[DexCon] How Was it?

Subdued or rapturous? Sublime or ridiculous?

What did you play, and how did it go?


  • Despite the fact that I WORK IN THE BUILDING i was only able to really make it to the con in any meaningful way on saturday, so perhaps this is a skewed opinion but I was a bit disappointed. It felt barren, sparsely attended, and less professional than in past years. Although the hotel staff appear to have had a much better grasp on how to deal with attendees it felt like the Con (both staff and guests) were on autopilot.

    Rating: Kind of weak.
  • I had fun. I showed up late on Friday night and chatted with folks before heading to bed. There was a hotel mistake with my room, so I got moved on Saturday but both rooms were more posh than I had expected and I didn't have to pay more for it.

    Ran two games of Shock:, using the Human Contact rules, stepping in for Joshua since he could not make it. Both games were over-packed but the games were solid and folks had a good time.

    I got together with Rob and Witt, old friends I didn't get to game with enough and played in two sessions of BW off the books.

    I got to meet Gerald for the first time face to face and finally talk to Joanne after years of seeing her face around and just not interacting. Got to finally game with Rachel.

    When games were on the program, they were where they were supposed to be. I could always find cold water to refresh my water bottle. The bathrooms were clean. I got to put faces to names and handles I only knew online and got to talk with old friends, make new friends. Got to play fun games. This was my first con in a while and it was nice to be back.
  • Space Nazi, was up in the hizza.

    Dexcon Security Crew, represent.
  • Posted By: JuddDexcon Security Crew, represent.
    Two Dreamations ago I bumped into some guy walking around with a gun. It wasn't marked in any way - it looked like a Remington 870 shotgun and made me a little uneasy. I went over to the security desk, told them about it, and they looked at me with rheumy eyes while they finished their dinner. To be fair, the Space Nazi was not among them. No doubt he would have taken care of it.
  • All my games ran and were full.

    I managed to run the 6th (and final) episode of the PTA scifi game called 'Cold Sleep" that we pitched and piloted several Dreamations ago. It felt really good to cap that one off, and the folks who played in that episode all brought their A game. It was awesome.

    Ran some straight PTA, Lady Blackbird, and Ganakagok. I wish I'd had a longer slot for Ganakagok - it felt very short on time, but they were all strong games, full of good stuff.

    I got in some Dominion in between things, and in one of my open slots Tony, Dave and I managed to read the rules and figure out how to play Small World. Liking that board game a lot.

    I had a great time and it easily felt like the most fun I've had a Dexcon in several years. Good friends, good games, and plenty of good talk.

    All around win for me.
  • I had the best session of my game ever, and Judd's spider's thing was the best game of BW I was ever in. I also had my best birthday ever.

    So I liked it.
  • Jeff, I meant to email you to say that I couldn't make it. Very sad to have missed the finale! What happened to Father Alvaro in the end?
  • Dexcon was fruitful for me this year, even though I left before a lot of folks got there. I ran early-draft playtests of two games I'm working on, one a structured freeform Austenesque steampunk comedy of manners that brought in some honest-to-goodness larpers and the other a more typical indie-style game about colonizing the New World. Both generated really incisive comments and feedback while at the same time being--at least for me--enjoyable play experiences. I also took a Trail of Cthulhu adventure that I'm working on out for a spin, and I think it's got legs. The investigators played Bob Heinlein, Tony Boucher, and a young Philip K. Dick in 1950s California, investigating the death of rocket-scientist-by-day/occult-priest-by-night Jack Parsons, and by all accounts had a good time. Then I ran an episode of Chronica Feudalis where the PCs were crusader princes trying to capture the Syrian city of Antioch before a relieving army of Turks could get there; I was happy to see the system in action and figure out how to GM it. Finally, I ran Mortal Coil and I liked the story we created, about the son of the fallen angel Wormwood trying to redeem his obligation to his father by waking the sleeping dragon Behemoth to ravage the kingdom of Prester John.

