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  • Posted By: Dan EisonI once directed a production ofMacbethset in the old west (my favorite part may have been designing low-budget blood-sprayers that could shoot corn syrup clear across the theater).
    Okay, you're cool.
  • I thought that I had already posted to this thread, but a quick scan indicates that I haven't.

    Hi, I'm Michael Wenman, and I'm an addict.

    I've been roleplaying now for 20 odd years, and GMing for most of them, with over 15 years GMing at local conventions and gradually developing a number of roleplaying systems that have seen limited use in LARP settings and a few tabletop groups in the area.

    I live in Sydney Australia with my wife (who I actually met through roleplaying), and with our dog Okami.

    Last year (2008) at Gencon Oz, I released my second roleplaying game "The 8th Sea". The first "Platinum Storm" was released in the mid 1990s in the form that has now come to be known in certain circles as the ashcan (photocopied A3 pages stapled down the middle and folded into a 40 page A4 booklet).

    As my facebook profile says, I'm a Taoist Christian with leanings towards Zen and Kaballah. I've spent a decade studying kenjutsu and far too long delving into patterns of human religion and consciousness. I'm hoping to tie it all together some day in a revolutionary idea that will shake the world (or at least the roleplaying community).

    I'm always open to new ideas and new interpretations of old ideas, and I'll probably throw more than one or two ideas out there to people who might appreciate them.

    (and I sign virtually every entry on every forum with a red V)
  • Posted By: vulpinoidI released my second roleplaying game "The 8th Sea".
    What's next?

    Houses of the Blooded, Mark II?


  • Name:Michael Hilliard
    Eyes:Dark Blue
    Hair:dark blond(brown depending on the lighting)
    Ocupation:Burger Transportation Specialist(burger fliper)
    Super cool awsome powers:Im a calm guy even when stuff screws up .
    Table Top RPGs (most of them so to many to list)
    Table Top RPG Design

    Live in Orange Texas

    Well I suck at talking about myself but I am good at creating characters so here it is the Bio of Michael Hilliard if I was not him and he was not typing this right at this moment....
  • Introduction time is always one of those slighty nerve wracking moments. How does one really encapsulate who they are in a few sentences or a couple of paragraphs? The answer - one doesn't. But what the heck, right? I mean lurking doesn't get anyone anything except a big collection of dead electrons and lots of pages viewed on the counters.

    So the basics first. My name is Russ Matthews and I have manage to live 33 years without running afoul of a rampaging GM or jealous husband and thus getting myself deadified. Born in Texas, raised in Mississippi and living the majority of my 20's in Atlanta, I now reside in the beautiful city of Kansas City, MO because I wanted to see what actual seasons were like. I graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta but not for graphic design, illustration or photography. No, you see I couldn't do anything in a straight-line fashion so I graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts Management. Which is rather like that degree in restaurant management that Sally Struthers used to shill on late night television, but with fancier verbage. Naturally, since Top Chef and FoodTV have conspired to make cooking and chefwork hip, there are a hundred thousand gomers just like me out in the world trying to get a job. Which brings me to my next paragraph.

    As of this writing, I am splitting my time between doing freelance photography work and developing a better creative portfolio. One of the things I do is photomanipulation work, making all new images out of stock photos. In talking to my friend, gamera_spinning, I figure that the creative visual work that I do might find a place in the gaming industry. So here I am, looking to make contacts (maybe even pals!) and geek out about gaming. Like g_s, I am not a big creator of games, being happy with my position as a consumer and player of such pasttimes.

    For those who are interested, my portfolio site is russmattphoto.com and the digital manipulation section is here. If you are interested, my Flickr site is here and the obligatory DeviantArt account is over here.

    Looking forward to reading and commenting in the future! :)
  • Hey. I'm Stephen Bretall. I live in Orange County, California. I joined the forum back in September of '08 but didn't post in this thread until now, for reasons unknown.

    I started RPGs back at the advent of D&D 3e. I've always tinkered with systems and I've actually made quite a few, but until about a year ago I wasn't ever interested in doing anything with them aside from using them myself. But I changed my mind and now here I am.

    I'm a full time college student (for now). So yeah. That's basically it (not that it's much at all). You can fill in the rest though- I like RPGs, video games, etc. etc. I love comic books and card games, I love using minis in games that don't technically need them, although I'm not a fan of minis games without any RPG in them.

