Fastaval 2009: Under My Skin Wins Audience Award

At Fastaval 2009, Århus, Denmark, Emily Care Boss won the Audience Award for Under My Skin. Three groups played it Friday night and enjoyed it so much that Emily could get a golden statue to carry home to the States (link to picture).

Congratulations to Emily - we are so happy to have you here with us this year.


  • Congrats, Em! That is so cool.
  • Holy crap, that's fantastic news!
  • Congratulations! Well friggin' done!
  • Yay Emily!
  • Furthermore, Under My Skin was nominated for Best Story.
  • Rad!

    Semi-related: I had a chance to witness the brilliance of Ms. Care Boss's design when I played BtI w/ my "non-gamer" girlfriend this weekend. It was great. This woman is one of our stars.
  • Congrats, Emily :) I'd hoped to be able to play UMS at Knutepunkt, but I think it crashes with the book panel, and I sort of have to be at that one...
  • Fantastic news and very, very deserved. UMS is a fantastic game that delivers morally-knotty, gut-punching, subtle-play-encouraged goods.
  • Congratulations, Emily!

    Seth Ben-Ezra
    Great Wolf
  • Congrats, Emily

    It was fun seeing you being called to the scene. Also congrats on the nomination.
  • For those who were not there, I might mention the variety-show-style 3-minute dramatization of the UMS game, performed by three actors on stage during the Otto Awards dinner. Parody: the ultimate recognition.
  • And Frederik, Morten and Olle are too modest to mention that they all contributed to The Empire, a collection of short-form scenarios that won the Jury's Special Award at Fastaval. Frederik and Morten's contributions were very much small story games.
  • I played Under My Skin at Dreamation this year. It is a wonderful game. Congratulations, Em.
  • Thank you so much! It was a real honor to even be nominated, much less to win an award. I am so grateful to the Danish National Role Play Association for bringing me over, and for the folks at Fastaval for watching out for me and being willing to try out my game.

    And, the real winners may be all of us. There were so many amazing games run at that con. And miraculously Luisa Carbonelli has spear-headed a movement to begin their translation into English, starting with those that won the Otto. I am (almost?) literally drooling at the prospect of being able to read and play Dyst; Intet Hjem, Tusind Stjerner, Imperiet and others in English.

    Dyst combines freeform role play in a chivalric fantasy setting, with boardgame elements for Knights' tourneys that spill out and affect the rest of play. Intet Hjem, Tusind Stjerner or (No Home -- A Thousand Stars) is a live scenario for almost 40, playing refugees in a search for a new home between the stars. Imperiet is a collection of 12 scenarios written in the Warhammer universe. I don't think I've laughed that much in the last 6 months as while playing the Butter Forger Scenario (written by our Olle Jonsson) and another game whose name I cannot spell that involved temptation and *real* cake. Luisa is my hero!
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