[Gen Con] Design Matters 2010 (Check out the Booth Menu!)

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Hi everyone!

This is going to mark the third year of the Design Matters booth at Gen Con, and we're really excited! Our core mission is to connect gamers with great new games that they'll really enjoy, and we have a [url=ttp://gregorhutton.com/dm/DesignMatters2010.pdf]fantastic catalog[/url] (click to download the Booth Menu PDF) this year:


Happy Birthday, Robot! from Daniel Solis
Mars Colony from Tim Koppang of TCK Roleplaying
Blowback, by Elizabeth Shoemaker of Two Scooters Press
Swords Without Master from Epidiah Ravachol of Dig 1000 Holes Publishing
Hell 4 Leather from Joe Prince of Prince of Darkness Games
Dread House from Epidiah Ravachol of Dig 1000 Holes Publishing and Emily Care Boss of Black and Green Games
Mecha from Heroic Journey Publishing, presented by Red Moon Medicine Show

Annalise: Final Edition from Nathan D. Paoletta of ndp design
It's Complicated Revised from Elizabeth Shoemaker of Two Scooters Press

OLD GOODNESS - All of which have been nominated for 2009 Indie RPG Awards!
The Dance and the Dawn by Dev Purkayastha, presented by ndp design
Labyrinths & Lycanthropes by Joe Prince of Prince of Darkness Games
Time & Temp by Epidiah Ravachol of Dig 1000 Holes Publishing

We will be the Gen Con home of the Diana Jones Award nominated Kagematsu, by Danielle Lewon of Cream Alien Games.

We're booth # 2100. To keep track of what we're up to over the summer (and maybe win some goodies), the best thing is to follow us on Twitter.

Thanks! Can't wait to see you in August!

Design Matters 2010 is:
Kevin Allen Jr
Nathan D. Paoletta
Gregor Hutton
Epidiah Ravachol
Daniel Solis
Tim Koppang
Elizabeth Shoemaker
Shreyas Sampat
Dev Purkayastha
Clint Krause
Cassie Krause


  • Sad I'm not there this year.
    Kill it, boys and girls.
  • Fantastic Nathan!

    I'll be there and I'm super excited to distract you from paying customers! Ok, ok, I'll buy some stuff to!

    Who's actually going to be at the booth?
  • Shreyas and I will totally be there. Although all of my books will say Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat.
  • I'm really excited to be on the other side of the booth this year. :D
  • Joe, we will miss your Canadian humor for sure.

    Posted By: ndpDesign Matters 2010 is:
    Kevin Allen Jr
    Nathan D. Paoletta
    Gregor Hutton
    Epidiah Ravachol
    Daniel Solis
    Tim Koppang
    Elizabeth Shoemaker
    Shreyas Sampat
    Dev Purkayastha
    Clint Krause
    Cassie Krause
    Will be the bodies on the ground, as it were. And we will be more than happy to take your money, as usual!
  • ndpndp
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    Very exciting addition! Gregor Hutton's Near-Future game Remember Tomorrow will be at the booth as well!
  • Design Matters is committed to providing just as diverse a digital selection as we will have in print at Gen Con. So...

    Design Matters comes to your inbox! Check out the variety of fun games that will be showcased at the Design Matters booth (#2100) at Gen Con Indy 2010. The Design Matters PDF bundle contains six amazing stand-alone games for only $30. From horror to sci-fi, comedy to drama, there's something for everyone in this selection the newest and freshest independently published games.

    The Design Matters 2010 Bundle includes:
    - Annalise*, a gothic horror story game of pain, hunger and redemption by Nathan D. Paoletta (carry. a game about war.)
    - The Dance and the Dawn, a fantasy fable of dance and romantic tragedy by Dev Purkayastha
    - Happy Birthday, Robot! a story-telling game for families and classrooms by Daniel Solis (Meatbot Massacre)
    - Labyrinths & Lycanthropes, a no-nonsense monster bash by Joe J Prince (Contenders, Piledrivers & Powerbombs)
    - Time & Temp, a game of time travel and under-employment by Epidiah Ravachol (Dread)
    - Remember Tomorrow, near-future cyberpunk roleplaying by Gregor Hutton (Best Friends, 3:16)

    All of these great games will be available in print at the Design Matters booth at Gen Con, but why wait? This bundle is available exclusively through RPGnow!

    *as with all PDF's delivered via RPGNow, you will get an updated link when the new Final Edition PDF becomes available later this summer.
  • That's not a bad bundle at that price! I know the majority of those games myself, and they're entirely valid designs worth the price of a full game. A good range of different stuff, too - I dare say that everybody will find something interesting in there, whether they like dungeon crawling, core formalist Forgeisms or modern streamlined simulationism. All in all, my estimation is that this package is underpriced at a factor of roughly 2:1 - get yours while they're hot!
  • Exciting Announcement!

    Design Matters will be the Gen Con home of the Diana Jones Award nominated Kagematsu!

    We're very pleased that we can help support Danielle and her beautiful game.
  • That's completely wonderful. I'm glad it's got a home at GenCon.

    Is it in the bundle? I'm guessing not.
  • That's Tony Dowler's handiwork right there. And it couldn't be more rad.
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    The Design Matters Booth Menu is now online.

    We've got the lowdown on the booth's games:

    Annalise: Final Edition
    Dread House
    Happy Birthday, Robot!
    Hell 4 Leather
    It’s Complicated: Revised
    Labyrinths & Lycanthropes
    Mars Colony
    Pro-Wrasslin’ Battle Royale
    Remember Tomorrow
    Swords Without Master
    The Dance and the Dawn
    Time and Temp

    ...and especially for GenCon 2010 in partnership with Cream Alien Games:
    Kagematsu (it's up for the Diana Jones Award)

    See you at Booth 2100. Oh, and follow the twitter feed -- http://twitter.com/DesignMattersGC -- for promos throughout the con!
  • That booth menu is fantastic. Those one-sheets really appeal to me as a potential buyer; you can hold the menu in hand and consider all the games at once without someone breathing down your neck. Nice work.

    Out of curiosity, how will you be printing it up?
  • The last two years we had it tattooed on the backs of the booth staff. They would all stand in a line facing the back wall of the booth, allowing various passers-by to causally browse the catalog in complete silence.

    However, certain people thought that the removal surgery was too costly and painful and have proposed other ways to print it. I'll let them explain more, because, honestly, I'm a little miffed about the decision. I already got my Blowback tattoo.
  • Dowler's plagiarizing himself now!
  • Hey Steve, thanks!

    I'll be printing up a couple of high-res menus in colour at a Fed-Ex/Kinko's on Monday, and we'll put them in a display folder so we'll have two nice menus for leafing through on the booth.

    Everybody on the booth was very good at sending me their images and info so it was easy to put together. Thanks, everybody!
  • Damn... that's a lot of money I'm going to be spending in one place.
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