Whither Story Engine & Christian Aldridge?

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Story Engine is a pretty big influence out there in the indie world, sometimes acknowledged, sometimes not. It seems that the publisher, Hubris Games, closed their doors back in 2001, though happily their material is still in stock in some places.

I've always been a bit surprised not to see Aldridge anywhere online, as I'm sure he would get a very hearty warm welcome from the indie folks. Does anyone know what became of him? Is he secretly designing away under a pseudonym? Did he lose his mind to gaming, now scratching his designs into the asylum walls with bloodied fingernails? Or did he just have a kid or something? Inquiring minds want to know.



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    Your answers can be found here: http://studiozut.com/

    Fear my Google-Fu!

  • I recall on the thread on RPGNet where "Jack" was talking about his expieriences with Archon press, someone else chimed in with their experiences doing freelancing for Hubris: Basically the typical craziness for RPG publishing (no direction, no details on what to write, editing isuses and, of course, not getting paid for work). It sounds like Hubris was a 2-man job that tried to run their closet biz like it was a 20-man job.

    Story Engine was interesting at the time, though. I thought about writing a campaign world for it once.

    To see the same sort of thing with a dice mechanic and more polish, FATE is excellent.
  • Posted By: AndyTo see the same sort of thing with a dice mechanic and more polish, FATE is excellent.
    Yeah, FATE is definitely top of the heap in "universal" systems that run to the Nar side of the field. I was just re-reading Story Engine, though, and they definitely go full-bore on the Nar thing, while FATE is frankly rather gun-shy about it (no offense meant to the very helpful and friendly design team there).

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