniCon - March 15, 2008

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Saturday March 15, EndGame along with our sponsors, RPGnet present you with a full day of gaming goodness. Our last MiniCon was all the way back in October of 2007, so that should have been more than enough time for you guys to get the Gaming Jones going. Let's scratch that itch, shall we?

We are currently on the hunt for GMs willing to run their favorite games in 4 hour sessions. The only criteria we have is that the game must currently be in print. We do that so if there is a new player at the table who gets excited...they can actually find a readily available copy.

Here is the convention schedule:


Plan for up to 6 players per gaming session. There are 6 tables available per time slot, so email now to sign up to run a game! Players, check the current list of scheduled games. (We will update it often as we get closer to the big day.) As we get GM's signed up, we will be posting game's and their time slot. It will be first come, first serve. Players, there will be a $3 fee per time slot, with GM getting store credit for running the game.

A few notes about the store in case you haven't been here before.
- We have 1,400 sq. ft. of purely dedicated gaming space. We keep it separate from the sales floor so you can get you game on without any interruptions.
- On the weekend we offer free parking. As we are given the space, we don't control when it opens...but that happens by 11am. We have clear directions with the location of the lot on our homepage. Have a glance there to get some free parking for this event, or any others we offer on the weekends.
- We are within walking distance of several highly rated restaurants. That makes for good eats, and good gaming.

All details can be found at: http://endgameoakland.com/minicon

Anywho, come on down...we look forward to having you.

Chris Hanrahan
Marketing/Events Coordinator


  • If you're even remotely in the Bay Area, you owe it to yourself to make it over to EndGame. It is by far the coolest game store I've been in, ever.
  • I totally agree. The EndGame Minicons are awesome and the staff is very happy to make space for all kinds of fun games. I'll be in Florida that weekend and it makes me cry...
  • I'll be skiing that weekend and it makes me cry.
  • Let me be the first (not counting Chris) to chime in saying that I will be there. Maybe I'll even GM something this time. *gasp*
  • Let me be the first (not counting Chris and Ryan) to say I'm planning on being there. I've got to hammer out my schedule, but if there's still space I'll definitely be running something (In A Wicked Age probably), even though it's my very first time going!
  • I think I'll run some SotC or other goodness :)

    But, that Caesar X and Paul T won't be there makes me want to cry ... ;)
  • All this love!

    I AM crying!


  • Nancy's busy on her own thing all day that day... so count me in!
  • Endgame's a cool game store and their minicons are a lot of fun. I'll be running Monsters and Other Childish Things at 10 and Dogs in the Vineyard at 3 (I usually run Dogs first, but this time it's available for late risers!), and have a friend flying in for the con.
  • I thought I would bump this. We still have a couple morning and evening slots open if anyone wanted to drop on in and run some games. Many of the other slots are filling up in terms of players.

    Good Roster this time too.


    - EndGame
  • I signed up to run In A Wicked Age and a retro pulp sci-fi Spirit of the Century.

    Penn, I almost asked this in email, but thought it might be helpful public info. When does the store open on Sat for people to start showing up? And since it's before 11am, do you have any suggestions on parking locations?
  • Alvin,

    I will open the doors at 9.30. Parking is pretty much on street, until our parking opens up. That's about the best I got ;)

  • now I really regret that I am in the area now and not in two weeks.
  • Posted By: oliofnow I really regret that I am in the area now and not in two weeks.
    Perhaps work will send you back another time ;)
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    Breaking news! And boy howdy, is this cool! Our friends over at Evil Hat Productions have chosen our MiniCon do do something pretty darn nifty. At our MiniCon you will be able to pre-order the very first Spirit of the Century supplement: Spirit of the Season. Why is this cool? Because as you pre-order, we will hand you an EHP fully authorized CD with a PDF of SOTS on it. So, pre-order from us, get a PDF of the book gratis from Evil Hat on the spot. How cool is that? I will have a printout of the book on hand (also sanctioned by EHP) for you to glance through. Good times!

    That, and we have 12 games on the schedule now...and they are 'a fillin' fast :)

    Our MiniCon Homepage

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