Fastaval, Aarhus, Denmark, April 20-24: Early bird offer

The last couple of years Fastaval has gained more and more attention from outside of Denmark, and the small flow of new visitors from from Scandinavia, Europe and the U.S. is on the rise. This is a trend that we greatly appreciate. Not only because we are eager to share our – guaranteed – unique convention with the rest of the world, but because these visits it benefit “the spirit of Fastaval” greatly. New acquaintances are made, ideas spawned and experiences shared across borders. It’s pure win-win.

But we also know that travel expenses can be a bit off-putting for some, which is why we have decided put together a special “Early Bird” offer for the quick ones. Therefore the first 10 non-danish registrations we receive will get a discount of…

NO LESS THAN 500 DKK (aproxx. 67 € / 90 $)

To qualify for the offer you must:

* Be born and raised outside of Denmark
* Not currently live in Denmark
* Have never been to Fastaval before
* Be among the first ten people fulfilling the above conditions and sending in a registration to the convention.
* Tick of the “I’m an Early Bird” checkbox in the online registration

The registration opens February 21, 2011 at 20:00 (8 p.m. – danish time/GMT +1) at So get ready!

After you’ve signed up, our international host will contact you to confirm that you were indeed among the first ten qualifying for the discount. The 500 DKK discount will then be payed back to you, cash in hand, when you show up at the convention.

If you have any questions regarding this offer (or anything else actually), feel free to contact our international host at

To read more about Fastaval, here’s a link to “The Great Fastaval FAQ“


  • The international host will be me, Frederik J. Jensen. Feel free to ask questions here as well.

    The list of events will be announced later - expect more than 30 brand new scenarios.
  • PS: Note that the city council of Aarhus officially renamed the city from Århus to Aarhus this year "to make it easier for non Danes to locate the city".
  • I wish I could go, so very much. I do have a game in competition though!

    For the record Frederik is an excellent host, gracious and accommodating.
  • The location has been revealed:

    With a view of green forests on the one hand and lakes on the other, Fastaval 2011 moves away from the public schools of Aarhus. This year Fastaval looks forward to welcoming all Fastavalians in Silkeborg


    Furthermore, event descriptions are being uploaded as this is written. Find e.g. Hardcore by Tobias Wrigstad and The Venetian Tragedy by Jason Morningstar here.

    Registration opens tomorrow Monday at 20.00 CET!
  • Question: how easy/hard it is (and how expensive/cheap do you expect it to be) to get from Billund airport (rather than Aarhus) to Silkeborg?
  • The fastest solution is an X-bus (913X), takes 1½ hours and costs 87 DKK. But sadly only leaves every three hours or so. There are other options (that takes a bit more than 2 hours and cost a bit more I think) that leave more often.

    This site is the easiest way to plan train and bus in Denmark: (it has only limited ability to calculate prises though).
  • Thank you!
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