    So it was a heady mix of games, and I didn't have much time to just hang out and shoot the breeze with folks as usual. So I'm looking forward to working at the IPR booth at Gencon.
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    I had an iPod and a microphone for it, which I used to record some games. On the drive home, my brother & I used it to record a session for Storyjammers talking about the games we played. If you don't care to devote an hour to hearing us talk about all the fun we had, the highlights are:
    • We got to play the Dresden Files! It's pretty awesome.
    • Mike spent his first day playing first with Mel in SotC, then in the New World game that Bill mentions. He loved the SotC game, and he's really looking forward to when Bill gets the New World game ready.
    • I played in the larp-ish game that Bill mentions. It's pretty awesome. The Reader idea really works for this. Plus, I got to play with an outrageous French accent, which is guaranteed fun no matter what else happens.
    • We did not get to have the Godesky Brothers interviewing the White Brothers, which is sad. But it gave me the idea, which is good.
    • Mike's been looking for a good supers game, so he was pretty excited to play With Great Power with Michael Miller. He's hoping to run a campaign.
    • Mike played his first game of PTA, the last episode of Cold Sleep with Jeff Collyer. We talk about fan mail for a bit.
    • We both played Misspent Youth, but in different games. I got to play in the game Rob talks about a few comments up. Recap in the episode. It was intense.
    • I finally got to play Lady Blackbird! I was Captain Vance, and it was kind of tragic for me.
    • I got to play some Shock:. It was awesome, but kind of depressing. We probably had too many players.
    • And I playtested the Fifth World! And even better, I think it's finally solid enough to move forward!
  • Grrr, I just typed up a long post and it disappeared. So let's try this again with less babbling:

    I had a wonderful time at Dexcon this year. I seem to play and socialize a little more each time. This is a fabulous thing. :) I had great fun with Mel's SothC game, and Bill's Austenesque Freeform LARP was fantastic! I can't wait to see how it evolves from the playtest. If only I had had time to write morbid poetry... I facilitated a game of A Taste for Murder that was an absolute hoot. I also loved Jason's Fifth World game. (Jason, please don't take my grousing about the spirituality negatively. It was an "at the moment" story thing. I already have ideas on locations and conflict I'd like to try in other sessions.) I finally got to play A Penny for My Thoughts with the Shadow Out of Memory questionnaire. The story was great, but with only three players it was a grueling session. For future Penny games, I'm only playing with four or more players.

    Speaking of Dexcon security, I'd like to apologize for my drunken friend's behavior on Friday night. Jason and especially Rob, thank you for being so gracious with an idiot.

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    Posted By: Kevin Allen JrDespite the fact that I WORK IN THE BUILDING i was only able to really make it to the con in any meaningful way on saturday, so perhaps this is a skewed opinion but I was a bit disappointed. It felt barren, sparsely attended, and less professional than in past years.
    Saturday had a significantly different traffic flow than is usual for we indie games enthusiasts. The RPGA had some sort of big group event, and so they had all their events in the big ballroom, and all of our indie games were moved out into the smaller rooms in the hall, or the tables outside near the movie theater or the waterfall. Therefore the normal buzzing center of activity amidst the IPR booth was less so on Saturday, simply due to the room change. Attendance for the con as a whole was up. I'm pretty sure that attendance was up for IGE events, too, when compared to previous DEXCONs. When compared to Dreamation, we're down, but that's always the case.

    Kat and I had a great convention and can't wait for Dreamation. I'm working on my convention summary. Will post to my blog and link here when finished.

    Thanks to all who brought their A-game to Morristown!

    BTW, how'd the roundtable go on Sunday?
  • Alas, it was unable to come off, as it was scheduled for the same room they were having the auction in, and that went considerably overtime. So it looked like the few people who were able to even find where it was supposed to be got bored and wandered off after waiting for more then twenty minutes. Bit of a bummer. However, the rest of the show was fun. I ran KISS: The Rock Opera for likely the last couple of times before retiring it as my con game, and met many cool fans and creators while running the booth (especially a few board and card game designers who seemed psyched about the idea of expanding the IPR model to include designers like them!) dw
  • My convention write up is available here..

    Now we merely await Rob's "One Cool Thing I Saw at DEXCON" in which I neglect to appear, as my Internet invisibility seems to be spreading to real life.
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    I missed both last years DexCon and this past Dreamation.. and Camp Nerdly was canceled. So I have been itching to get back to a Con.

    I ran my Covent demo of years passed. It worked just fine, also always it makes a fast paced story; that I never know just how it will end.

    My Friday AM, Covent demo didn't happen but that was fine, got a good walk in, then a swim, and a good steam.

    Played in one of Jeff C.'s PTA games. Sadly it wasn't "Cold Sleep" the game I had been in years ago.. We did have a neat steampunk, with a focus on the sufferings of those that work the machines. The price of industry.

    Ran Remember Tomorrow, twice. Saturday and Sunday Morning. Seems I hyped the game, and IPR sold out.. helps that it's only $10.
    I was real surprised how much interest there was.. It's a great game, every table really enjoyed themselves. As IPR was of out the game, at each game I gave away one of the booklet's I had printed out.
    At the first game one of the players asked if he could have a one, I told him ok I'd give it to the first PC to achieve their goals. I have a few questions for Gregor, and suggestions on the sheets.

