Indie Games Explosion at Dreamation 2012

Hey, folks. It's that time of the year again, and I'm taking over for Kat and Michael as the Indie Games Explosion organizer for Dreamation! Dreamation 2012 will be held at the Morristown Hyatt in Morristown, NJ from Thursday, February 23 to Sunday, February 26, 2012. Will you be there? Do you dare to have that much fun?

There will be an Indie Games Explosion at Dreamation. The Explosion always features dozens of the very best indie games and dozens of the best indie game GMs and designers running them.

The Explosion needs your help! We need you to come to the con and play games. We need you to come to the con and RUN games! Here’s how:

Come and play
If you just want to come to Morristown and have a blast, here’s how you can help make the Explosion great:

1) Go to the registration page and pre-register for the con.
2) Watch this thread for announcements of what events people are planning to run.
3) When the official schedule is up, around February 14-16, register for the games you want to play.
4) Come to Morristown and bring your A-game!

Come and run
The nitroglycerin at the heart of every Indie Games Explosion are all the great folks who come out with a game in hand, ready to rock the house. If you’ve got a game session in your soul, burning to get out, here’s how you can help:

1) Post your event description here, or on your blog, or wherever the kids are chattering these days. Get people excited about your game.
2) Send an e-mail to my gmail account: brennanrtaylor. At that point, I will send you a Google document that contains all the information we need from you in order to officially register the event. Fill it out and return it BEFORE January 25, 2012.
3) If you run at least three events, you will receive a GM badge to the convention. At some point in January, we will send you a code you can use on the registration page.
4) When the official schedule is up, around February 13-14, register for the games you want to play.
5) Come to Morristown and revel!

A Note on Small Events
Games sessions for 4 players are a bit of a sticky situation. On the one hand, they take up an entire table for an entire gaming slot while only entertaining a few people. On the other hand, some of the best indie games are only built for 4 and create less fun for everybody if expanded.

Like last year, I’m going to ask you to consider running sessions for 5 or 6 players. By “consider,” I don’t mean “you must” or “you should” or “you will be shunned unless.” I simply mean “think about it.” Step away from the Internet for a moment, look at your game shelf, and ask yourself if you have a 5 or 6 player game you’ve been wanting to run. Can you stretch your abilities in that direction? Do you want to? Can you run Game A for 6 players in addition to running Game B for 4 players?

I can’t answer those questions. I’d just like you to answer them for yourself and your own situation. If the answer is “I want to run a bunch of 4 player games,” then that’s fine and we want you on-board for the Explosion.

Dreamation is a great place for games-in-development to get put through their paces. Not only is it easy to get people you don’t know to sign up for the game you’re working on, but some of the sharpest game designers will be there looking for new games to test.

If your game isn’t done, but you think it is at a point where it can probably entertain people for 3 to 4 hours, then register it as a regular event. Just please include the word “Playtest” in your event description.

If your game isn’t done, and you don’t know whether it works at all, it’s probably not ready to run as a regular event. However, don’t lose hope! Post about it here and see if people are interested. It’s easy to arrange an informal playtest session at Dreamation, where a bunch of people meet in the lobby or a hotel room and give your game a workout, or make sure to put Metatopia on your calendar for 2012. Metatopia is run in November and is specifically designed for games in playtest or games before they are even ready for playtest.

Assorted Other Stuff
I’m posting this on Story Games, but there’s probably other places on the Internet that might want to get involved. If you know of such a place, please invite them to participate. The more, the merrier.

None of the above is set in stone. If you’ve got suggestions, I want to hear them. I'll be doing my best to monitor these threads for questions and the like. However, if I haven’t responded in timely fashion, please e-mail me at brennanrtaylor on gmail with a link to the question. Thanks for your help.

See you in February!


  • I should be there. I always go unless something stops me, and car accidents have tried! I came straight out of the emergency room just to attend!

    If I am there, I'll signup to run games. I usually end up running pickup games but this probably doesn't help you out! So signup I shall.
  • My wife and I are planning to make it this year.

    I think I have a few options for what to run:

    A) My own games, like Christmas Ninjas, Scions of the Superspy, and Homeworld Project. They play great in a convention environment, but they don't seem to be popular enough to avoid me spending a few blocks sitting at an empty table.

    B) Some other games from off the indie beaten path, like Vajra enterprises Tibet. I'm less certain about how that'll play out at a convention or if it'll be popular enough, but at least I'm getting some other folk's games (hopefully) played.

    C) I could run or facilitate some current or past indie darlings. Like running Inspectres or facilitating Fiasco.

    I'll figure out what option(s) I take soon enough, but I'd welcome suggestions or advice.

    - Mendel
  • Gaaaaah! WHY must two of the larger tabletop gaming Cons in the Northeast happen on the same weekend every year?!?!

