BattleTech based SRS for Mecha could use some feedback

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This is probably not the best place to announce this, but oh well.

As mentioned in this other thread I've thrown together a setting reference schematic (SRS) for Chris Perrin's game Mecha, based on the Succession War era of BattleTech. It is not completed, not all that playtested and just a Google doc at the moment, but it's far enough along to be made public. If this sounds like the type of thing you'd be into, I'd appreciate you checking it out and letting me know if it scratches any itches you have, or how it might scratch them more.

You can find it here: Succession



  • In finishing up Appendix C (mech conversions), I realized Chris was right about the dice reallocating configurations, so I rewrote a bit, junking all of them and replacing them with something that doesn't break the trait limits, but still follows the idea of flexibility through shifting traits.

    Not that anyone but me cares, really. :-)
  • Oh, you have your lurkers. Please keep us posted when the next update drops. :-)
  • Sorry, dude. Camp Nerdly #4 was this weekend, it's been a rush leading up to it.

    I really like your work, you have captured what I like about Battletech and told me how I can retell stories in that setting. Thanks!

    Play-wise, this week I will be borrowing a copy of Mecha, then we'll see about getting some game on.
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