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If you've attended the Virginia Camp Nerdly, could you give me a quote I can use in a brochure describing your experience? Something punchy and honest.

"Camp Nerdly is the perfect combination of relaxed weekend and intense gaming frenzy, attended by friendly, clever people. The site is beautiful, the games are excellent, and the camping spirit is just delightful. Also - weird half-dead giant fucking hornets everywhere."

That sort of thing, maybe without the hornets.


  • I love that we cook, eat, and clean together. I love that everyone has responsibilities to everyone else. Camp Nerdly is a gaming con that's really about cooperation and community.
  • Camp Nerdly is wonderful fun -- good food, great people, all the gaming you want. Every year, I've gotten to play something new, and came away wanting to go back the next year.

    I'll also have at least one day that's rainy and cold. Bring some warm clothes.
  • In a word: Community. Camp Nerdly is more than an event where a few dozen people meet up to play games and then walk away. It's where people go to make new friends, reconnect with old ones, and share in a spirit of camaraderie and togetherness...while stabbing orcs with your +5 sword of emo-angst!

    - Ryan
  • I love the weird, giant, Sinbad in the Eye of the Tiger hornets. — Joshua A.C. Newman

    I played the best roleplaying game of my life at Camp Nerdly, and I do it again every year. — Joshua A.C. Newman

    Yer choice.

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    "A spider bit me on the left testicle. It was okay though, because Jason Morningstar sucked out the poison." - Dave Cleaver

    "Alexander stopped me from murdering everyone in my cabin in a fit of rage!" - Brand Robins

    "Brand stalked me all weekend, it was seriously creepy." - John Snuffulupagus

    "Instead of underpants, I wore guacamole on my privates!" - Jason Morningstar

    "Brand broke Shock. It was the most pathetic display of how not to roleplay I've ever seen." -Joshua A.C.D.C Newman.

    "Camp Nerdly, it's more fun in Virginia than dying in the Battle of the Wilderness!" - Lt. Gen. James Longstreet
  • Guys, those where cicada's... They are all dead and will not be back for like 14 years.. What the camp need is more Rinobeetles.. They made great Miniatures!

    Jason, do we really need a brochure? Wasn't the camp almost to capacity last year?
  • Thanks everybody!
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    Jason, do we really need a brochure? Wasn't the camp almost to capacity last year?
    Mark is Chief Owlbear and I am merely doing his bidding. He is smarter than all of us combined.

    also I know the difference between a cicada and a giant fucking hornet
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    Nerdly Hornet

    That's the weirdest looking cicada I've ever seen.

    It's hard to get a sense of scale there, of course. That's about two inches long.

  • Ok, I stand corrected..
    You should post that to http://bugguide.net see if anyone knows more about it..
  • I've asked Jason to assist me with this because I'm trying an experiment where I sign people up for Nerdly at Dreamation this year. I want to have a brochure and I'd like to make sure that people who might be interested in it but aren't necessarily aware of it can learn about it.

    Heck, who knows, in a few years, we might move into an even larger camp? Like every leader of Nerdly, I've got a chance to try something new. It doesn't make me smarter than anyone, though, that's a misunderstanding.
  • Posted By: Mark CauseyIt doesn't make me smarter than anyone, though, that's a misunderstanding.
    If you have met Mark you know he is lying.
  • Never having been to Dreamation, I have this paranoid vision of all the slots filling up with enthusiastic Dreamation-goers. And then, for some reason, the instant I take my attention off the internet for 2 seconds, registration will open and the remaining slots will fill up. And then I will shout my despair to the heavens, like Darth Vader only not as cliche and pathetic. "DAMN YOU CAUSEEEEEEEY! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMNNNNNNN YOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUU!"


    But seriously, when is registration going to open? :D
  • I plan on (technology allowing) registration to open up that weekend for everybody.

    And, if you want, Causey sounds a lot like Khan, if you want to shout out my name in frustration in the future.
  • Also, I think there were plenty of berths left over last year. Attendance was like 50 wasn't it? The camp can hold 75, and there are folks who commute in instead of camping out.
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