    Unfortunately, I will be helping my shop vend at TotalCon in Mansfield, MA. Someday!!!
  • I'm really looking forward to my first Dreamation and plan on playtesting my game (Spark RPG) a tonne. Eager to run 4-6 playtest sessions and would love some story gamers!

    Title - The Spark Of Creation (2-3 sessions)
    Game - Spark RPG Playtest
    Players: 3-6
    Description: This is a playtest session of the Spark RPG. It is a story game which encourages characters to challenge their beliefs and forces the players to examine those issues in a broader context.
    This session would include setting creation and character creation from scratch (~45-60 mins) and the remaining time would be spent in normal play. Experts/designers of the Fate system would be particularly appreciated for this game.

    Title - Seeking Suki (2-3 sessions)
    Game - Spark RPG Playtest
    Players: 3-5
    Description : This is a playtest session of the Spark RPG. It is a story game which encourages characters to challenge their beliefs and forces the players to examine those issues in a broader context.
    This session would focus on campaign-style play with premade characters. Experts/designers of the Burning Wheel system would be particularly appreciated for this game.

    *One session of Microscope

    *One session of Dungeon World, Bloodstone Idol.
  • Oh, man!

    I'm tempted to come out to this this year.

    I've got at least one six-player game I can run (my Lady Blackbird/Otherkind hack).

    How much time does one have left over to enjoy the Con and participate in other people's games if one commits to running three games?
  • Someone told me my contact info is hard to find above, so here it is:

    brennanrtaylor at gmail.

    If you'd like to run some games, send me an email and I'll set you up with a registration form.

    Paul: I find three games is manageable. I ran four one year and felt like I didn't have much time, but three doesn't seem like too heavy a load. The con runs from Thursday night through Sunday. I may be crazy again and run four, just so I can do another Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation using Spirit of the Century. Maybe A Princess of Mars this year!
  • How does this sound:

    Drifter's Escape (Facilitator + 5 should be fine for that, I might even allow 6)

    Burning Wheel (GM + 4)

    Dungeon World (GM + 4)

  • edited December 2011
    My current thoughts are:
    • Hell 4 Leather: a Vengeance Story, (2 - 5)
    • Apocalypse World: Hatchet City, (MC + 3 - 5)
    I'm chewing on if I want to run another session of H4L, or AW..
    My casting my eyes around if there another game I want to, (need to) run?
    I find MCing AW uniquely taxing, not sure I'm up for two sessions. I wish I could poll interests.

    Meanwhile I will work my jigs and see about finding a room and ride.
  • Thanks for taking up the baton, Brennan. Kat and I are both really looking forward to the con.

    I'll probably run two sessions of my Mouse Guard: Winter 1892 scenario. It's the Mouse Guard setting advanced to the Victorian Age.

    I'm not sure what else. I was toying with the idea of Microscope focusing on the history not of the Star Wars prequels that were actually made, but what the original trilogy actually implied. I don't know if anyone would find that fun but me.
  • I'm thinking some combination of Dogs, Mouse Guard, Psi*Run, Cthulhu Dark, and more.
  • I'll pay double to see you combine all those games together.
  • The Mouse Guard are like Dogs except Towns don't have to listen to you! You could have amnesia. And to a Mouse, a Bear might as well be Cthulhu! Hmmm....
  • If I have time to do the prep I may be running 3 sessions of Other Worlds.

    Otherwise I'll probably drop back and run 1 Dread(jenga) and 2 PTA games.

    If you missed out on something I ran previously and want to request a game I've already done the work for (Smallville, Smallville Fantasy, SOTC, etc), let me know and I'll try to run that.

    I'm hoping someone will run some Dungeon World, since I really want to play that.
  • Here is what I'm planning on running:

    Title: Castle Bravo
    Game: Trail of Cthulhu
    No. Players: 3-5
    Description: It is March, 1951. You are part of the crew of the USS Bairoko during secret H-bomb tests in the South Pacific near Bikini Atoll. In the aftermath of the first detonation, inexplicable anomalies disrupt shipboard operations, and it is up to you to unravel the eldritch mystery at their core.

    Title: Annals of Allohistory
    Game: The New World
    No. Players: 2-4
    Description: Adventure in a New World that never was! In this game, you collaboratively create a mashed-up quasi-historical setting prompted by the oracular meanings assigned to a deck of cards. Your character must then face the perils and possibilities of that setting, with consequences for the ultimate fate of the New World as well as for your character’s own individual destiny. Will you find fame or obscurity? Happiness or regret? And what will you bequeath to those who come after you? Freedom and prosperity? Or oppression and poverty? Your choices will leave a legacy for generations to come. Playtest.