    I'm the kind of person who would fill the rest of this post with supposedly humorous content, but I can't think of any at the moment so you'll have to settle for just this.
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    I missed this thread earlier.

    My name is James O'Rance and I live in Sydney, Australia. I don't recall exactly when I started playing RPGs, but my first convention was Necronomicon 95, and that was certainly a milestone. Played my first freeforms and systemless games that October, went to my first seminars, and broadened the range of games I was interested in.

    Since then I've run a freeform campaign, designed many convention scenarios and freeforms, converted a metric boatload of Dragonlance and Planescape 2nd edition materials to third edition back when we were still calling it "3e", dabbled with freelance writing for a would-be d20 publisher (this soured me on the whole "write for money" thing, actually - it was a lot of wasted time), run a convention (once was enough), and now I'm a karaoke-loving banker who doesn't have as much time for gaming as I did when I was a student. ;)

    I still run games (currently a fortnightly REIGN game) and produce one to three convention games per year (this used to be up to four, some of which had 30-60 characters). I play RPGs quite rarely, though. I'll be at GenCon Australia in Brisbane this year, continuing with the SF thing I've been doing at the last two Sydney conventions. :)
  • Hey Folks,
    My name is Seth Bashwinger (I am getting married though so I use what will be my new name Drebitko as my handle) and I am 21 going on 22 in sept of this year. I currently live in the Clifton Park/ Albany NY area, working as a quality monitor for a state contracted agency ACS. I am going to school for web development, and when I am not studying I am usualy tinkering with my game design or just chillin with my fiance.
    Regards, Seth Drebitko.
  • This thread is so nice!
    I still don't know if I will be posting or lurking here (lurking is more likely) but I'll introduce myself nonetheless.

    I'm Giulia, 26, now in Torino, Italy.
    I've lived near Detroit for a year in ninth grade, then got back to my tiny hometown of 1600 inhabitants, 80 km from Torino.
    I've moved here in 2001 to study engineering and here I stayed. I was a volounteer during the Olympics and if anyone from Vancouver is reading, let me tell you this: take part in the Games. It's an experience you will never forget.

    I'm pretty loud when voicing my opinions and quite picky in my pastimes. I found that in the end I tend to spend time with gamers, which I find to be overall more interesting, educated and smart that the average person.
    My interests are quite varied and at times I fear the apartment walls will crumble under the weight of books and comics (at least, my boyfriend does - that's why we're looking for a bigger house).

    I side with ninjas in their everlasting battle against pirates.
    I'm longing to own my own top-hat.
  • Hi there,

    just a quick introduction since I started my first thread. My name is Ralf Schemmann and I'm living in western Germany (Siegen). I'm a historian by training, but lucky enough to work in the game industry, mostly as General Manager for ProFantasy Software, with the occasional bit of freelance work in map-making and web design thrown in.

    I've been role-playing since 1984, starting with the German standard rpg of "Das Schwarze Auge". I still play regularly (about once a week on average), partly with a group that was formed in high school and still contains several of the original members.

    Recently I've been discovering the joys of indie games and have been collecting and reading what I can get my hands on.

    Nice place you have here. :)
  • Hi Ralf!
  • Hi!

    Been lurking long enough, so here comes a quick presentation. My name is Christoffer Lindström, live in Umeå in northen Sweden. I'm a libarian student, a relativly new father and a big fan of Morrissey (yeah! yeah!, birthday dancedancecelebration in a few days!).

    Between spending time with the family, trying to become a librarian and searching for holes in the schedule to do some gaming I'm working on a small game that at the moment goes by the name Best Days of Our Lives. It's a game about bullied kids, their dreams and goals and the way towards fullfiling these dreams.

    Well, guess that's all. :)
  • Hello all!

    My name is Alex Vasquez, I live in a suburb of Baltimore, MD with my lovely and talented wife Jennifer Parde. I'm 33 years old and I work as an AV Integrator, primarily as a control system programmer.

