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You want to be a cell leader in the Underground Network? Play Misspent Youth (available currently for preorder) with me from this day forward, and you're in. Once you're a cell leader, you get a free, enhanced, and personalized copy of the game in PDF form, and the power to make more cell leaders.


Play the game with me from this day forward, and I'll give you a Package.


Your Package is a personalized, annotated, enhanced PDF of my new tabletop sci-fi roleplaying game about friendship and standing up for the weak, Misspent Youth.

Register the Package I give you, then you get your own individualized Package, complete with a unique cypher.

(The cypher will either be removable, or a Package will include two files, one which has it and one which doesn't. I'm not doing an anti-piracy thing, here. I'll just ask you not to fuck up the Network by being an asshole.)

Your package allows you to extend the same deal to other people. You can make a copy of your cypher-personalized Package, and if they want to register to become cell leaders, they just give me your cypher, then they get their own Package.

The cypher

I intend to use the cypher to unlock enhanced material, perhaps additional customization options, first looks at new material, etc. I specifically imagine allowing people to share their cypher history if they wish, so there can be a document of the culture of the Network.

The Network's home

For the time being at least, Underground Network will be hosted on a Vimeo group, which will also act as a repository for videos that are in the spirit of the game. There are forums there as well.

Underground Network is an effort intensely linked to the themes of Misspent Youth. It's about trust, interpersonal connections, enthusiasm, and subverting the dominant scheme for sharing ideas. It's about sharing creativity and passion, and I hope you consider joining.


  • Brilliant. So F'ing cool.
  • So your going on Tour?
  • Posted By: ziphtSo your going on Tour?
    Not necessarily (though I am going to Gen Con). But the idea is that everyone who plays with me is another node that can create theoretically-limitless nodes themselves.
  • That's neat, Rob. I like the personal thing.
  • Posted By: GrahamThat's neat, Rob. I like the personal thing.
    Thanks, Graham. It's actually the key thing that was missing when I was describing it to some people prior to the official release. They wanted to see the point, wanted to see what I got out of it. Doing some note-taking (with this awesome open-source mind-mapping software called FreeMind), it occurred to me that answering the "why" was something I should spend some time thinking about. You know, beyond, "It seems right."

    So this is what occurred to me. The personal thing, as you put it, is why I'm doing it, and what I get out of it.

    (Plus, obviously, nakedly, promotion for my game.)
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