    Title: The Justice Trade
    Game: Ashen Stars
    No. Players: 3-5
    Description: These days, what's left of the pan-species interstellar government called the Combine pays people like you to enforce the law among the scattered frontier planets out in the Bleed, while the bureaucrats back on the central worlds try to rebuild a semblance of the utopia they lost when the Mohilar attacked. Now the war's over, even if no one is quite sure how or why, and you and your crew of freelance effectuators patrol the edge of civilized space, trying to pay the bills while you keep the peace. But the competition in this line is fierce, and sometimes you have to cut corners--which makes you wonder if justice bought and paid for is any justice at all.

    Title: Mustering Out Blues
    Game: Traveller [GDW]
    No. Players: 2-6
    Description: You've just mustered out of Imperial service, and you're back in Mandala sub-sector, a few jumps away from the backwater planet you joined the Imperium to get away from. You've got enough cash on your chip to last you a while, but eventually the money's going to run out. So if you don't want to wind up spending your last credit for a low passage back to the homeworld you never wanted to see again, you're going to have to hustle to find the sort of work your years among the stars have equipped you to do. Like the song says: You've got the mustering out blues, my friend, and you've got them bad.
  • Perversely, I plan to run *two* games, just so that I have to pay to get in.

    One will ("will" in a "pending acceptance" sense) be a session of Misspent Youth - since Rob is going to run two sessions with pre-fab elements, I'll probably run it old skool and have the players make up the situation and Authority from scratch. Right now I'm hoping to find some info on a charity or food pantry to have people donate to as the "materials" they have to bring to the game. It's cold in NJ in February.

    The other will be:

    Title: The Takedown
    Game: Mutant City Blues [Pelgrane]
    Players: 3-5 (I could probably make it 6)
    "Everyone wants to take down a supervillain, right? Well, I've got a supervillain for you. This is the Four by Four - we've got murders, we've got guns, we've got prostitution, we've got cocaine, we've got heroin, hell, last time we took a door there we had two officers shot up. And at the center of it all we've got this guy, Derek Smallville. But since this nut threw up a force field when someone decided they could take him on, we've got you guys - the Heightened Crime Investigation Unit. And with HCIU, we get some money, we get the Feds, and we get way too much attention. So it's time to put him away for a long time, while we've got the spotlight. What? You want some a-hole in a cape ready to take over the world, move to New York. This is Baltimore."
  • OK, I have one more idea that I'll be pitching (even though I suspect that there'll be no lack of AW games):

    Apocalypse World: Escape From the Prison Planet

    All you have known is The Cage. You do not know who built it, but it is in disrepair. There are books, in the wreck of the library, several kilometers beyond the darkened hallway, that you have read, though they reek of urine from those who do not value such things, that show pictures that look like your home and name them as places of punishment. But if that is what it is, you do not know your crime, or that of your parents, or your parents' parents, that brought you here. There are tribes, and wars in the darkness, and pits of human and inhuman filth, and strange pristine white corridors. There are places where frightened slaves tend moldy hydroponic tanks and places of silence and bright light where food simply appears when no one is looking. Somehow, you have made a life here, such as it is. You hate your enemies, and love your friends, and question your allies, just as the books say it has always been.

    But now there are rumors of pilgrims coming to your corner of The Cage. Maimed refugees from far beyond where you have explored say they have a leader named Merciful, and that he promises redemption. He sweeps away those who resist and promises the truth to those who will follow him to The Spike. They say that you will be forgiven if you submit, for all that you have done to be here. The hordes are coming. They will be here soon. You can hear their voices ringing in the walls.
  • Hey, everyone, thanks for all the interest in the Indie Games Explosion! There's some great stuff here, and a lot of people have contacted me by email as well. To get everything on the schedule, I'm going to need email addresses for GMs, so everyone who wants in please email me at

    I also wanted to remind everyone who may not have committed to yet that we only have two weeks left to get these in. Everything is due to me by January 25!
  • If you can, please remind us again next week as well!
  • I'll be running "Where My Clothes!?," "Ghost Pirates," and a handful of Jeep games. Can't wait!
  • I'm putting my list together now, but I'll definitely be running stuff this year.
  • I'm planning to run 3 sessions of "Castaways" this time out. I had some great playtests at Metatopia, so I'm looking forward to testing out my revisions. Here's a quick blurb about the game:

    "You are a group of ordinary people who are in an extraordinary circumstance. You are stranded on a remote location with no way of contacting the outside world. Your resources are limited and it’s clear that time is against you. How will you survive? You can pool resources to try to stave off the inevitable. Or you can fend for yourself, hoping that you’ll be able to outlast everyone else. It’s likely only one of you will make it out. Who will it be?"

    I've been working on polishing gameplay...getting things up running faster. I may pre-select scenarios for the Con...though I think it's kind of fun to let the table decide what predicament the characters are in. At Metatopia, characters were members of the mafia, stranded in Siberia as they tried to steal a train full of gold. It was fun, but lots of casualties. I'm itching to pull in a Cthulhu setting, but I'm not sure how it might work. In any case...I'm excited to run it again!
  • This is my list of games for Dreamation:

    Title: Mean Times in Mankara
    Game: Burning Wheel Gold
    Players: 3-5
    Description: A holiday masquerade ball is marred by a murder that threatens to destroy Mankara, the Great City. Our heroes face off against multiple foes including mysterious murderers and destructive dragons in an adventure of intrigue, drama, and derring do!