    I've been gaming since late high school, so that would put it at around 17 years or so. I started with Vampire and the like, but lately I'm running two different games of Spirit of the Century and playing in a game of Don't Rest Your Head, as well as voraciously devouring my shiny new copy of Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies.
  • My name is Tymoteusz Masiakowski (Tim in English). I also go by a nickname LiAiL. I'm a second year student of Photographic and Electronic Media course in Aberdeen, Scotland. I'm a photographer, filmmaker, DIY culture appreciator, community addict, game designer and conceptual writer. I write short stories and create plots for comics. I also do translation of varied rulebooks and comics. Systems I love: Kult, Call of Cthulhu, old WoD, Mind's Eye Theatre LARP system and many more. Can't wait to start discussion here :)
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    I'm Tom Cadorette. I'm 45, and grew up in southeastern Virginia (the buckle of the Bible Belt). I'm a copyeditor for an online financial news/investing website, but I'm not a finance geek by any stretch of the imagination. I'm also a once and future secondary-school English teacher. Liz, my beautiful crafty wife, and I live in Alexandria VA, with Sophie, our incredibly smart and cute 5-year-old daughter, and our two cats, Brutus and Max.

    I also have two teenage sons (from a previous marriage): Zach, 19, who is currently exploring nothing as a career choice, and Hayden, 17, who just joined the Army and is in the 101st Airborne.

    I've been board and RP gaming off and on since the mid-70's. I'm an omnivorous gamer in that I'll pretty much play anything (at least once).

    I tend to be a literary and film snob, although I like to think I'm in recovery.

    I've edited some RPGs, and have a couple of writing credits in some others. I have an idea for a novel that has haunted me for nearly 20 years, but have not been able to make it manifest on paper. It refuses to let me be, no matter how hard or viciously I push it away.

    And I'm damned glad to be here on Story Games!
  • I'm Josh Riley, and I'm a graduate student working on a Ph.D in Neurolinguistics (a subfield of cognitive neuroscience). I currently do cross-linguistic research on speech perception in healthy people (looking at electrophysiological processing differences between speakers of English and Amharic, one of the major languages of Ethiopia) and speech production in disordered populations (putting the finishing touches on an fMRI study of a patient with foreign accent syndrome). I'm spoken for, and live in the D.C. area. I've studied Arabic in Morocco and Egypt, done fieldwork in the Republic of Georgia, and missed several crucial years of my cultural development due to being in Britain.

    I'd like to do work with a more clinical focus, but we'll see how that goes.

    I adore travel - crazier the better. Turkey is one of my favorite countries in the world, and am currently plotting out itineraries for an overland trip from Istanbul to Kathamandu that I and my SO will take in a couple years.

    As far as gaming is concerned, I got my start with White Wolf stuff, bounced around the Internet White Wolf RPing scene for a number of years, then got to uni and hooked about 20 people (at last count) on White Wolf games via the medium of a long-running Hunter game. I've since become disenchanted with WW mechanics, but I still love the sprawling, baroque, borderline-incoherent settings - they're nice and messy, like real life. Wrapping up a game of a PTA version of Changeling: The Dreaming set in Baltimore that was entirely inspired by a single song.

    Glad I finally posted here.
  • My name is Lars Konzack and I'm a game researcher from Denmark. I've got a Ph. D. in Multimedia. I've been playing role-playing games since the mid-1980s mostly pen-and-paper RPG. (I dislike the term tabletop RPG because it makes people think of miniature games). I've also written some articles on game culture, game analysis, and game design such as...

    Computer Game Criticism: A method for computer game analysis
    Sub-Creation of Secondary Game Worlds
    Geek Culture: The 3rd Counter-Culture
    Larp experience design
    Fantasy and Medievalism in Role-Playing Games (together with Ian Dall)

    Some of them have even been translated to Polish.
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    I've been posting here for a while, but never got around to doing an intro.

    My name is Adam Drew. I'm 27, and I'm a criminal defence lawyer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I live with my girlfriend, who is a filmmaker; a roommate, who is an actor; two cats, two birds, and about a million books.

    I've been gaming for about 15 years, officially since I got Heroes Unlimited for my 12th birthday, but unofficially ever since I was old enough to realize that there were stories hidden in my Legos.

    I've written a few games, but nothing professional. I'm thinking maybe I'll publish them someday, but it's a ways off. My only "professional credit" is a playtest credit in Mouse Guard.

    I keep a LiveJournal where I post fiction I've written and also where I blather about games.
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    My name is Villum Lassen, i'm 28, Danish and study Philosophy at Aarhus University, currently working towards my master's on expertise.

    I've been lurking here for a couple of years, since i got fascinated by indie games. I've been roleplaying for 15 years or so, and recently started fiddling with game creation again because i got frustrated with Earthdawn.

