[Fastaval 2011] Special guests: Luke Crane and Jared Sorensen

In the eleventh hour, and just 10 days before the sign-up for Fastaval 2011 closes, we are happy and proud to announce two special guests at this year’s Fastaval.

Luke Crane is an award-winning and sometimes controversial game designer from New York and the man behind such games as Burning Wheel, Burning Empires and last but not least Mouse Guard. His latest creation is the roleplaying game FreeMarket, written and published together with Jared Sorensen. Luke can be found at www.burningwheel.org and on twitter (Link http://twitter.com/burning_luke).

Jared Sorensen has worked on a wide array of game platforms, from his own roleplaying game Lacuna to computergames like Dungeon & Dragons Online and Neverwinter Nights. He claims he can entertain all of Fastaval at once with his MTV-approved dungeon-game Action Castle (link http://geek-news.mtv.com/2011/03/17/the-top-10-hottest-tabletop-games-of-pax-east/). He is also permanently banned from the largest roleplaying site of the web, rpg.net. Read more about Jared on his own webpage http://memento-mori.com/

This is Luke’s & Jared’s first visit to Scandinavia, and there will be plenty of opportunity to meet, game and talk with the two gentlemen at Fastaval. Amongst other things they will host demos of their games on Thursday, participate in both The Grand Bazar and Indie Sunday and can be found at the International Time in the café. On Saturday it will also be possible to participate in their seminar Game Design is Mind Control.

Luke Crane’s and Jared Sorensen’s visit to Fastaval has been made possible with economical support from The Culture and Leisure Department of Silkeborg Municipality.


  • Wait: the government is paying for two RPG designers to make an international flight? Denmark is a truly enlightened place.
  • The pølser are delicious.
  • Yeah, we got municipal support according to the local news paper in part because they want to support festivals attracting young people - as Fastaval will do - and in part because Fastaval is frequented by young people, that theaters otherwise has a hard time attracting.

    Basicly, roleplaying is a cultural activity supported by the government. :-)

    Anyway I am really looking forward to this years Fastaval. It is going to be a great.
  • I'm very jealous that I can't make it this year. My friend is going. It makes me green.
  • Posted By: Jason MorningstarThe pølser are delicious.
    I was not a vegetarian when I lived there. That would be hard.
  • Posted By: Morten GreisBasicly, roleplaying is a cultural activity supported by the government. :-)
    *wistful sigh*
  • It is the joy of a social-democratic regime. Many things are financially supported in Denmark. In return, we pay much in taxes. Personally I think it's great but can understand if it seems strange to people of different cultural and society.

    But wow I am looking forward to meeting Luke and Jared and see the FreeMarket rpg and share the bad Fastaval food, the good Fastaval beer, the amazing Fastaval role playing and the whole wounderful Fastaval experience with them. Fastaval is great and all of you: If you can make it - you should come.
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