    Title: Temple of Kings
    Game: Sorcerer (& Sword)
    Players: 2-4
    Description: Minaria is once more at war as the Black Hand and his proxies extend the reach of the Tower of Zards throughout the land. Four heroes, the Black Knight, Schardenzar the Sorcerer, Juulute Wolfheart, and Bilge Rat are drawn into the conflict. It is their choices that will decide the future course of the war!

    Title: Port Call: Lurulu
    Game: Skulduggery
    Players: 3-5
    Description: Explore the vastness that is the Gaean Reach, the broad expanse of known and unknown human space. Seek out the ineffable Lurulu, be it myth, legend or something else entirely. Skulduggery in space, with the characters generated randomly, and the initial situation determined at the start of play!
  • I'm running each of these 2 games twice.

    Title : Crush Depth
    Game : Dread (Jenga)
    Players : 3-6
    Description : 1944 - North Atlantic - Depth 362ft. - The crew of SS-269 Rasher sits in cold and wet, pausing now that the German depth charges have stopped. The mission was to secretly bring a group of researchers to an island not on anyone's charts and let them do something to help the war, something only spoken about as 'Objective Zebra'. Whatever happened on that island didn't go well, and then the German spotter planes showed up. Now the mission is simply to stay alive. The crush depth for the Rasher was 350ft. Its hull now creaks and groans under the terrible pressure. But there is another sound amongst the hull noise, nothing that even the saltiest mariners have heard before. And it is get louder and closer. What did the researchers do?
    This is the Dread game I've run previously based on the Fiasco playset Objective Zebra

    Title : Second Hand Souls
    Game : Cortex+
    Players: 3-6
    Description : Worlds collide when the owner of the neighborhood second hand store passes on. Perhaps you’ve been his neighbor and friend for years. Perhaps you’re one of his Fae customers. Did any of you ever look at what the shop really traded in. Now his affairs must be set in order along with the fate of the store and your characters.
    A game in the style of a TV drama with some fantasy elements, using a variant of the Cortex+ rules.
  • Ran a poll on G+. I want to run at least 3 games, maybe 4.

    Choices are: Grey Ranks, Dogs in the Vineyard, Cthulhu Dark, Psi*Run, Mouse Guard, and Apocalypse World.

    Which doesn't narrow it does by much!

    I would really like to run Apocalypse World and I may, but I still haven't seen it really sing in a 1 shot format.
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    Title: Rhythm of Steel
    Game: The Dance and the Dawn
    Players: 5 {4 is natural, but I'll come up with a hack to allow for 5}
    Description: The Lady Fencers of the Duke's Academy are known for their tenacity, but a strange invite catches them off guard. They are promised a night of dancing with the some mysterious Lords, but "no happy endings"... Four Ladies will come upon the Ice Queen’s court and dance with five Lords, all in the pursuit of the One True Love that could yield happiness. The conclusion of this fable is up to you. This game will present special new rules for _The Dance and The Dawn_.

    Title: Red Dawn
    Game: Blowback
    Players: 3-6
    Description: You are the sleeper agents of an organization dedicated to collapsing the oppressive capitalist regime in the US; meanwhile, you maintain a cover as productive middle-class employees at Greene Financial. This morning, you find out that Greene Financial has been shuttered - and your handler has been compromised. You're stranded in the North Jersey suburbs and have no resources except your allies and friends. What will you do?

    (still working out the title/description for this one)
    Title: This Year's Cultural Festival Will Be A Stark Improvement From Last Year's Cultural Festival
    Game: Fiasco (Zannen Gakuen)
    Players: 3-6
    Description: At this elite academy: The campus grounds are the size of a park. The school buildings look like some grand, Hollywood mansion that is only ever seen in the movies. The teachers and administrators are all either certified geniuses, former company executives, or celebrities in their own right. And then there’s the students... Inspired by Ouran High School Host Club, Hana Yori Dango, Great Teacher Onizuka, and other such anime.
  • I'm going to do the full Three Quick Games Trio:

    Title: Double (or Triple) Dating in the Dungeon of Doom
    Game: Breaking the Ice
    Players: 4-6
    Description: Last weekend you met someone new...and you think this might be The One! It turns out you your new flame and your buddies are all going on a trip to a medieval themed adventure weekend called: the Dungeon of Doom. It's the debut of this interactive, full immersion role playing game. You're ready to have the time of your life, and see if you've found love that will last. Breaking the Ice is a collaborative romantic comedy game. Originally written for 2 players, this version works with 4 to 6 players simultaneously.