    At the moment, i play in a Call of Cthulhu campaign. I haven't gotten round to actually playing much of that indie thing i got fascinated by, and havent been able to get the little bit i tried to sing.

    I also draw, and have a (intermittently updated) blog where i put drawings up for your appreciation.
  • Hey everyone. I kinda skipped this part.

    I'm Pete Cornell, I'm 40, single dad and special educator. I will be hopefully working towards my BSN in the fall. I'm a good friend of Judd's and I've met a couple of the people on here at various conventions, although I'm not sure they'd remember me.

    I'm running a retconned Against the Giants for a group and I'm playing in a SotC game, a BW game, and occasionally a Cat game (which I take a turn at running).

    I don't really have a blog, but I do contribute around when I feel I have something worth saying.
  • I will just cut/paste what I have on my web page: "http://dochalloween.50webs.com/FAQ.html"

    I was born in 1969 as a Gemini male. I weigh 175 lbs. and I am 5 foot 8 inches tall. I have brown hair and green eyes. I have Autolycus style (a short thin mustache and small triangle soul patch) beard.

    I have lived near the peaceful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia all my life. I loved to move to the West Coast (Washington, Oregon, or Alaska) or Canada one day.

    I am a Christian first and foremost. Without God and Jesus I would never have made it as far as I have. Many times I have asked for help and many times I was given it. I owe THEM my heart, soul, life, love, and service.

    A Native American I am. I am 1/4 Cherokee and 1/4 Blackfoot. My totem is Deer.

    Let me tell you about Deer that I follow. Deer is graceful, gentle, and sensitive. People with "Deer Medicine" are often described as being swift and alert. They are intuitive, often appearing to have well developed, even extra sensory perceptions. Sometimes their thoughts seem to race ahead, and they appear not to be listening. Just as the deer bounds from one place to another, a person with Deer Medicine often moves quickly from one situation to another, often never staying long enough in one place to get a "full meal."

    My hobbies vary depending on the mood I am in. I love building web pages as my biggest hobby. I have been building them for 10 years. I play computer games (mostly war games). I read fantasy and sci-fi paperbacks. I also enjoy going to the theater to watch a wide variety of films except sub-titles.

    Professionally I am a social worker. I hold other degrees in architecture, drafting, and mental health.

    Favorite Color................Purple

    Role Model....The late actor John Wayne and my Paw-paw

    Favorite Music....New age, Techno, New Swing, Bluegrass, and Big Band, 80's, Native American

    Favorite Radio Station....Q99 FM Roanoke, VA Best 80's, 90's and Today's Mix

    Favorite TV Station....WDBJ 7 Roanoke, VA

    Favorite Movie....Radio; The Family Man; The Village; Crash; and just about any World War II movie

    Favorite Book....Shadowrun novels and Forgotten Realms novels; lets not forget the Holy Bible

    Favorite RPG....Word Mill's "Mythic Role Playing"; Atomic Sock Monkey's PDQ "Zorcerer of Zo"; PIG's "Coyote Trail"; PEG/GWG's "Savage Worlds"
  • Hello all!
    I'm Kevin Reid-Rice. I turned 41 the day of this post and have been gaming since I got the 1978 edition of D&D at the tender age of 10. I'm married to Aimee (14 years this November!), and I have two sons (Spencer & Quinn). We share our abode with 4 cats: Rupert, Murdock, Eartha Kitten and Xena, Warrior Kitten.

    I grew up in Massachusetts (several places, all near Worcester), got to attend my first Gen Con when it was still held at Parkside. I went to college at UW-Madison (long story), decided I loved Wisconsin, got married and stayed. Now I do Real Estate work for the State of Wisconsin. (see what an English degree can do for you kids?)

    I have GMed my entire gaming career, playing on occassion, but always more comfortable behind the screen initiating mayhem. While I've written a few articles here and there my gaming claim to fame is a distinct lack of it. I've basked in the glow of folks who will be remembered for good or ill for years to come, and counted them my friends, and been enriched for it.

    Now I'm running a 4E camoaign, but my heart still belongs to Amber Diceless.

