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Grindhouse Game Contest

Ok, I'm starting a new game design contest. Write a game based on a category of exploitation or grindhouse movies in (about) the next two weeks. Entries are due by the end of the Halloween weekend. The winning entry will be selected by a most-likely horribly biased panel of judges, thick with the toxicity of status. The winner will receive a movie from the category that he or she chose. Below I've listed categories of different types of exploitation films, along with examples of posters and movie lists, where I could find them. If you have any other suggestions for categories, or anything else about the contest, let me know. Otherwise, if you're in, tap in here.

For a pretty comprehensive article on exploitation films, check out wikipedia [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exploitation_film]. For movie poster inspiration, check out http://weirdposters.blogspot.com/. All links have definate NSFW potential.

I'll be making another post closer to the end of the contest with more specifics about submissions, but for now lets just say that it has to be either a txt file or a pdf,  and it must be about at least one of the categories below.


Note: Fuck CC-Attribution Creative Commons License


  • Oh my god! Awesome. I think I'm in.

  • Just what I need a new contest
  • I'm totally down with making a Luchadore game!
  • Man...wow. My favorite directors are Dario Argento and Mario Bava. I was born for this.
  • I'm down, aside from the mandatory CC requirement. What's that about? Are you hoping to collect these into a single PDF or something?
  • I was leaving it open to the possibility, but I suppose if it would restrict participation, I could drop that restriction. If I wanted to collect them in a pdf or whatever, with no profit, is there a better license? Or should I just say CC-license would be awesome, but not necessary.
  • I can finally write my magnum opus WiP melodrama, "Bitches in Heat."
  • I like Luchadores too - I just rented a double feature of Santos' later films.

    I don't have a problem with having the system being open - I think that's important - but not the presentation and other content. (I think that restriction is important too, because it gives people incentive to create adjuncts and derivatives.) In other words, similar to the D20 license, but without being revocable. Is there something already out there like that?

    If you just want to collect them as a pdf, you don't need an open license of any kind - all you need to do is require first publication rights as a condition of entering. That's the standard way short stories are published in magazines and collections. The author keeps the copyright and can do with it what he or she wants afterward.
  • Four words: CAN YOU DIG IT?

    Shit, dog. I'm in. I pledge my game will be constructed around my love of shitty apocolypstic grindhouse movies, with copious Misfits references.
  • CC-attribution means anyone can use them, for any purpose, until the end of time, by simply sticking the author's name on whatever they're doing with it. In my mind, that seems overkill for the purpose you want here. Could you just be like, "I plan to combine all submissions into a single free PDF and anyone who wants to opt out of that should say so when they submit their entry?" In my experience with cooperative projects like this, putting as few mandatory restrictions as possible on them is the way to go.
  • Definetly count me in. And I already have a title : THE HARD WAY
  • "Fuck a Nun in 24 Hours... OR DIE" is on its way.
  • Posted By: Jonathan Walton"I plan to combine all submissions into a single free PDF and anyone who wants to opt out of that should say so when they submit their entry?"
  • Bret, don't drop the ball on this one.
    i have fifteen interested players lined up camping outside my door for the epic FANI24H...OD campaign that i've got brewing.
    if you let me down, that means you let THEM down...
    and they kill me.

    so please.
  • I'm two pages into my game now:

    Yellow. It's a GM-less game in the spirit of such Giallo classics as as "Don't Look Now" and "The Stendhal Syndrome."
  • Outstanding, I love Dario Argento. I can't wait.
  • Matt, do the Hammer films count? I want to do one inspired by Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter.

    Also, I've got a system designed especially for Spaghetti Westerns. It wouldn't do to enter in the contest since I designed it at a prior time, but I'd be glad to send it to you if you want. And if you do the PDF anthology thing, I'd be glad to let you put it in there too.
  • Hammer Horror would definately count, I'll toss it into the list, and put a link or two.