    Title: Love and Revolution
    Game: Shooting the Moon
    Players: 3-6
    Description: In a time of trial and tribulation, the ancient tale of love and heartbreak plays out. Two people fight for the love of the Beloved, a force for change in the world. This highly collaborative game was written for 2-3 players. With three or more, each character will have a team of 1-2 players.

    Title: Tangled Lives
    Game: Under my Skin
    Players: 4-8
    Description: Passion strikes when least expected. A circle of friends and acquaintances get together for an evening's fun--but instead sparks fly! Love breaks out between new friends and old, and relationships are tested. What will they do for love? A theatre-style live action game, played in the Jeepform ( tradition. Very collaborative, the players create the intertwining loves and lives of their characters then help each other see how this crucible of love, passion and caring plays out.
    Notes: Need medium sized room, ideally with 5-6 hours instead of 4 for the game session.
  • Hot damn! Some exciting stuff!

    ...But I submitted my games a few days ago, and haven't heard back from Brennan. Has anyone else?

    I want my free badge!

  • I just submitted 4 games, Terry 3!
  • Hey, everyone! I'm working with Jennifer Wong to get everything put together. Everybody who emailed me should at least have a Google Doc form at this point.

    This is a reminder that the deadline is upon us! Get in touch with me at, and make sure your Google Doc is filled out. I've got to get everything in the system by February 1, so make sure you have submitted your event information to me this week or you'll get left out of the IGE.
  • I have not received a link to the Google Doc.

  • Matt,

    Sorry, I must have missed your email! I'll send you one now.
  • Yay! I has it now!

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    Title: Elmer Sapp
    Game: Scenario by Jason Morningstar using Cthulhu Dark or Murderous Ghosts
    Publisher: Bully Pulpit Games
    Players: 3-4
    Tone: Serious, Dark, 18+

    Elmer Sapp did something awful to each of you. In 1890 he disappeared out west and you're all going on a one-way journey to end him.

    What Sapp did to you can’t be made right, but at least you can wipe that smirk off his face.

    That’s your plan.

    You’ve got a bad feeling it’s a lousy plan.

    Note: This is an improv heavy, player driven, collaborative storytelling game. At the end of every chapter, 1 player character will die and become a co-GM till only 1 is left. And even they might not survive!


    Title: X-Men: Days of Future Past
    Game: Psi*Run
    Publisher: Night Sky Games
    Players: 3-5
    Tone: Serious, Dark, 18+

    -Year... 2020

    -Mutants... incarcerated in internment camps

    -You... have no idea who you are or how you got here

    -Now... you bear the mark of mutant prisoners. Forty foot tall robots programmed to locate and kill mutants fly above... ""HALT MUTANT!""

    What do you do?
    Who are you?


    Title: Dogs in the Vineyard
    Game: Dogs in the Vineyard
    Publisher: Lumpley Games
    Players: 2-4
    Tone: Serious, Dark, 18+

    Play teenage virgin gunslinger priests with ultimate power and zero life experience judging people for doing bad things for good reasons (at least they think they’re good reasons).

    -You stand between God's law and the best intentions of the weak.
    -You stand between God's people and their own demons.
    -Sometimes it's better for one to die than for many to suffer.
    -Sometimes you have to cut off the arm to save the life.
    -Does the sinner deserve mercy?
    -Do the wicked deserve judgment?

    You decide!

    I want to run Apocalypse World but at the moment I'm slammed work wise to properly prepare / practice. If things free up, I may still try to give it a go.
  • Title: Ms. Junior Plus At The End Of The World
    Game: Trouble For Hire
    Players: 3-6
    Description: This should be simple: Kidnap a morbidly obese pre-teen beauty pageanteer from her rich oil-baron father, keep her safe till the ransom comes in, then drop her off at the rendezvous point. All you have to worry about is her family, local authorities, and the psychotic federal agent blood-fetishist that’s been on your tail for the past 3 months. Maybe this isn’t going to be so simple after all.


    Title: Hollywood Brad Freeman’s Special Delivery
    Game: Trouble For Hire
    Players: 3-6
    Description: Bradley Freeman is a pornographer past his prime, he owes some dangerous characters a lot of money, and they have finally come to collect. He has hired you to bring mysterious package halfway across the country to a California biker gang. If you live through it, maybe you’ll even get paid.

    (Trouble for Hire is a quick-paced, easy-to-learn romp through the underbelly of the American southwest. It stars Ruben Carlos Ruiz, a Mexican smuggler/bagman/rouge, a character everyone at the table will have a chance to get behind the wheel of. Heavy on bold flavor and co-operative storytelling, light on mechanical strategy and rules minutia.)
  • Looks like there will be solid turn out this year!