    And a word of warning: All you Gen Con posers can step off, a Gen Con outside Milwaukee ain't no Gen Con at all. Word.
    (And if that's not ridiculous coming from the 41 year old white nerd, I have no sense of irony left at all!)
  • I'm Evlyn Moreau. I am recently 34. I live in Montreal. I studied in arts and in anthropology.
    My first language is french.
  • I've been posting for a little while here, I should finally introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Keller. I'm 34. I live in Minneapolis, MN. By day I work as a graphic artist and animator for a video productions company. Besides Minnesota, I've lived in California for 3 years, Colorado for 3 months, and Concord NH for 3 days. I recently returned to school and completed by BA in English. I'm now considering various post-grad options.

    I've drawn a comic book, written 4 feature length screenplays, produced and directed two short films, programed the base graphics and networking code for an MMO, but all of those are just sitting on the shelf now. I have had my poems published in local journals, and I'm about to publish an RPG that I wrote.

    Nice to meet you all.
  • I am Justin Jackson. I grew up poor in the streets of Burlington Iowa. It was there I learned about my love for Roleplaying. Being able to become someone I wasnt was not only a way of escape it was a way to cope with being one of the "have nots". I eventually learned to enjoy playing the game for more than just being a way to escape and it is now more a hobby than a escape hatch. I am 23, I ended up in debt going to college and now am working to try to pay it off. I am currently trying my hand at creating my own game.
  • My name is China Pittenger, I'm 35 years old and live in Aurora Indiana. I lived in Florida from 2001 till November 2007, and couldn't be happier to be back in the rolling hills of my home state.

    I'm a stay at home mother of three children, Raina (8), Aiden (5) and Xander (3). I spend way too much time on the computer, but hardly any time on the television. I tend to go from one obsession to the other, and haven't mastered the idea of moderation.

    Once upon a time I had a real job at a real company, I'm quite a people person and pick up thing easily. Now, I run a website and write with peers to give me that social aspect that I miss so much, and that sense of pride and accomplishment. So, my time nowadays is spent between Sponge Bob and trying to master Drupal.
  • Hello!

    I'm Julian Michels the Narrative Psychologist.

    I'm 22, and a graduate student at the University of Oregon. I'm a Story Now! designer and a psychological scientist. By day, I research and study how people learn and think and especially why they tell stories (including their mundane, everyday stories), and how these stories impact their identities and lives. As far as I know, I'm currently the only researcher examining collaborative story production, but my work is gradually becoming more well-known and I hope to see the creation of a thriving sub-field and a scholarly literature on this topic over the next ten or fifteen years.

    I organize and try to expand the small community of narrative gamers in Eugene, OR. I make fairly regular trips to visit with the GoPlayPDX community, and I love Indie Hurricane and GoPlayNW. It's really exciting to be in my position, because within the design community I can be a psychological expert and within the psychology community I can be a narrative expert, and because I feel that both fields have much to learn from each other. It's fun!

    I also practice martial arts and synthesize my own style of swordplay, based in 13th-century Italian Fiore dei Liberi but with influences from Aikido, jiu jitsu, and other sources. I instruct some folks in it locally, casually. I fill the time that's left with hobbies, like acting, dramaturgy, writing, composing, and collaborating with folks from dozens of different creative disciplines.
  • I'm Mark Silcox. I'm a junior professor of philosophy at a four-year commuter university in Oklahoma, USA. I'm the faculty sponsor for my school's Chess and Games club, which to my delight has become a veritable haven for overworked pizza-addled D&D and WOD fanatics who use gaming as an escape from the rigors of academe and from their crummy recession-era student jobs.

    From 1998-2002 I worked as a freelance writer for a couple of commercial computer game companies, producing interactive dialogue scripts for the MMORPG EARTH AND BEYOND and the Nintendo 64 game AIDYN:CHRONICLES: THE FIRST MAGE. During this period of cheerful poverty, I was also hip deep into the interactive fiction community and published a couple of IF games online. They're still out there, somewhere, echoing in the virtual void.

    Having just turned forty, I have decided that my mid-life crisis is going to revolve around a vast increase in the quantity of gaming in my life. I've been the Storyteller a very large WOD chronicle on campus with fourteen player-characters since February of this year, and I've just joined the local Camarilla. Out here in the boonies, it's hard to find that many folks who are willing to experiment with the more open styles of narrative gaming popular in this forum, but I've had a few wildly successful sessions of PANTHEON with some of my more intrepid game-clubbers, so I live in hope.
  • So this awesome, smart, and talented community forum has become my obsession this week. I suppose I should introduce myself!

