Looking for horror movie recommendations.

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I'm doing some research for a game idea, and I'm looking for movies about groups of horrible people tormenting innocent people. Stuff like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, House of 1000 Corpses, Hills Have Eyes, or Last House on the Left. I think the group dynamic is important. Anybody have any ideas?


  • The Saw and Hostel movies (and their sequels) seem to fit your bill.
  • groups of horrible people?
    That rules out most of the slasher genre, unfortunately, since slashers are usually single operatives.

    I'll second the Hostel series.
    The Devil's Advocate is about an innocent couple being pulled into the horrible world of New York business/demonhood.

    Damn it, I'm drawing a complete blank here. I'll think more about this.
    Though, in general, I think you'll find more fruit in the gangster movie genre than horror.
    Horror usually posits a single bad guy, or an inhuman force (ghosts, zombies, THE DARKNESS, etc).
  • Autopsy us another that suits, and even has a group of bad guys (though I took the op to mean group of victims).
  • Group of bad guys, actually. There are usually multiple victims also, but that's more due to the fact that a group attacking a single person would be a short movie.
  • Near Dark (modern redneck vampires with a great cast) and most of the Hellraiser then. Neither of those are groups of bad humans, strictly, but Near Dark, at least, is probably close enough.
  • Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Deliverance
    Funny Games (either version)
    A Clockwork Orange

    ...and then there is this genre, which is close.
  • Funny Games (with TIm Roth -- my wife warns that it is in no way light or funny, so watch it forewarned) [damn, scooped!]
    Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer (if two counts as a group)
    The Thing (kinda, maybe not as human as you want)
  • A thread after my own heart.

    Hostel 1&2
    The Hills have eyes (and it's remake)
    Trailer park of terror
    2001 Maniacs
    Hills Run Red
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    Ha. Great, George. I already had about a quarter of those on my list. Thanks for the rest. I'll get at you when I see you online next.
  • If you tell me what kind of thing you're looking for in particular I can give you some more recommendations. From the list above I really enjoyed ''Borderlands'' (takes place in Mexico) and Trailer Park of Terror is a well made but trashy movie.
  • Does it have to be horror fantasy? Because my first thought was Devils on the Doorstep.

    In a similar non-torture-porn vein, my wife Autumn suggests Heathers.
  • Old Boy - Korean revenge drama

    Battle Royale - Japanese, well not really sure how to describe it
  • Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf?
  • If you're not afraid of subtitles, you ought to check out Frontière(s). It's definitely got the sort of vibe you're looking for.
  • Posted By: Sam HIf you're not afraid of subtitles, you ought to check outFrontière(s). It'sdefinitelygot the sort of vibe you're looking for.
    You beat me by six minutes!

    Awesome flick.
  • What about The Strangers? I didn't love it, but it wasn't awful. And it fits your groups of people tormenting innocent people
  • Posted By: akooserOld Boy - Korean revenge drama
    The other two movies in that trilogy are amazing, too. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance are both excellent revenge tales. None of them quite work out the way their protagonists want them to go, and lots of people die needlessly.

    Good stuff.

  • I have no problem with subtitles. And, being on Netflix Watch Instantly is super helpful.
  • You have to see The Vanishing by George Sluizer (the Dutch original, not the shitty American remake).

    It's truly disturbing and has a powerful interpersonal dynamic at its centre.
  • Posted By: Jason MorningstarIn a similar non-torture-porn vein, my wife Autumn suggestsHeathers.
    Heathers is most certainly torture porn! Just torture of a different variety. The teenage heartbreak variety.

    (...I'm just being contrary because it amuses me.)
  • Les Liaisons Dangereuses/Dangerous Liaisons/Cruel Intentions? Not exactly horror, but maybe an interesting edge case.
  • For a dystopian twist, the treatment that Alex undergoes in A Clockwork Orange, at the hands of the doctors... does that count?
  • You could try the French movie Sitcom. The director, Francois Ozon, was doing a sort-of "fuck-you cinema" thing back then, and Sitcom is about a house full of people who get infected by a chemical that makes them go all savage on each other. Some of his other movies might be horror-ish, too, if I remember correctly... See the Sea and Criminal Lovers you might like.