    Valamir is also coming!
  • Cross posted at

    This year for Dreamation I will be running two playtests of my Voodoo Western Dime Novel RPG as well as a session of Mortal Coil. Seraphina will be running one playtest as well as running two sessions of Fiasco. Descriptions of the games are below. Sign up early!
    Voodoo Western
    3-4 players
    mature audiences
    no experience necessary
    all materials provided
    This is a beta playtest of the Voodoo Western Role-playing Game.  In it we will go through a fast character creation process (or use the character's from the novels) to spin a yarn that's one part fantasy, one part historical fiction and one part spaghetti western.  While each player has a story to tell the narrative follows the characters day-to-day activities as they attempt to carry out their own hopes and dreams, facing challenges along the way together, individually or against one another.  For more information about the Voodoo Western RPG you can visit or or check out the Voodoo Western Dime Novel series on facebook.
    3 players
    mature audiences
    no experience necessary
    all materials provided
    Do you like complete disasters? Watching things go pear-shaped and explode in the faces of innocent bystanders? (“innocent” is such a strong word, really) Well then Fiasco is the game for you! If you haven’t played before, remember that a good session starts out desperate and insane and proceeds there in an endless cycle of accusation, jealousy, and desperation until everyone is either seriously messed up or dead. If you come out of this mess free and clear, you’re one of the lucky few. So join us! All materials will be provided, but if you have a favorite playset please bring it and we will decide at the table what we’d like to play.
    Mortal Coil
    3-4 players
    mature audiences
    no experience necessary
    all materials provided
    The tagline is “A Game of Magic and Passion.”  I will be bringing three theme documents to the table (all three to be posted on my blog at so we can jump into character creation and telling tales about the high price of magic.  One such theme document is called More Than Human where cells of resistance fighters strike out against cthulhian cultists taking claim to cities across the US.  Instead of madness exposure to the mythos awakens eldritch genetic codes, secrets to untold power.  Check out others on the blog, including creation of a theme document online via Google+ a week before Dreamation.
  • I'll be running four:

    Scions of the Superspy
    The mysterious superspy known only by a number has foiled many nefarious plots, and broken many hearts. Each of you comes from one such dalliance. But something has gone wrong. The superspy is missing, the world is in peril, and now it’s time for you to live up to your heritage.

    Letting Sleeping Dharmas Lie - It is 1959 and an armed rebellion against the Chinese seems all but certain. The village of your birth has gone silent. Returning with childhood friends you met on the road, you will find the cause is much, much older than you suspected.

    Nobilis 3rd Edition
    Once human, you embody a truth of the universe and shard of the soul of the Lord of Wyld Hunt. Now you have come to Dreamation on a treasure hunt. But how will you find a Guard Mouse’s cloak, freely given? Can you wrest a Battlebabe’s lament from deep in the Apocalypse Worlds?

    Valentine Knights
    An ancient order of Church Knights founded over 2,500 years ago, undergo a fascinating transformation during the late Winter season. Members of the
    order travel the world, bringing love, romance, and joy to potential couples. Then, as the day of their namesakes arrives, the knights slaughter the chosen couples with as much brutality and collateral damage as feasible.

    Mindy will be running three, with two of:

    A Leafy Green Substance
    The dice and card RPG of gardening, community, and monkey business.

    and one session of:

    1001 Nights
    Join your fellow courtiers in telling tales in the Sultan’s court. If he finds them pleasing perhaps he will grant you your freedom, or your heart’s desire. Just don’t lose your head.

    - Mendel
  • Well, the Mutant City Blues scenario I was thinking of running started falling apart when I got into the detailed prep (I think I may need to think more seriously about how to work with the system to make it do what I want than I had), so in addition to Apocalypse World (above), I'll be running:

    Lacuna: Society Must Be Defended

    Black sites, secret prisons, extraordinary renditions, habeas corpus - thanks to the discoveries of the Nasrudin Institute, all that is behind us now.

    You are a Mystery Agent, specially trained and psychologically prepared to enter the Blue City, a shared realm of the human subconscious where antisocial tendencies can be seen for the alien presences they are, and excised.

    Subject A2044 is being prepped now. He was involved in a major terrorist incident. You will locate the Hostile Personality and neutralize it, allowing us to return him to society.

    You are a Mystery Agent. You have a new name now. That is all you need to know.

    Misspent Youth: #Occupy the Future

    Meaningless elections, meaningless wars, corporate oppression, social repression, unlimited detentions, vapid pop culture, global monoculture, degradation of the environment, degradation of the person... it doesn't go away just because you've got an iPod 6N chipped into your head, now does it?

    Misspent Youth is a game of resistance in the near-future. We'll come together, put a fictional face on the things that piss us off, and then create a group of young revolutionaries out to do something about it.

    NOTE: It's cold in Morristown in January. Participants are requested to bring donations of food or winter clothing items for donation to the Community Soup Kitchen. See for details and particularly needed items (GM will arrange delivery).
  • Drat, just found this thread, one day late.