    I'm Kira Scott. First and foremost, I'm an artist. I work in metals and glass enamels creating jewelry that I sell about town, on the web, and at craft shows. I post about my artwork, jewelry, and all my thoughts about that good stuff on my blog that I update pretty regularly. I have a BFA in metals/jewelry/CADCAM from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, where I moved from 2 years ago to my current residence in Columbus, Ohio. Here I live with my amazing husband Travis, and our two cats Faustus and Mika. I'm currently 28 years old, and work at the Columbus College of Art and Design in the Admissions Department, where I advise students on their portfolio artwork and travel about the US spreading the good word about how awesome our college is.

    Also, obviously, I'm a huge geek. I love sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, movies, and gaming. I have a wide variety of tastes in gaming, most of them inspired by my artistic inclinations, and have been gaming since I was 15. I started out with the goth/punk Vampire, and my tastes have since evolved and grown, and still do with every new game out on the market. Currently, I love FATE (in all its forms), In A Wicked Age, 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars, WFRP, Monsters and Other Childish Things, Reign, Cyberpunk, Don't Rest Your Head, and Nobilis.
  • Another REIGN fan! Welcome! :)
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    I'm Tyler Tinsley

    I'm 25 years old and have been a long term resident of Portland OR,

    I make all kinds of odd stuff and you can find it at www.papercrafted.com and www.tylertinsley.com I have been designing games for most of this past decade. Last year I self published a game and was able to con someone into publishing it for me shortly after check out www.4kids.tv/bigbigbattles for more on that project. i plan to start self publishing again within a year and an rpg features prominently into those plans. so I'm hear to glean wisdom and to share what I know.

    i look forward to getting to know this group better
  • Hi! My name is Christopher Maikisch (you can certainly call me Chris, but I have a habit of writing / typing it out the long way), and I live in West Seattle with my brother and his obnoxious, non-euclidean cat. I bake cakes for a living, and I enjoy bacon quite a bit. I was able to attend Go Play NW this year, and it was really the best use I have made of a weekend in a long while. =]
  • Hi!

    My name's Don, I'm 32 years old and I study social sciences in Germany (yes, I'm old for a student).
    I've only just begun dipping my toes in non-mainstream RPGs, and, needless to say, I've read a lot of things/ideas on this site that I've never even heard about.
    Perhaps I'll be able to contribute to discussions once I've actually wrapped my head around what y'all are talking about, ;o)
    Eventually it would be interesting to see if I can somehow apply some of my knowledge in sociology to game design.

    Thanks for having me here!
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    Hiya. I'm Steve Lawson. I'm a librarian at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. I'm 38 years old, married, and have sons ages 7 and 4. I have a blog called See Also... where I write mostly about libraries and librarianship. I'm also pretty active on FriendFeed.

    When I was about 8 years old, I got the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set for Christmas and started playing D&D and AD&D with my friends (along with Traveler and a few wargames). This is also around the time my elementary school friends nicknamed me "bevedog" (rhymes with Steve-frog), which has provided me ever since with a handle that is almost never taken when it is time to create a new online account. No one actually calls me bevedog anymore. Please.

    At about the age of 12 I stopped playing RPGs and tended to think of them as an important part of my childhood, but something I didn't really do anymore.

    Now, due to a combination of circumstances--including unearthing my old D&D stuff at my parents' house recently, my kids showing some interest, and meeting a lot of other librarians online who play RPGs--I'm interested again. I'm trying to play D&D 4e with my kids ("there is no crying in D&D!") and am hoping to start an online/email game of Mouse Guard with some more experienced gamer friends.

    I found this site because my friend Josh Neff recommended it to me, saying it was a welcoming community. So far, I have found that to be true.

  • I'm Victor Wyatt. I've been a roleplaying gamer for roughly 30 years, at least I'm nearing in on the 30 year mark. For a long time I've stuck with the larger games in the world of roleplay. Recently, over the last couple years, I have found the indie games to scratch itches I never knew I had. There is such a diversity in the indie collection of games. At this point I buy and try out anything I can get my hands on.

    My first games were D&D (red box), Star Frontiers, Marvel Super Heroes and Call of Cthulhu. At this point I have so many games on my shelves that I couldn't tell you just how many there are anymore. And, as of this GenCon I increased that number by 11 new games.