    His movies are not quite as extreme as, say, Gaspar Noe's I Stand Alone and Irreversible, or Philippe Grandrieux's Sombre, but those are mostly individuals doing bad things to other people.
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    I'm focusing on your "groups of people" thing here, and that the group and their personalities and dynamics are important.

    The Last House in the Woods is a movie with a grindhouse-homage feel to it. It'sinspired by its Italian splatter predecessors. It's a standard redneck slasher film but is perhaps a little more grotesque than the next one. Basically a girl and her boyfriend (or is it friend, I can't remember) are rescued from frat boy types by a mild-mannered man, and the rescuer turns out to be... not.

    Suspiria is another one and it's a classic. Gory by the standards of the time but not too shocking these days. I love, love the music of it. You can listen to the theme here which I still hum from time to time. It's about a girls' school, and the girls start vanishing one by one.

    Dying Breed is another redneck slasher torment movie from this year. It's not a particularly amazing movie, but if you're looking for something recent it fits the bill. It's about some folks looking for the red tiger in Australia and getting tormented by cannibals.

    You already mentioned it but I think Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the best of any movie I've seen mentioned in this thread. It's so old I feel weird worrying about spoilering it here, but I only saw it myself a year ago. But I'll say that the remake missed the point of the first one entirely. It's probably my favorite horror movie. Expertly done and really holds up.
  • Cube? You got a group of innocent people, but IIRC the torturers are entirely absent from the movie.
  • Well, the torturers make an appearance in Cube 3.
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    A classic for French geeks who like their gore with a sprinkle of dark humor. Bad people, check. Innocent people suffer, check. Sick group dynamic, check.

    [Edit]The English name is Man Bites Dog.
  • Bret: I love Suspiria, didn't even think about it. I need to dig out my old Goblin CD.

    Dammit, now I've got to watch Cube 3?
  • Wickerman
  • groups of horrible people tormenting innocent people

    No grisly monsters but I would really recommend "Cry Wolf" off the top of my head.
  • Seconds on Heathers and Near Dark
    Also, though these are individuals terrorizing people
    Wait Until Dark (Hepburn version)
    Night of The Hunter
    Cape Fear
  • In the Deliverance style, look for Calvaire.
  • I didn't see Rosemary's Baby, which is the first one that came to my mind. Next to Wickerman, already mentioned. Gives me shivers.

    Funny Games mentioned a few times above is actually a clever satire of this genre of film, while being in the genre itself. Mindfuck, fer sure.

    Needful Things is more about groups of people being evil in general, but its a fabulous example or different relationships and situations characters in the genre might get into.

    That's all I got.
  • Would Ravenous fit the bill??
  • I thought of Ravenous as well, but I seem to remember that it's not a group of killers...
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    The Descent might be a bit of an edge case but it definitely has the innocents/monsters aspect.
  • 30 days of night fits the bill perfectly and although it might be argue it's not really an Horror movie per say i think Lost boys would fit too.
  • The Last Supper
    not so innocent...but still a great movie.
  • Oh, and I'm so freaking serious about Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, I'll write it again.
    Look, I loved Texas Chainsaw Massacre too, but this movie is actually horrific.
    It's human, and thats what's so fucking scary.
  • Posted By: tomg
    Cape Fear
    Watch both the 1950s version and the Scorsese version, then compare and contrast.
  • Children of the Corn?
    From Dusk Til Dawn?