    As far as the pdf anthology, that'd be awesome. Let me take this chance to say that I looked through your blog a while ago, and loved pretty much everything. GRiM looked good, especially with a new Castlevania game coming out.
  • Posted By: Marshall BurnsMatt, do the Hammer films count? I want to do one inspired byCaptain Kronos: Vampire Hunter.
    Damn, Marshall. Are we long-lost brothers? Caroline Munro is great in that film.
  • Wow. I might give this a whirl.
  • Matt, thanks! I'm really excited about GRiM, even if there's a majorly important part of it that I can't figure out how to do yet (if I can get something with the effect of Duel of Wits from BW but without dice and stats, I'll be golden).

    Brennen, get out of my head!
  • Ooh! Looks fun!

    Looks like so much fun I'm even contemplating criss-crossing genres!
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    So I made up a cover, it's a little cheesy, but I think it fits the genre...

  • Alexandre. You win. You win so. fucking. hard.
  • Posted By: KobayashiSo I made up a cover, it's a little cheesy, but I think it fits the genre...

    Is that Fred Muthafuckin' Williamson?
  • Yes from One down, two to go.

    Thanks Jarrod, but wait 'til you read the game though ^^ (and this cover needs some blood stains)
  • Yeah, that's looking super awesome. I want to set aside a little time next week for another playtest of my non-entry, Doctor Kill!, aka 13 attempts to build the perfect girl.
  • This is a cool idea, so I thought I'd add some incentive. The winner chosen by reaction will also get a free cover illustration inspired by their entry. Full color and all that jazz.
    Carry on.
  • A quick heads-up, roughly 4 days left to work on your entry, plenty of time for anybody that still wants to get in on this.
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    Ok, the Hard Way ! is over. Just a quick proofread tomorrow and I'll make it available (or do I send it to you Matt ?)

    It's a 15 pages long pdf. Now I can resume working on my *real* projects.
  • I'm still refining my idea, this is going to be a close one. Hopefully layout won't be a judging factor :)
  • You can just make it available, since for the second stretch of time in this 2 week contest, my internet connection is down.

    Layout's not a judging factor, as far as I'm concerned.
  • Ok, the game is available here, hope you'll enjoy it !
  • *whew* I'm finally underway and since its a light game I think I'll make it in time! Here is a one line promo and cheezy graphic:

    Bad Moon: a lighthearted roleplaying game about five brothers, in this case undead luchador spirits, and their ultimate destiny.

    Its inspired rather openly by the ideas behind the Angel episode The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco, but taken in another direction entirely. :D
  • PDF of Bad Moon is here

    Still quite rough, but hey its barely over 5 hours old :)
  • Both entries are awesome. I'm still accepting entries up until tomorrow, for people that aren't around oon the weekends. I finally got an hour to rewrite the majority of my game again today, and I guess I should put my money where my mouth is, Doctor Kill!.
  • I totally whiffed this contest -- blame Fallout3.

    Awesome idea, though, and I may post up my notes just for laffs.

  • Damn, too bad. Definitely post your notes though, I'll laugh.
  • I've got that Spaghetti Western system all written up nice & ready to go. Where should I put it?

    Unfortunately, I spent all my time working on that, so I never got any work done on my actual submission to the contest...
  • f you have a spot to host it you can whisper or post a link, otherwise just e-mail it to mastersofevil@gmail.com
  • As I crank out a complete (there are missing parts) playtest draft of Bad Moon, I put up a site here: Bad Moon.
  • Outstanding. As I'm currently in the process of getting soundly thrashed by Nanowrimo, some form of election fever, another writing project, and a new job, it may be a bit before I announce the winner. I'll still try to make the announcement sometime this month, but it might be the beginning of December.
  • Any news ?
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    Yes, news. I was hoping to wait until I had finished my move (this Saturday) to get this wrapped up, but I might as well make a big to-do right now. After reading through the entries, and conferring with my panel of judge, Kobayashi's The Hard Way has been named the winner!! Whisper me with a mailing address and I'll get your prize to you.
  • Wow, that's cool ! Thank you.
  • Congrats Kobayashi!
  • Thanks ! And many thanks to Rafael Chandler for his Disciple 12 rules, without him, the game would have never seen the light of day !
  • :)

    Congratulations, Kobayashi! You are a bad Mofo, no foolin'. Jive turkeys best beware.
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