    Due to the technology and skill visible in the indie games of late I'm attempting to toss my hat into the ring and create something of my own.
  • My name is Gabriel Lopes Anaya, I´m 29 years old, from Brazil. I was born in Brasilia but now I live in Natal, warm and cozy coast city. I´m married with Katya and we live with a small shnauzer called Leela.

    I´m 3rd degree aikido black belt and work in a great dojo teaching this beautiful martial art. Also I´m working to get master´s degree in History and Spaces and finishing a specialization in work related diseases and work quality of life. I´m interested in history and philosophy of science topics, specially the Science and Technology Studies field and history of medical theories.

    I started to play with GURPS and D&D (red box), then cyberpunk 2020, Kult, AD&D (Ravenloft,Masque of Red Death), Vampire, Wraith, Fuzion "Blue Planet",Fuzion, Fudge, Werewolf the Forsaken, Fate, Shadowrun, Truth and Justice (PDQ) Risus (many campaigns) - the last one "RISUS: Estrada da Perdição" (Damnation Highway) we played young street racers in Brazil (something like 3rd world Initial D) with some very nice, creative and weird Cliché to describe cars, racers, highways, dangerous places and memories of a dead racer.

    Now I´m playing Sign In Stranger with Katya and Shock: with some friends.But I´m eager to play many games more: Contenders, Breaking the Ice (try the Enemy Mine variation), try Polaris (now with four "stable" friends), try some activity with non-humans with Radiance, play A Flower for Mara, Sea Dracula, DRYH, 3:16...They are here waiting... I wish I had more time to play.
    Portuguese is my mother language, so I will do my best to write clearly in English.

    It´s nice to be here and share this stuff.
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    My name is Ryan Hamilton and I am 27 years old. I am a white dude. I grew up in Indiana, got degrees in English and Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, taught high school math for a year or so in Brooklyn, and now have been back in Indiana for a few years. I like games and poems, and sometimes I get nervous about things.

    edit: Oh yeah I'm a very minorly published poet and I did a college radio show for about five years in Pittsburgh, usually called Cowboys and B-Boys.
  • I am Jason Rivest. Born in Montreal, raised in the French language, but have always been good in English classes. Especially after I started watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Recently turned 26. Never graduated college, though tried it twice. Participated in the Katimavik youth program. Worked mostly with children all of my life, mostly as a Camp Counselour (or Space Camp Counselour). Currently working as an daycare educator, but that's mostly temporary. I hope to become a professional storyteller in the next few years. In the meantime, I'm a part of the Draconis commitee, and I have a blog which I update with consistent irregularity.
  • Woohoo! Welcome to SG, Jason!
  • Thank you!
  • Jeremiah Frye, here. I met a number of great people at GenCon this year; mostly around the Games on Demand table.

    I've been putting off making an account here, because the last thing I need is another place to lose ample amounts of free time, but I finally bit the bullet and here I am.
  • I'm Neil... just turned 44 and am so bored with my own bio that I'll spare everybody else the effort of polite golf-clapping.
  • Posted By: amoebaI'm 32 years old and I study social sciences in Germany (yes, I'm old for a student).
    When I was a student at the University of Hamburg, we had plenty of students older than you. Some of them had been going to college for 10+ years. That's what you get with a no-tuition, no-credit (i.e., no accountability) system :) Plus, of course, there are no Bachelor's Degrees--if you go to college in Germany, you're signing up for at least 6 years and end up with a Master's.

    Anyway; welcome! :)
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    Hello all. My name is Micah J Bauer. I'm a married, Mormon, exCalifornian, graphic designer, BMXer, father of three, living in Springville, UT.

    Random Facts: (which probably make me sound more interesting than I actually am)
    - I once wrote a college essay entitled "I Hate My Hair and Want to Die."
    - As a kid I would pick up and save already chewed gum in my jeans pockets (to my mother's dismay).
    - I was invited to ride my BMX bike in the Vans Warped Tour in '97 after placing well in a jumping contest.
    - I had a Kindergarten painting hung in my principal's office (it was Superman planting the American flag on Mars).
    - My favorite movie in sixth grade was Iron Eagle.
    - I wrote and illustrated my own "Choose Your Own Adventure" novel at 9 called Fortress of Fear.
    - I Dressed up as an evil ladybug (complete with tutu) for my Halloween office party to match my daughter's costume.
    - I got second prize in a college poster design competition, which was judged by graphic design icons Seymour Chwast and Woody Pirtle.
    - So far, I enjoy designing games more than playing them.
    - I married a Canadian.
    - All three of our children's names unintentionally start with "H" (Harriett, Henri & Hazel) we are now expecting number four and aren't sure what to do.
    - I kept an online daily graphic journal of my life for a year in 2003-04.