    Well, this is what I submitted to Vinny to run at Dreamation. Maybe this will still be helpful.

    My Little Pony: Just Another Day in Ponyville
    System: Fate 3.0 - substantially hacked.
    Players: 3-8
    MLP: FiM the RPG is designed to recreate the beloved television show in tabletop RPG form. Have you ever wanted to be a brightly colored pony living in a town that is seemingly run by adolescent girls? If so – here’s your chance!
    There will be fun and silliness, action and adventure, bitter rivalries and joyful reconciliations, and possibly the occasional musical number. The PCs may face impending catastrophes of any sort, from the end of civilization to a sleepover that (gasp) might not be very fun.

    So a Time Lord, a Ghostbuster, an MIB Agent, and a Vampire Slayer walk onto a battlefield...
    System: Dresden Files RPG, slightly drifted
    Players: 3-8
    “Vampire aliens from another dimension? And they’re performing a ritual in Yellowstone to awaken the super-volcano that slumbers beneath it? And we’re going to stop them with nothing but pluck, determination, and a double handful of experimental gadgets and magic totems? Must be Tuesday.”

    The world if full of weird stuff. And you’re the one stuck with the job of stopping the weird stuff from devouring, enslaving, or otherwise destroying the rest of reality. And 99% of the world doesn’t even know what’s out there, well thing can get rather lonely... and frustrating... and occasionally desperate.

    By now you’ve met some new people who GET IT, because they spend their time the same thing. Of course, their bringing their own weirdness with them, and it’s not exactly the same as yours. In fact, you can’t be sure they aren’t doing more harm than good. Can you all work together to deal with the latest threat to humanity, or has the unfriendly cosmos finally found a way to defeat humanity’s last defenders?

    Buffy, Angel, The Ghostbusters, The Men in Black, Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, The Dresden Files and others. Play your favorite overworked, under-appreciated, romantically entangled, bad-ass apocalypse preventers, and try not to let any of your new “allies” get caught in the blast radius.
  • I'm running two sessions of …

    a Steal Away Jordan game for three to five players

    It is the year 1680 in the Christian calendar. Even as their rulers feud and struggle amongst themselves in Iberia, the Portuguese invader dominates the South American region we now know as Brazil, strangling the native American tribes and working their cruel plantations with kidnapped and enslaved West and Central Africans. The only beacon of freedom in a hell that masquerades as civilization comes from the quilombos: hidden fortresses in the Amazon rainforest's depths where free Africans and Amerindians study the martial arts, stockpile weapons, and stage daring raids and guerrilla campaigns against the European oppressor.

    Now, in the wake of the great African King Ganga Zumba's demise, Armageddon is close at hand. The Portuguese have summoned their generals and massed their artillery for a final crusade to exterminate the quilombos' resistance once and for all. Can you halt the European advance and change the course of history forever, saving the nascent Brazil from herself? Play as a hard-boiled African or American Indian rebel fighter, a cunning conjurer, or the newly crowned warrior King Zumbi of Palmares himself in a desperate battle for freedom against overwhelming odds. May God make mighty your hands, for they hold South America's fate and future.

    Description of my third game is forthcoming.
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    Uh-oh! A Pony game! My son will definitely be interested. He actually created a MLP species for Bulldogs! which he used at GenCon. Plus, he's a FATE fan.

    I'm running two different games, but multiple sessions of each:
    The Art of Power (new game I'm working on, but this won't really be a playtest, more a showcase)
    Intrigue at the Queen’s Court
    A powerful noblewoman is in town, disrupting the balance between the local movers and shakers. Can you take advantage of the situation to increase your influence, or will you be destroyed in the turmoil? Medieval political intrigue in a land ruled by women.
    2 sessions


    Getting There Is Half the Fun
    Time to make another pickup for TransGalaxy. This one looks like a standard delivery, heavy munitions to a war zone. You’re not expecting any trouble until you reach the destination, a planet in the grips of a five-way civil war. Getting the cargo and loading it on the ship should be the easy part, right?
    3 sessions
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    I'll be running...

    Tet Offensive
    carry: a game about war (5-8 serious players)

    Destroy the village in order to save it. It’s 1968. Your squad of Marines is deployed to Huế, Vietnam, right before they break their treaty and attack the city en masse. This is a game about war, but it is not a wargame. It is a serious game about the lives of soldiers and the choices they make.

    We only hurt the ones we love
    My Life with Master (5 serious players)

    It’s the early 1800’s in a sleepy village somewhere in Central Europe. You are a pitiful minion of the Master and must do his evil bidding. Will Master break you? Or will you learn to love others and yourself and rise up to destroy your evil overlord?

    Keep on the Borderlands
    Basic D&D [Moldvay, 1980] (4-8 fun players)

    Whether you’re a grizzled grognard or an indie impresario, if you’ve never played Old School D&D, you really should.