    It's a tough challenge: groups of bad people messin' with groups of innocent people. Rarely see groups of the former; rarely see "innocence" in the latter--that's how the febrile "themes" of horror emerge: look at what these fuck-ups do to deserve being messed with; and look how this "proper" person gets away/saves the day.
  • It's only one person being tormented, but Polanski's The Tenant might be worth checking out.
  • There's always Wrong Turn 1&2 (but not 3) and Dead End.
  • Posed this to my resident movie guru and he responded with the following:

    There's also Wrong Turn, but that's pretty much a knock-off of Texas Chainsaw. There's also the Saw's & Hostels. And anything by Uwe Boll - he'd be the horrible person tormenting all us innocent people with his movies. Heh heh.

    Jeepers Creepers had a demon killing off teens; Cabin Fever had flesh-eating bacteria killing off teens that really needed it; then there's every zombie movie ever made (not counting the Resident Evil franchise which went the opposite way), including the non-zombie 28 Days Later. I've also wondered what would happen if Highlander were presented with horror themes - a group of roving immortals who wander through cities hacking mortal peoples' heads off, occasionally turning on one another for a quick Quickening. And don't forget about War of the Worlds with an alien theme, or all the I Am Legend variations with vampires, mutants, and zombies.
  • I've unleashed a monster in my own right, I'll sum up his additions
    - Shawn of the Dead
    - Wolf Creek Pass
    - Children of the Damned
    - - Simpson's Version - The Bloodening
    - Body Snatchers
    - Puppet Masters
    - V for Vendetta (Govnm't being the bad guys)
    - Matrix
    - Terminators

    And I thought of Dog Soldiers
  • I have to say that most of those don't fit with the ''groups of bad guys torturing innocents'' vibe. Shaun of the Dead, Jeepers Creepers, Cabin Fever and so on don't fit that.
    Jus' saying.
  • Yes, this thread sounds a lot like one of those "looking for a system" threads where everyone just plunks down their favorite systems without paying attention to the OP's initial criteria.

    Still, it has made me realize that this sub-sub-genre is not as prevalent as I had initially thought. It seems our tormentors are usually a single person, at least when it comes to true horror.
  • What's true horror?

    I think there's definitely a sub genre going on. If I have to think about it for a second, here's a long-ish list of the ''redneck/inbred/psycho group killing peeps'' movies:

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1-4
    I found #2 to be a bit silly.

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 remake.
    I thought this was a great remake and a solid movie all around. Good gore, I actually liked the actors and was generally fun. I've watched it at least 5 times.

    Texas Chainsaw: The Beggining
    This one was crap. It's well made but there is no reason for this movie to exist. It just goes nowhere other than ''these kids get tortured''.

    Hostel 1 & 2
    Textbook example, but a more updated version than the ol' hicks thing.

    The Hills Have Eyes 1-3
    Pretty decent.

    The Hills have Eyes remake
    I loved this one. It's visceral as hell but the revenge ending delivers in spades. One of my favorites in this genre. Alexander Aja did a good job.

    The Hills have eyes 2
    Is a shitty movie. It's not actually a remake of THHE II. Terrible, terrible movie. Also has a rape scene or some shit.

    Wrong Turn
    Gets a bad rap but I liked some of the actors, many of the kills and has interesting locations. For me, it was different enough to like. Also if I remember correctly it starts off with a Queens of the Stone Age song.

    Wrong Turn 2
    Was worse but still decent. It has Henry Rollins in it.

    Wrong Turn 3
    ...was crap.

    Definite fit. ''Liked'' the fact that it was inspired by real events.
    Loosely based in a case occurred in Mexico in 1989 of a group called "narcosatanicos" who killed at least 20 people and their bodies were used in satanic cults. They were accused of the murder of Mark Kirloy, a student who disappeared in march 1989 and killed by this group during a spring break.

    The Hills Run Red

    Attempts to re-imagine the genre and is a bit meta, as it deals with a film student that's trying to track down a mysterious movies called, well...''The Hills run red''. It was fun.

    ...more to come.
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