[3:16] Spades and Chalk on Planet Dürer

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OK, I posted an AP on the Forge of last night's 3:16 game.

It was a fun game, with Per and Pooka playing the Troopers and me GMing.

Per played Sergeant Spades and was 6/4 in favour of NFA. Pooka had Corporal Chalk and was 7/3 on FA. Chalk went with the E-cannon and Spades took a Slug Rifle.

I had 10 Threat Tokens for the planet and we had scenes in between the encounters as well as role-playing during the encounters, so we finished play at 11pm having started at maybe 8.

Anyway, Per/Pooka, anything you want to add?


  • Total pay-off. Very enjoyable and just as good as you'd expect from reading the rules. I think this game totally targets a (story)gamer sweet spot with both prep, subject matter, character development, weapons, playing time, campaign style, the works.

    I tried to play Spades as an incompetent coward, and I think it worked. But why is he a coward? Will he learn? Will he end up as a senior officer or die face down in the mud shot by his own men? Only play will tell.

    Gregor? You have a winner.
  • Thanks Per!

    I remembered a really great line from the game after I posted, and I think it ties in with your cowardly character.

    In the encounter when you succeeded at Far and then changed range out of the encounter, you really left Corporal Chalk in the crapper. He was, in the fiction, down a canyon, lost and separated from the squad as well as getting killed by my aliens. He ended up the only one capable of removing Threat Tokens and was soon Crippled and without Armour. You were sitting pretty in your cave out of the encounter. Pooka really was considering getting a new character, when he somehow turned it around with the dice rolls and set off on a killing spree.

    After the encounter your Sergeant was in communication with the Lieutenant on the ship off-planet. Pooka leaned over as Corporal Chalk and whispered, just barely loud enough for us all to hear, "Do that again... and I'll kill ya." Brilliant.

    Your reaction was priceless.

    Didn't get picked up on the comms as he wasn't wearing a MandelBrite suit (I had a funny mental image of him in his rubber under-suit and giant mechanized boots -- a bit like a Tank Girl drawing or something.)
  • Gregor, I'm really liking everything I've read about 3:16 so far. I'm hoping to get into a game at Gen Con to see it up close!
  • Yes! I'll have some AT-43 minis with me expressly for the purpose of some 3:16 gaming.

    Also, my buddies Paul and Shannon will be there from Seattle. Paul was a playtest GM and Shannon, sweet as she is, was Dog's player (!) in my games of it in Edinburgh. So, I'm sure it will be going on during the con.

    I hope to get a Solipsist game going too.
  • So, 3:16 is great.

    It is. Seriously. I'm not partial to the genre, and was therefore skeptical of the game's chances of grabbing me, but it really, really impressed me. The mechanics cause a lovely push-pull between players (OMG PvP!) that drives excellent, dramatic story.

    I loved Per's portrayal of Spades, the incompetence and cowardice really shined through - also the fact that he's exactly the sort of commanding officer that all the subordinates will hate, but from a player perspective he was an excellent foil for Chalk.

    I fully plan on picking up a copy ASAP - Gregor, if you can snag one at GenCon or something I'd be happy to buy a copy, otherwise it's just IPR, right?

    I have an excellent, evil idea for a planet. Not the specifics, which the game will decide, but the tone.

    Gregor, am I correct in thinking that the "Emotional Damage" system would also reflect psychological stresses, etc?
  • Thanks Pooka!

    Yes, E damage is all the emotional, exhaustive and psychological stress.

    The twist with E damage is that it ignores Armour, but you heal it all between encounters (well, OK, if you look carefully that's just one extra wound). And if you get killed with E damage then you are finished as a character.

    I really thought Chalk was going to buy it when Per bugged out of that encounter. But he turned out to be made of sterner stuff.
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