    Played Fifth World, not sure how much I like it. I was a playtester for the two games most like it, How We Came to Live Here, and Ganakagok. So it's hard not to compare it to those. It has a different flow but also seemed to me to be a remixed of those two, but with out some of their better features. My best bet is that I am just to close to HWCLH and Gkgk, to be a judge of this.

    Played in Judd's Shock game, I was real happy to get in, and play with the human contact rules. We didn't have time to really explore our story, but it was fun and a great intro to Shock.

    Played in Michael O'Sullivan's Criminal Element game, it's maturing nicely, I played it some years ago. I never had so much fun as roleplaying a horny Russian Hacker. When in doubt my Cryptic Russian Confidence, often was successful.

    I recored some of these games, some I forgot to. And I didn't realize how fast the batteries died.
  • I was really excited about this years Dexcon and ready to run and play.

    Thursday morning I ran fortune-less Everway. The scenario was Darkenwood Knights - Dragon-knapped which I ran as a With Great Power game at this years Dreamation. I tweaked the system a little so that with player help a hero could increase their elemental value. That led to players looking for ways to help each other and team play which I really liked.

    Then for the Afternoon there was Bill Whites "A Romance in the Air" Larp -playtest- and That was a lot of fun. There was this wonderful dance of one person being the directer, Setting the Scene and calling for characters, and throwing situation at them, two players "active" roleplaying, and one person being the "reader." I couldn't wait for it to be my turn even as I loved watching the play unfold when it was not my turn,

    Thursday Night would have been Serial Homicide Unit but that folded. So I got to jump into Jason Godesky's The Fifth World. I discovered I am a terrible playtester. I halted the game as soon as it went a way I didn't expect. I wanted to know why. This led to some serious introspection of my player behavior and the idea of beinging a notebook to make notes and ask questions after a game is over which I intend to do for now on. Jason was very patient and graceful about it.

    Friday Morning was Joanna running Graham wonder A Taste For Murder game. I tried to create the "most likely to be murdered" character. I was the wretched old aunt with the money. Even I wanted to kill me when it was time to vote on a victim. But the mechanics have this unique twist that came to light just as we were voting. So I ended up being the murderess instead. It was wonderful. I want to do more than play this game again. I want to run this game.

    Friday Afternoon was the Queen For a Day Larp. We barely had enough players. Only three that I didn't rope in ahead of time with promises of cake. (and the cake was yummy). This turned out to be a lot more fun then I expected. Ive been working with the Larp Mechanic for a while and I think they are pretty smooth now. I don't know if I want to run an Everlarp for Dreamation only because there is always so much to want to do there, but I'll definately run the LARP next dexcon (its on my birthday again)

    Friday Night I got to Hang out with my hubby and Bill Segulin after dinner. We played some board games and just chilled.

    Saturday Morning my With Great Power Game folded. and I almost got into a game of Penny For Your Thoughts when I realized this was one of those games I was not going to be able to play. I hadn't expected it but as I was listening to the very beginning of the game I had to leave.

    Saturday afternoon I helped a friend register for just the day and played in the Boardgame room. Sticheln is a wicked little game, it was fun playing it with some who love it as much as I do.

    I regret not pre-reging for Saturday nights Lady Blackbird game. That was another game I wanted to play. But did some socializing instead.

    All in all it was a wonderful fulfilling convention for me.
  • Posted By: Michael S. MillerAttendance for the con as a whole was up. I'm pretty sure that attendance was up for IGE events, too, when compared to previous DEXCONs.
    I stand corrected. My experience appears to not have been indicative of the con as a whole. I'll temper my opinion with that fact.
  • Posted By: Kevin Allen JrPosted By: Michael S. MillerAttendance for the con as a whole was up. I'm pretty sure that attendance was up for IGE events, too, when compared to previous DEXCONs.
    I stand corrected. My experience appears to not have been indicative of the con as a whole. I'll temper my opinion with that fact.

    Temper your opinion??!! With FACT???!!! You, sir, are heretofore BANNED FROM THE INTERNETS. FOREVER!!!1!1!111!


    I enjoyed myself at DexCon, and got to play a nice mix of games and hang out with a lot of awesome people!

  • I heard there was some Happy Birthday Robot floating around. Anyone get a chance to play it?
  • I'm really bummed that the Shock:Human Contact games were overcrowded and I wasn't there to moderate a solution. I think that what happened was that, at Dreamation, I accidentally asked for too many people, then didn't fix it this time.

