Fastaval 2009: Invitation to contribute

You are hereby invited to submit a game or scenario for Fastaval 2009, April 8 – 12, Århus, Denmark.
Contributions should be instructions for a game session for one or more participants of a duration no longer than the duration of Fastaval.

Register for participation by sending an email to rollespil at fastaval dot dk with the following information:
  • Title
  • Contact information (name, address, email)
  • Short description of contribution (max. 200 words)
Upon recieval of your registration, you will be sent an email with additional instructions.
Registration deadline: 25 October 2008.
Participants will be offerred assistance with concept development, play test and production. Contributions can be in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, or English.
Final submission deadline: 28 February 2009.
Fastaval reserves the right to reject submissions.


  • Do I read you correctly that you are looking for session design, not actual participation on-location?

    If so, that's a pretty interesting idea.
  • Check, you don't have to show up yourself. You provide written material for game masters to read and run the session by. However, you should be willing to answer questions by email and you may have to do some additional advertising to have people volunteer to run your game.
  • That is an interestingly pro-active way of doing things!

    Do you have any special preferences about the sort of games your audience likes? Like, should they be larps, tabletop, boardgames? Genre preferences? Traditional or experimental designs?
  • No preferences. Anything goes as long as it can fit within the physical boundaries.
  • I sent a scenario to last year's Fastaval; it ended up being read and played by two groups. Everyone got the rules, but not in advance, and apparently there was some confusion in one of the groups as to what they were supposed to do with the (GM-less) scenario, because there was nobody present to tell them what to read and how to start. In hindsight I think the players would have had a smoother play experience if I'd been there personally to start the event - although they did have a good time, and got all the material for the game.

    This is not a slur on Fastaval; my experience with Norwegian cons show that if the designer is not personally present, players often don't even receive the game, and walk away assuming the event has been canceled. I think it's just a fact of life that if you want control of the play experience, you need to understand the context your game is being played in - and without being present at the location, that's a hard thing to do.
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    One game off for Fastaval. Good luck! :-)
  • Tomas: Thanks, that's definately the fastest response ever. I'll get back to you on the details.

    Matthijs: Yes, it's an art form to create a game that can run without the designer being present and with no one in charge. It has been done, but you need to be very explicit in your text. The traditional approach is that people can volunteer as GM (for a symbolic entry discount) and get a copy of the scenario/game three weeks before the convention. They read the stuff and are responsible for running the game at the convention. Usually, the designer plus a number of his friends who may have playtested the game runs the game as well. And sometimes the designer do a common briefing of all participants.

    Last year, I deliberately designed Montsegur 1244 as a no prep no GM straight from the box game. But I did do a common briefing and was present for questions (playing in one of the games).
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    This is a lovely offer. And I've heard it is a great con.

    I didn't see the email at first, but do now. I'll send them info about Under my Skin. I hope that fits the bill.
  • Bumping this thread - still a few more days to the deadline. I've got contributions from Tomas and Emily - feel free to join in.
  • Well, I'll be joining with a scenario or two - but then again I've attended Fastaval quite a few times.

    Anyone else coming up with something?
  • Ok, deadline has now passed. Thanks for all the interesting contributions from all of you - it will certainly be a very good and varied selection of games available at Fastaval 2009. Don't miss it.
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