    I'm excited to be here. Thanks for having me.
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    Hi all,

    I'm Anna. Although I've been a big huge geek for years, I had never done any sort of roleplaying until my boyfriend (Deliverator on these boards) first introduced me to the concept of story gaming. The first RPG I've ever played was Polaris, which is an...unusual start to say the least. Now, almost a year and a half later, I've played over 20 different story game systems and GMed/facilitated two.

    I graduated from Bryn Mawr College, just outside Philadelphia, this spring with a degree in anthropology, which means I can't even do something as mundane as grocery shopping without analyzing it to death. Although I love Philadelphia to death and wish I could have stayed around longer, I am most likely spending this coming year in Washington DC, doing health education work through AmeriCorps. (Or at least I hope so...I'll know for sure after tomorrow.) Although I spent a lot of time in DC growing up, there's still so much of the city I don't know...hopefully I can come to love it as much as I love Philadelphia and New York.

    When I'm not gaming, I enjoy wandering and getting lost in new cities, baking, folk dance (mostly contra and English, though I've done some Scottish and am open to learning new styles), singing casually, reading almost anything I can get my hands on, and knitting (rather badly so far, but I'm learning.)

    Like the above poster, I'm excited to be on these boards. Looking forward to meeting new people, and having further conversations with those I've already met at Dexcon and Dreamation!
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    Posted By: mjbauer
    - My favorite movie in sixth grade was Iron Eagle.
    Greetings, my brother. Praise be to Lou.
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    I'm Colin Creitz, which explains the handle. I'm an Eagle Scout and a machine learning expert, but have yet to build a classifier system out of rope and sticks.

    The University of Pittsburgh is my alma mater; I got my degree in Computer Science and Philosophy there, and I consider myself a cultural Pittsburgher. No matter how long I live in Silicon Valley, and no matter how much I enjoy seeing the sun and being dry from time to time, I imagine I'll always feel that way. Every November, when it finally rains here, I get homesick in a way that requires me to watch a lot of football and eat pierogies and drink Sam Adams Boston Lager — made in Pittsburgh by PBC, the brewers of Iron City. When I open a bottle, I know it was capped at home.

    Now I'm 32, happy and married, and have two small and adorable boys. I took a break from gaming between their births, and came back to the hobby hoping to sharpen my skills for eliciting stories from them, so we'll never run out.
  • I seem to have missed this thread as well, so I may as well have a go at it!

    Lee Williams here, from more or less the centre of England. I am a genuine 1965 vintage human male with no replacement parts (as yet!) :) I haven't really ever had what you'd call a career, just a succession of different jobs, The most recent of these has been working in a real ale pub. I started out as a schoolboy wargamer and have been into roleplaying since I first saw the original Traveller box set when I was about 14. One of my crowning acheivements as a gamer was destroying the entire world during the 1920s, in one of the Kult Of Keeper's infamous (and brilliant) multi-table games at Continuum 2006. I was a member of the Demonground magazine team for some time and am now one of the triumvirate in charge of Protodimension, another free horror gaming 'zine.

    As things stand, I haven't got a regular game running at the moment but I am keen on throwing my mates into 3:16 as soon as they take a break in their SLA game...
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    Sebastian Hickey. Twin. Zero psychic powers.

    I had the runs on Mount Doom. I met the secret police in Bangkok. I've been in love four times.

    I'm learning Krav Maga as research for my silly, stupid, spy game. I've been writing games since I was 7, which I'm told was a good little age. I want to be a generous designer. Please visit Cobweb Games sometime... But not yet... The artwork isn't ready and I want your first visit to be a pleasant one.

    I want a dog. A huge one.

    Also, I'm a 30 year old, Irish, ex-chef, in charge of tiniest games studio in Dublin. I've got a degree in Computer Animation, I worked in the video games industry for a few years, and now I try to write food politics for the slow food movement. I've lived in Greece, UK, Australia and New Zealand. I miss Argentina.
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