    I have to really resolve this before Dreamation next. It's often triple or quadruple booked, and it's jerky of me to make promises I can't keep.

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    Overall a pretty good con for me,

    Started off Thursday with Matt's part-one-of-three Labyrinths and Lycanthropes. I hadn't played the game since Matt's very first time running it, when we didn't have the mechanics down quite right, so it was good to try it again and have it go a bit more smoothly. I also love how L&L lends itself to playing wacky monsters--this time I played a half-vampire half-werewolf with a habit of writing terrible poetry.

    Thursday night was supposed to be Serial Homicide Unit, but when that folded I jumped into Penny For My Thoughts. Most. Memorable. Penny. Game. Ever. We were playing the basic version, and it was going about as dramatically as penny usually goes when, between round 2 and 3, we drank about a bottle and a half of wine between four of us. Round three involved all of our characters winding up on an urban commune/goddess-worshipping sex cult in Detroit. It was totally over the top and raunchy and much sillier than penny usually is, but it worked because we were all on board with it. A +

    Friday morning--Lady Blackbird. I love how much ass-kicking it is possible to do in this game, and how one basic story prompt can lead in so many different directions. I played my Naomi as being not-so-secretly in love with Lady Blackbird. It ended poorly for her. Poor Naomi.

    Friday afternoon--Discovered that Capes doesn't do a whole lot for me. Maybe it would if I knew a bit more about the superhero genre, or if somebody explained the rules to me before game time, but as is I was lost a lot of the time.

    Friday night--InSpectres. Fun! My game had a bit of a pacing problem (we were only just beginning to solve the mystery when the slot ended) but the excellent chemistry between everyone's characters totally made up for that.

    Saturday afternoon--I really wanted to try out Kevin's new competitive storytelling game, Choosing 'Cides, but alas I was the only player. By the time I found another friend who was up for it he had left, so the two of us wound up jumping over to the playtest of One Night. Not my style--I like games with a teensy bit more formal structure to them. Also, the friend I'd brough over to play was incredibly knowledgable about the Elizabethan era, when the game was set, and I...really wasn't, and was also playing the queen. Given another player with a lot of genre knowledge in a game where I don't have much, I tend to shrink back a lot.

    Saturday night, last game, and the last round of L&L. More good dungeon-bashing fun.

    There was also a lot of Dominion and good conversation in there too. Hi everyone! I'll see y'all again at Dreamation, or hopefully before for those of you in greater DC.
  • I had a great time at Dexcon this year. I got the chance to run two sessions of games and play in one. It was a great experience, and one that I would gladly return to again next year.

    Friday night I ran Whispering Vault, a game that I deeply adore. The scenario was about a terrible other-dimensional monster called an Unbidden that was living in London during the Blitz and was obsessed with surgery to the point that he was conducting operations on random people in the city. It all went off like the darkest, most effed up episode of Doctor Who ever, and I had a blast with everyone at the table. That session, along with a playtest of the same scenario, led me to have some small revelations about that game's mechanics. All in all, a fantastic experience.

    Saturday afternoon I ran Criminal Element, as mentioned above by Nicholas. All in all, I could not be happier with that session of the game. I find I still need to figure out some things when actually explaining the rules at the table (which is a powerful and important set of skills to learn), but the mechanics worked well and everyone seemed to have a blast. Gameplay has gotten to the point with CE where the rules are reliably doing exactly what they are designed to do, and a great session post-mortem just further honed things down.

    Saturday evening I played my first round of Bang!, the Italian card game. It was a blast, and I was totally blindsided by the emergent social play of that game. Not what I was expecting at all, and you can take that in every positive way you can think of.

    Sunday afternoon was devoted to a game of the Dresden Files which, sadly, didn't quite go off. Everyone was gathered at the table to play but too many players decided they didn't like the pre-genned characters supplied and wanted to make their own. Three hours later and we were just ready to start playing. Rough experience, that. I still was able to salvage what I wanted out of the session (to see some of the changes in gameplay from older iterations of FATE to DFRPG), but I didn't get the chance to actually play. I really like the GM, and they were very apologetic and kind, but it was still a frustration.

    Beyond that there was the standard Double Exposure Convention social scene. Most evenings were spent hanging out in the front lobby talking about all sorts of things. Vinnie and the DExposure crew, as well as Kat and Mike and the IGE, really do supply us with a phenomenal venue in which to meet up with friends and have a great time. I could not be more thankful. Most conversations on Sunday normally ended with mention of meeting up again at Dreamation. I know I'll be there.
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