    I’ll run you through a classic adventure, The Keep on the Borderlands. You’ll probably die a lot, but a new characters take mere minutes, and we’ll laugh a lot in the process.
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    Whoa. Looks like a spectacular roster! Wish I could make it. I don't suppose anyone's coming from NC?
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    David, I'll be going. Here are my games:

    I'm running three game slots:

    Game: Fiasco
    Title: Penthouse/Manna Hotel/Town and Gown
    Description: We’ll choose from three sets, and if time and energy permit, we’ll play two games.

    Game: Mythos Hunters Zero (using the rules of Tenra Banshou Zero)
    Title: The Past, My Prison
    Description: Final Log, Dec. 21, 2012, 23:59 Local
    "We thought we knew what we were doing - the elite of the elite, the best gear and the largest support network ever gathered - but we couldn't constrain the madness, the insanity, of it all. Physical reality bent to its will, and our minds were the paint, to be smeared on the canvas, marking its awakening ..."

    You survived, somehow, and you woke up in a peaceful world. It's 1939, and the world doesn't know what kind of disaster is waiting for it. You realize you now have a chance to fix things - to prepare the world to expel its doom before it awakens again.

    MHZ is an over the top game of anachronous technology, occult monsters and their Nazi counterparts, and the action heroes of the past saving the world from dooms they don't realize await them. You play characters from the present or future who are powerful enough and crazy enough to take on Things That Man Wasn't Meant To Know. Will you survive with you minds intact?

    Game: Sombra Console
    Title: The Price of TNChina
    Description: Sombra Console is a game/setting in the style of Lady Blackbird. It has a fun system that rips out the best of cyberpunk games like Shadowrun and Technoir and provides an easy framework for creating top grade operators along with a megalopolis setting with the complexity of Ghost in the Shell fused with Snow Crash.

    The operators owe their patron a big favor and grudingly agree to be ‘loaned out’ to an up and coming FOQNE: TNChina (Taiwan/Nepal/China) to help them collect critical information on their competitors. The job will be tough, and the enemies you make may outweigh what you think you owe your patron. Keep an eye out for the real players and you might be able to find a way through this mission alive and happy.

    This is a futuristic world of governments who act like corporations, man and machines blurring the lines of individualism and the soul, where nothing matches the propaganda/marketing and where the best answer is usually to go on just one more mission.
  • This really is shaping up to be the best Dreamation ever.
  • Oh, man. So many great games I want to play! You all are going to make it difficult to pick a game to play in.

    Well, here's the games I'm bringing along. I've got one session of...

    Game: Project Ninja Panda Taco!
    Title: Minions, Masterminds and a Three Step Plan

    Description: "Project Ninja Panda Taco is a collaborative story telling game where each player attempts to take over the world with their mastermind, prevent their nemesis from succeeding and try to help others with their minion. This game is outlandish, zany and megalomaniacal.

    Any mastermind can try to take over the world but only the smartest, devious, and craziest masterminds succeed. Each mastermind creates and tries to accomplish his three step plan before his nemesis gets in the way. Not every mastermind will succeed as there can only be one who will conquer the world."

    This is my friend Jennisodes Jenn's game and it's amazing. This thing is still in development but very well polished. It's like Fiasco for evil masterminds, and absolutely perfect for any imaginative kids that might be at the show. I'm not the only one running it, so if you can't get into my session there will definitely be other times to pick up a quick game.

    And I'll be running two sessions of...

    Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
    Title: Breakout
    Description: "The Avengers: disbanded in the wake of a terrible tragedy. The Raft: A maximum-security superprison run by SHIELD and loaded with the most powerful and vile villains the Marvel Universe has ever faced. The Dilemma: Electro is just moments away from destroying the security system and unleashing all of those supercriminals on an unsuspecting New York City. The Solution: You.

    Hear the call. Become a hero. Be one of the first to play the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying from Margaret Weis Productions, in this variation of the launch party event! Take on the role of Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, or one of the other heroes who answers the call. Hero data files will be provided, as will dice and all other components."

    My excitement for this game is easily Class 1000. I got in touch with Cam Banks to see if there was any way I could run this at Dreamation. Cam, being the gracious person he is (or perhaps in an attempt to get the strange man to leave him alone) gave me the go-ahead. This will be the first part of the Breakout adventure set, the same thing that'll be run at FLGSs across the nation as part of the Marvel Heroic launch event.

    I cannot wait for this convention. See you all there!
  • List of Indie Games at Dreamation:

    This will be the best Dreamation yet!
  • This will be astounding, although I may need to have my head examined for volunteering to run 20 hours of playtesting for my game.
  • Just tested out my Mythos Hunters Zero game this weekend. I have the feeling that this is going to be a final scenario for the product! Yay!
  • Wow. I want to play all the games. Will there be IV hookups available?
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